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Ironing Men's Long Sleeved Shirts

May 31st, 2006 at 09:06 pm

Most of my friend's ironing is business shirts with long sleeves, I can do a full shirt in under five minutes.

Alway work with unbutton shirt. Starting with the collar then the sleeves, I just do the cuffs and then flatten the sleeves at the seam and press for both sleeves on the two sides, left sleeve first then the right. Then around shoulders part and across the upper back after that you just press around the shirt,and hang on a coathanger. That's my visual picture of ironing a shirt and sleeves.

Just the Washing & Some of the Ironing Today.

May 31st, 2006 at 08:37 am

Well my washing is update and everyone else ironing is done! I got another pile ironing last night to do. Now it's mine to do and what’s left of mine ironing will just have to be done at later date.

I had quite time in the afternoon resting and working on clearing out the junk out & downloading what I need to taken off my computer emails. I do this about once month working on downloading information. That I would like to keep and read when I am resting. Now I am finished for another month.

BREAKFAST Oatmeal & Currants Coffee 35c (Breakfast at Neighbor’s 2 Toast & Jam, Coffee – Free)
LUNCH Crackers with Cheese & Chutney, Mandarin Coffee 65c
DINNER Omelette with Cheese, Sweet Chilli Sauce Apple Coffee. 75c

Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $ 49.70

June / July Goals & Planning Ahead.

May 30th, 2006 at 07:54 pm

~ Have my credit card at Zero balance by end of the month.
~ Come under budget. (But for Car it’s to come out of Bill A/C.)
~ Open online account.
~ Pay All Due Bills on pension days.
~ Have my car service and rust proofing installed ($600.00 plus service.)
~ Have my termite inspection & pest control done (estimate $180) (Had termites a few years ago) annual check.
~ Chiro visit (one every 4 weeks)
~ Doctor Visit & Hearing Test for June.
~ Five known outings to budget for in June. (Morning Tea, Lunch, Picnic, 2 Dinners.)
~ Live off my Bulk Food Assets.
~ Make up another eight meals OAMC. Out of Bulk Food Assets.
~ Downsizing my guestroom & living areas and clean these areas
~ Visit by a relative in July.

Hair Cut & Thrift Shopping

May 30th, 2006 at 09:51 am

Today I had my hair styled $13.00 normal price here is around $25 - $65 mark. Saving $12.00.

While I was up the street, I stopped at three of the Thrifts shops there. One is having sale on Thursday until Saturday in an empty shop that has it rent paid until the end of the month. It’s my kind a Sale too! Fill a Bag for $2.50. I will limit myself to just three bags see, what I come up with. I finish up with a cookbook today $1.50. Saving $8.50

I had another coffee & ice cream cone 30c. Saving $2.40 (senior discount). Bought the paper today $1.00. Some items at the supermarket on the away home, as I had to buy jar of jam for my neighbor there. 2 Sewing Items discounted for $1.66. Saving $1.06 Tomatoes 50c saving $1.00

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Coffee 45c
LUNCH Chilli Tuna Salad & Crackers Apple Coffee 80c
DINNER Poach Fish & Vegetables … $2.50

Today’s Full price Tally $42.92
Today’s Savings - $24.96
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $ 47.95
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1441.50

How I am pricing my meals?

May 30th, 2006 at 09:25 am

As I live alone all prices are for one person and everything is at cost.

You need to remember what you are paying for things, this skill I learnt when I was working.

Rule of thumb: Cost of items or recipe divide by number of serving.

example: updated 2006
Cost of Economical Breakfast ~
2 weet-bix 11c
1/4 cup skim milk 5c
3 prunes 5c
1 toast 4c
Black Coffee or Tea 5c
Hot Water 0 = 30 cents

Cost of Economical Breakfast ~
1/3c Quick Oats 4c
1/4 cup skim milk 5c
1 tbsp. sultanas 5c
1 tsp. Honey 3c
1 toast 4c
Black Coffee or Tea 5c
Hot Water 3/4 c 0 = 26 cents
Note: If you have Jam & Butter on your toast adds 30c
Vegemite add 2c

The Muesli that I have is homemade and very expensive to start off to make. Now I have got it too around 40c serve. I make enough for 21 days at a time and costing now is under $6.00.

The first time that I made it cost over $21.00 to make. I did a costing chart for it. Now I buy in bulk and on special if I can get the ingredients cheaper. Storing most of the items in the 2nd fridge.

Milk is mostly bought as 1kg bag of skim milk powder made up by the 1/2 cup dried and 600ml (1 pint) of water. This lasts around 4 days for my cereal only. If I can get fancy milk products at a markdown price then I will buy them for variety. Milk on cereal would be around 5c a day.

Lunch per serve

2 slice of bread or 3 crackers (broken into 6 small crackers) @ 10c
Chutney or relishes @ 5c
Cheese is bought when on special @ 20c
Salads around @ 60c
Pasta and 1/2 cup pasta sauce with 1/2 cup vegetables @ 60c
Just a few items here.

Take Steak Dinner with Canned Mushrooms, Egg, Grilled Onions and Grilled Tomatoes @ $2.20
Based on $1.20 per Steak, Onion 20c, Tomato 20c, Mushrooms 40c, and Egg 20c

I only buy steak at its lowest price that I can find. Last time I bought steak, I got 3 trays @ $1.14 each, a steak at its regular price here is $21.99 kg at the moment. When buying meat tray markdowns buy the cheapest and the lowest price you can find. Look at the weight before you choose which tray to take if you are not taking all of them. But in truth if I want too, I could only post value of the bulk items in this case it would be Steak $1.20 & Mushrooms 40c @ $1.60.

Meals made from Chicken To-Night Sauce on special $1.50 to $1.99 range, @50c serve, 300g Chicken Breast diced (@ $10.00 kg), 3 serves of chicken for 4 meal. @ .75 serve, vegetables 500g $1.50 @ 38c allowing $1.65 meal serving.

As I am repeating recipes and meals on a regular bases. I can estimate costs, as I am writing in my Blog at times.

Quite Sunday at home

May 29th, 2006 at 11:29 am

Well! If you call doing the washing and having all the ironing up to date.

After I had done those chores, it was a day for working on the files on my computer. Clearing out files, downloading what I need to take off & out of emails files. Deleting the junk out of my email addresses boxes. As I have multi –email addresses so I need to do this once month to all of them.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk with LSA Prunes, 4 Honey Puffs, Coffee 70c
LUNCH Chilli Tuna Salad & Crackers Apple Coffee 60c
DINNER Two Chicken Kebabs with Garlic Focaccia Bread, Yogurt & LSA Coffee $1.50

Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $44.20

Clearing the kitchen counter.

May 29th, 2006 at 10:56 am

All I can say it’s about time too! I have been ‘go-an-do-that’ for so long now! I don’t remember the last time I did it. I do tidy it up but not a deep clean and clear everything off it. I rearranged some of the stuff that I have on the counter and put some stuff away too. I feel much better now that I have done it! Now what is the next area that bugging me MMMMMMM!

BREAKFAST Oatmeal & Currants with Milk Coffee 35c
LUNCH Corn Beef Salad, Crackers, Honey Puffs, Coffee 60c
DINNER Devilled Sausages Yogurt & LSA Coffee 75c

Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $41.40

Paying bills on pension day

May 28th, 2006 at 08:43 am

Friday was pension day, so it’s the day that I allocate to pay any bills that I have what are due in the next fortnight. I keep my bill money in the Pension A/c until I have too much over for next lots of bills. Then I will transfer balance allotted for bills out for future large bills at the end of the year.

Instead of working out how much for each bill for each pay. I use annual totals instead plus 10% system then allot the grand total divide by 26 for bills each pay, it’s more than half my pension each time. I am not allow to spend this amount on anything other than bills and credit cards if the bill was paid via credit card so that now I pay my credit card out of Bill A/C because that is all that it’s used for now! I only pay an annual fee on my credit card, which is budgeted for and no interest on CC as it paid in full each month. My Internet has to be paid by direct debit via CC only.

Today bill’s are Electricity Bill $139.10 saving $16.00 on the last bill.
Car Club M’ship $58.00
Personal Accident Insurance $87.45 Annual saving $7.95
Total $284.55 with left $141.43 for bills this pay.

Two of the Bill’s had to be paid by Cheques so I needed to go to the bank for these. Normally you pay $6.00 each for them, as I am a pensioner they are FREE (see below). Saving $12.00.

Bill still to come is Chiro $421.00 in next this pension pay period.

How do I get around this without taking out of my saving bank A/C?

Simple pay off the credit card first before I put the Chiro on to it, which has been done. Deposit $140 + medical refund in CC when the bank opens. Then pay the balance out of the next two pays amounts for Bill A/c before the interest is due! I am lucky that all the dates are right to do this. I have only one bill due before the end June that I can be pay out of my grocery allotment. If am short. This is how I use my CC to my advantage. But you must have a ($0) zero balance to do it.

I only pay my credit card annual fee to the banks, I have no other fees including interest as I paid off my CC each month. I don’t pay account keeping fees even, which is here around $5.00 per month on all banking accounts if you haven’t found away to get around it. I am lucky that I am on a pension as I have a pensioner fee FREE A/C and free bank Cheques, which are normally $6.00 each. (Saving $120 on bank fees. Allowing $10 each month in saving tally.) I may open another account online in the future so I can keep my EF & saving out of my Bill A/C. But there is so much red tape to do it when you are on a pension.

I did have to go to Westfield’s Shopping Centre by car to pay one of the bills there. So I did a little shopping and had lunch there too! Lunch, I only saved $4.90 on coffee, as I had no vouchers left. Bought few Sympathy cards for my Bulk Assets box. Saving $8.00 on buying them at a newsagent each time. Had my exercise for the day while there, once around both levels.

Spend more money on groceries on Cereals & Bacon on the way home at Aldi. Saving $3.00.

Went shopping at night DF-D only bought a gift for DS & Coffee in the markdown area saving $4.00 While DF-D spent well over $130.00, I only spent $8.00 mostly of that was not Food.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk with LSA Prunes 4 Honey Puffs Coffee 65c
LUNCH Crackers with Hummus & Cheese with Mango Chutney Coffee 40c
DINNER Mini Salmon Loaf with Tomato Sauce & Vegetables, Yogurt & LSA Coffee $1.50

Today’s Full price Tally $ 318.65
Today’s Savings - $65.85
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $39.70
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1416.54

In 28 days I have!

May 28th, 2006 at 06:31 am

Gone shopping or bought something. 17 times

Went to the city by bus and had lunch out. 3 times

Used my car only. 6 times

And had 15 No Spending Days.

Lets see what next 28 days tallies will be.

4th Week’s Summary of $$$ Stretching Challenge

May 27th, 2006 at 09:52 am

Challenge at the 4th week.

Kitty’s Real Spending Total $1062.74
+ 2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1343.50
= Full Price (RRP) Income Challenge $2406.24

4th Week’s Summary of $$$ Stretching Challenge
Opening CC Balance $0
Bank Fees & Interest $26.40*
Kitty’s Opening Balance Rollover $334 ($283 Bill A/C)
$$$Money in - $1194
= Total Income Balance. $1528
Bills Total $ 651.74
Other Spending & Groceries $371.56*
$$$ Money out = $1023.30
Cash Banked in other A/C $165
Kitty’s Rollover Balance $340.00 ($161 Bill A/C)
CC Balance $0

Note: ($161 Bill A/C) ~ This money is left in this account until a surplus, and no large bills due in next pay periods. Saving the losted bonus interest in other A/C if I withdraw any money.

To-morrow is pension payday.

May 27th, 2006 at 08:36 am

It’s time to see how much I still got left on that account. My shares dividend was deposited $124 that will need to transfer that over to the other account before I spend it. After transferring dividend I still have $340 left in my pension account. I will rollover this until I have paid all my bills due for next three pays and what’s is left then I will bank for future large bills at end of the year. $340 is not bad when I only had $85 in it to start off last pay. I only get $500 every two weeks. It’s has have been this way for years. I know that I am stretching my money as much as I can and I have saved money as well as the other bank account balance was down to $400 only 18 months ago. Now it looking more healthy that I will need to phone in my balance to Government pension office soon!

BREAKFAST Bacon, Egg, Steamed Mushrooms, & Tomatoes Coffee $1.00
Snacks Only ~ 5 Greek Honey Puffs (Free), 1 Slice Pagnotta Bread & Mortadella (Free), Yogurt & Tropical Fruits Salad, Coffee 60c (Eaten over 4 hours, snacks at neighbors houses)
DINNER ¼ roast chicken (free) & vegetables coffee 2 pancakes & whipped cream with maple syrup $1.00

Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $37.15

Greek Honey Puffs

May 26th, 2006 at 07:16 pm

At times I am called over for morning tea with my Greek neighbors. I always get a plate food put in front of me, they rarely eat but you have to eat it! Then I am given a parcel of food to take home. The wife loves to cook and making fancy Greeks treats for her visitor’s so as both are diabetics they don’t eat it! I do, do odd jobs for them at times. Today it was Greek Honey Puffs, she went and cooked them just for me too! I try not to eat too much and make it last for whole week. I will never get to make any muffins at this rate! Third plate of Greek treats in a week.

Grocery Inventory Started.

May 26th, 2006 at 08:04 am

Boy! I got a lot of groceries in my two pantries; I have a storage cupboard downstairs for the overflow, along with my Toilet Paper and cleaning items. One of my freezer/refrigerator is there too! I have a very large storage area under my house. It can’t be made into living areas, as only one area is legal height but just a good height for me to walk around. If you are over 5 feet 5 inches then you will hit your head on the beams as you walk around.

I think I will have enough Grocery items to last until I run out of the proteins meats in about two to three months. Too many items of some things and very little of salad items left which I like to add to my salad in the way of Bread & Butter Pickles which will be on my list in a few weeks. Here you can have salads all year around. I think I will cut back on my bulk asset stock by 50% just buy enough for 3 months not six months supply like I have been doing. I will use up want I have got before I replace it too! I have got a small Gourmet Deli corner in my pantry as DIL loves to buy Gourmet Christmas Hampers in the ‘After Christmas Sales’ but doesn’t like all the food so I end up with it. MMMMMM. YUM!

Did do some cooking in the slow cooker today, ‘French Onion Chicken’. I used the two trays of chicken thigh I bought yesterday along with half can French Onion Soup and two cans small crushed tomatoes. I portioned the chicken into soup ladle meal sizes and I plan to add it to pasta or rice. I will get another nine meals doing this for 80c a serve.

BREAKFAST - Oatmeal & Currants with Milk, 2 Pancakes & Maple Syrup with Whipped Cream. Coffee. 60c
LUNCH French Onion Soup French Bread & Hummus Apple Coffee + Health LSA Bar (That I won. $3.95 ea.) 50c
DINNER French Onion Chicken Chocolate Paddle Pop Coffee $1.25

Today’s Full price Tally $3.95
Today’s Savings - $3.95
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $34.55
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1350.69


May 25th, 2006 at 08:33 am

The library called to say that the book I ordered had come in in the middle of last week’s crisis!

“Affluenza , The All –Consuming Epidemic” 2nd edition. by John De Graaf, David Wann & Thomas H. Naylor. I didn’t need to buy it like I normally do this time! I will read it over the next few weeks and give my view on it. Anyone read it?

Well going to the library does cost money, 55c fee for order it in, that was Ok. But I had a $5 voucher off clothes at full price only to use up before the end of the month. So I bought another top, a nice brown one for $11.95 saving $5.00. Then off to the supermarket in this shopping centre, I prefer not to go to shopping centre if I can help it. I got 50L container on special $7.95 saving $4.00 on that one. Oh! As usual I gravitate to the markdown areas, this time dairy case found 3 cartons of skim milk for 28c each, RRP $1.15 saving $2.51 and 2 packs of chicken thighs $1.00 each saving $2.00. I went to the Thrift shop there & got another book on same theme as “Affluenza” title is Slaves of Chic by Joanne Finkelstein. (An A- Z of Consumer Pleasures). RRP $19.95 cost $2.00 saving $17.95

I did use the car today only second time since I filled up the tank too! No wonder I get six weeks between fill up!

After my afternoon nap, if I don’t have it I am so tired by 7 p.m. that’s it time for early night. Then I will wake up around 2am, not a good idea.

I went for a walk up to my Hungry Jack’s for my favorite 30c cone and two cups of free cappuccino, saving $4.90. Bought some eggs at our local supermarket because they have them in the refrigerator not on the shelves. On the way home, I drop in at 2nd hand bookstore and bought 5 novels for $2.00 (The sign said $1.00 each or 5 for $2.00 someone got that one wrong.) RRP value $40.55 saving $38.55

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Prunes Coffee 45c
LUNCH ½ Baguette and Sardine & Tomato Sauce Coffee 50c
DINNER Apricot Chicken & Rice 1 Pancake & Ginger Jam $2.00

Today’s Full Price Tally $108.63
Today’s Savings - $75.49
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $32.20
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1343.50


May 24th, 2006 at 09:14 am

I went to see the movie ‘THE DA VINCI CODE’ today. What did I think of it!

In having read the illustrated collector’s edition of the book. It has historical facts yes, but it needs to be remembered that this is a novel not Fact!

The movie should be viewed in the same way as any novel with a Hollywood makeover. Thought it was around 90% consistent with to book plot, but not for the faint hearted or very young to watch. I did enjoy the sets & scenery, which were a great joy to see.

I do suggest that you read the book before you see the Movie, as the changes are fast that it is sometimes is difficult to make sense while watching. The characters were wholly believable. View it as a good yarn worth watching more than once. I would give it four stars.

I also made it a day out for myself which is a rare these days, and took myself to lunch as well! I don’t remember the last time I went out to the movie & lunch, I think it may be when I saw a Jane Austin Movie base on book ‘Mansfield Park’ a few years ago now! I went to the restaurant that I go to with my ex co-workers for lunch. So I got my senior card discount and I didn’t buy the drink package also. I drank water. Saving $ 6.90. On the movie ticket I saved $6.00 on that too! Regular adult ticket price here $14.50.

I paid my CC in full yet again! 24 months in a row paid in full! No interest in 2 years. WOW!

My annual CC fee was due on this one, to have the reward points on your card, the fees are $59.00 and no reward fee $26.40 saving $32.60. Why paid extra $97.80 over three years for reward points that are cancelled before you can get enough to use any. This way I still get my interest-free days for a lot less. I don’t need 0 % as I am not using interest. I wonder, how long before the banks start charging you for paying your CC account in full? MMMMMM!

BREAKFAST Oatmeal & Currants 2 Toast & Jam Coffee 35c
LUNCH Dine Out $9.00*
DINNER Creamed Sweet Corn on Toast Coffee 50c

Today’s Full price Tally $129.35*
Today’s Savings - $45.50
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $29.25
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1271.96

Feeding the Cats

May 23rd, 2006 at 12:03 pm

I can get mad times with them. One moment they like it then they don’t. They do have they favorites but the contents are charged and range has being deleted of they favorites and you are back to square one yet again. I own two cats, which in fact they started out as my son’s cat. Yes female who had kittens about 10 years ago. I finish up with 3 cats at first the one that I was to keep got bitten by a snake when she was about 18 months old. From that day on other two cats have never gone very far from home.

The area that I live in has many more cats now than in the past. So if they don’t like some thing now after 24 hours, I now put it out on the driveway for the other cats and they will eat it. I like to give my cats clean plates with each meal. So I am washing up four to 6 plates per day when they I don’t like this or that and wont eat it! I’m told off too! I have one very vocal male. He will not allow you to pick him up but you can brush & stroke him as much you will do. If I am lying down then he will get on the bed, talk in my ear to get what he wants and pawing me also!

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Toast & Jam Coffee 60c
LUNCH Pumpkin & Lentil Hotpot Crackers Coffee $1.00
DINNER Roasted Chicken & Tomato & Vegetable Medley $1.25

Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $28.40

Portion Control for Solo Cooking

May 22nd, 2006 at 10:35 pm

Weight Control: Portion Control for Solo Cooking

My Motto:
Portion control of servings is the key to weight control and weight loss plus exercise. No second helpings, Thank you. Eat unflavored popcorn if hungry and to save money.

I have lost 9 kilos in the past year on portion control and with low-fat choices with losing 250-500g at a time. It’s the same way that I put on the weight so I am taking it off that way too! Want I was doing was eating the same 4 portions as if it was 2-3 portions.

How to get around this is by serving up the extra portions along with meals then put them straight into the refrigerator or freezer before you eat, is best way of not have extra around when cooking 4 servings in single person household.

Look at the serving size then divide by that or more. If the recipe says 500g meat put in 300g then add more vegetables or filler. You may get an extra serve as well!

If the can of buttered Mushrooms serve 4 then divide it up into 4 then freeze the extra servings. I would have bought the smaller can of mushroom then eat the lot! All 2 servings. Oh these little tricks that we learn.

My Mother once asked, “How do you get enough for lunch next day out of roasted chicken.” The reply was “I serve it up first or as if it’s another serving!”

We once put out 2kg of ham for eight people along with table full food. One person had the lot! He said “I like ham off the bone.” Guess who didn’t bring a plate along?

Meal Strategies for one

May 22nd, 2006 at 08:03 am

Got out some meat to defrost for next two days. One lot is just ready to heat up, other lot I will make a dish up for 4 meals plus a lunch for tomorrow. (Thinking Ahead Strategy)

One of my cookbooks with a menu planner for 14 days had this system in it. Menu & recipes planned for the whole 14 days and steps of what you need to do the day before. (Printed about the 1980.) I never did use the recipes but I have taken a liking to the ideas and strategies used in it. Once I even thought making a personal cookbook for one using the same ideas, then I found OAMC method and how to do this for singles.

Which is to cook for 4 then divide into 4 portions and freeze, normally I eat one portion then I would freeze other three portions. You need to make sure that you make the portions out to the right amount when you are serving them up or you will find that you only getting enough for three or two servings only and your waistline is getting bigger. If there isn’t enough of the main meal to you liking then you eat a piece of fruit as well or have one of your serving of bread with it or adding extra 1 serve of the filling with.

Cutting back on the meat in meat meals, is another method I use too! If recipe says 1 pound (500g) then I will use ¾ pound or 300g, mainly I cut back to three serves meat serve for four and add extra 1 cup vegetables to mixture or TVP if using ground beef.

Once every two weeks I may have a piece of steak if I can find a markdown ones. My favorite is steak with grill tomato, grill onions and egg, if I have some in the pantry can buttered mushrooms, as I live alone I now buy the 400g tins and portion then out in 3 serves and freeze want I don’t use for later.

I made up some menus for both summer & winter so that I would use up the frozen dinners that I have put aside & so that they are spaced out over two months or less. I am posting these menus and notes in “what is your menu for the week?” in Food & Recipes in the Saving Advice Forum. I have also posted some recipes in ‘I need cheap meals ideas’ in Food & Recipes.

As you can see, I do use portion control as a strategy to save money and stop gaining weight.

BREAKFAST 2 Boiled Eggs Toast & Jam Coffee 60c
LUNCH Crackers with Hummus & Chilli Tuna Apple Coffee 50c
DINNER Devilled Sausages Yogurt & LSA Coffee 75c

Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $25.55

All are home again!

May 21st, 2006 at 09:36 am

All my neighbors are home now! The last one got back today! In a close-knit community you do miss them when they are not around. My DS & DIL are the only one’s that are still away.


May 21st, 2006 at 08:07 am

I picked up my Avon order today & visited two friends. One friend is an Avon Rep. I got Deodorants at a good price 3 x $4.99 reg. price for 1.45 each saving $10.62
Skin Care reg. price $12.99 for $3.99 saving $9.00.
Perfume reg. price $29.99 for $8.99 saving $21.00
Pill case $9.99 reg. price for $4.99 saving $5.00
Total saving $45.62
I delivered an Avon order to another friend who is caring for her sister.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk 2 slices Toast & Jam - 75c
LUNCH Cracker with Cheese & Tomato Apple Coffee –50c
DINNER Fish Cakes & Vegetables Yogurt & LSA coffee $1.20

Today’s Full Price Tally $67.94
Today’s Savings - $45.62
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $ 23.70
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1226.46

Mowing the lawn

May 20th, 2006 at 08:25 am

Today, I just finished the mowing the lawn it take me twice along to do it now but I get some exercise doing it and save money as well! In fact $35.00 each time. I am putting this money in my new mower fund and very soon I will have enough to buy new one. I am lucky that this one is still going. I had the motor recondition a few years back but other things are breaking so I will get a new one when I need to pay any money out on it. The fund is now at $280 so I can afford to buy new one any time now! The goal price is around $450. I will get a new one for next summer if it doesn’t breakdown before hand.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Pancakes & Maple Syrup with Whipped Cream 80c
LUNCH Crackers with Chutney, Home-cooked Corn Beef & Salad Coffee $1.00
DINNER Devilled Sausages Orange $1.00

Today’s Full price Tally $35.00
Today’s Savings - $35.00
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $21.25
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1180.84

Seasonal charge over

May 19th, 2006 at 08:41 am

Today I charged over my seasons in my wardrobes. Taking out my winter clothes and put away my summer clothes that I will not wear again until October here or later. It’s still in the twenties in the middle of the day but it’s getting cooler in evenings. But sleeveless tops are no longer needed and any items that you can’t wear a vest under it.

I also refilled my moth ball holders in each wardrobe as they were empty. I buy extra loose mothballs and refill the hanging holders ones, you can get them from Chinese supermarket here, if you know want you are looking for. Hanging holder cost $2.00 for 2, but once you bought them you have got them for many years. But the supermarkets would like us to buy the hangers only. I found that the bottoms do come off, you need to use a knife to open it. Then you can put the refill in & close it again. I almost can get two full refills out of one bag for around $1.50 bag. I keep the mothballs in an old coffee tin that is well labeled so that they are airtight until next time. I has have four sets of these hangers so I am paying $8.00 for original outlay + $1.50. So each time I replace them I saving $7.25 by using ‘Refill It Strategy’. With using around 1.5 bags per year. That’s $21.75 saving per year on mothball hangers.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk 2 slices Toast & Jam - 75c
LUNCH Cheese Salad Orange Coffee .60c
DINNER 2 Egg Cheese Omelette and Pasta Sauce & Grilled Peppers - 50c

Today’s Full price Tally $8.00
Today’s Savings - $7.25
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $18.45
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1145.84

Local shopping for the paper & milk!

May 18th, 2006 at 07:50 am

I visited two thrift shops on the way up too! I bought some more books $3.00 value new $45.00

Dropped in at local newsagent for the paper. Went to the supermarket for milk and I also bought some chocolate biscuits along a few other things on markdown, Latte Coffee x2 @ $1.50 reg.$4.39 ea. Coffee syrup for Ice Coffee $3.61 reg $5.39 then walked down to fresh veggies section found markdown they too! Salad greens, Cos lettuce, tomato cherry & sliced Mushroom $3.50 for the lot and with veggies the price they are now that’s Cheap. Value reg. $12.25 saving $8.75 on F&V alone. I did remember to buy the milk.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk 2 Slice Toast & Jam 75c
LUNCH Cheese Salad & Apple 60c
DINNER Chicken Salad Yogurt & LSA 1.00

Today’s Full price Tally $72.64
Today’s Savings - $58.59
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $16.60
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1138.59

What happens to your savings plan when feeling low!

May 17th, 2006 at 10:28 am

I am feeling a little better today, so long walk is need here! Paying my phone bill will do the trick! WRONG, it just gave my “I am feeling low mood” free rein to spend a little money more than I did yesterday too! I saw in the flyer for local sight & sound store here that DVD were on sale for three DVD titles that is on my want to buy list, not on my need to buy list. Oh it’s was Mother Day last Sunday and didn’t get a present Boo-hoo! (I am getting it in June, when I my DS & DIL come home from their trip to Europe.) Two of the titles were still there, so what did I do Yes, bought both to view later, if I ever get off the computer. One was new movie version ‘Pride & Prejudice’ $39.95 - SP $16.95 and the other ‘Paradise Road’ Reg. $14.95 - SP $6.95.

Why did I buy ‘Paradise Road’ DVD. Here is a little tale of my childhood growing up in suburbia. My favourite radio serial as a child on Sunday night was the ‘White Coolies’ about Australian nurses that were prisoners of war in WWII. Out of all radio serials of that time and listening to Voice of America and BBC on short wave in Dad’s Garage is all that I can remember now! Today, children have their Game boys, X-boxes, Play Stations 3 etc. I had my radio and a short wave one at that! And for girl of ten that was rare then to sit for hours listening to short wave. Even if your distant cousin was a radio presenter on the local radio station and your younger sister listened to rock & roll on house radio and record player and worn out the carpet dancing to it too!

So much for musing of my childhood, back to my walk & shopping trip. After that I went to pay my phone bill and buy some Yogurt and apples for the week. Both were on special too!

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Apple 80c
LUNCH Crackers with Cheese and Tomato Orange Coffee 70c
DINNER Corn Cob 3 Chicken Kebabs & Salad $2.00

Today’s Full price Tally $100.32
Today’s Savings - $35.26
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $14.25
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally - $1080.00

Need Time Out of the House Today!

May 16th, 2006 at 09:27 am

So it my favorite 30c cone and cup of free cappuccino at local Hungry Jack’s mood pick up before I went shopping for my pets. Oh well on these kinder of days I do spend a bit more than normal so I allow some free spending up to $20.00. I went to the thrift shop and had a look at they books any found three that took my interest one was a cookbook on freezing and the other were on health the ‘Take Care of Yourself’ in two versions, one Australian and other American which had more info in the style that I like and printed 5 year later too! It’s cost only $6.00 for the lot. (About $54 new) Now off the get the pet food and other items on the list. Coffee Flavoured Milk 2L bottle 67% off - $1.10 and ‘Fresh’ for Veggie @ 55% off - $2.85, Cat Food $6.75

I drove the car to the shops.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk with LSA 2 Toast & Jam 75c
LUNCH Corn Beef and Mustard Pickle on 3 Crackers, Bunch of Grapes, Milk Coffee - $1.50
DINNER 2 Egg Cheese Omelette and Tomato Pasta Sauce, Chocolate Paddle Pop, Coffee - $1.00

Today’s Full price Tally $70.15
Today’s Savings - $53.45
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $8.40
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1044.74

Monthly Tracking Budget done!

May 15th, 2006 at 10:16 am

I balanced my budget today. I did buy a few extra luxuries this last period but still came within the budget. It is on track but could have been better. I can over spend on books so I need to track everyone that I do buy. Food eaten outside the house was on the high side again but I do get value for my money when I do spend. Mainly Two for One Deal’s, as I only eat half & eat the other half next day for lunch. (Doggie Bag Strategy) These areas and my gift giving were my highest this period. When you just have $1000 to budget with for the month it can be tight. That’s why I am $$$ stretching and not saving, I do save if I can some months. I still had $85 left in my budget A/C when I got paid which is rollovered into next period. All my bills came out of this amount this month and not out of Bill A/C, (Freedom account) any surplus bill money does get banked until needed too! Banking the balance and not paying it out the Bill A/C allows for extra interest by depositing and not withdrawing.

I also did some shopping today, I went for a walk up to the chemist again, to get the right prescription filled this time. Liptor is ($82.31-RRP), general public NPS - $25.00, health card holders & pensioners $4.70 … saving $20.30. If I had to pay RRP I would never get the prescription filled. Never went and got a free coffee today as this is only a rare treat and I don’t need an ice cream cone everyday!

Popped into two thrift shops on my way, found a cute metal basket & another item for my baby gift basket both for $1.00…saving $8.00. So that baby gift basket has come under $15 value around $28.00. I have wrapping paper in my storage. At the supermarket I bought milk that was markdown today and 2 pens… saving $2.59 on RRP

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Coffee 40c
LUNCH Devilled Sausages Coffee $1.00
DINNER Poach Fish & Vegetables for dinner… $2.50

Today’s Full price Tally $38.14
Today’s Savings - $30.89
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $5.15
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $991.29

It’s Time to Cut the Greys

May 14th, 2006 at 11:14 am

My hair is starting to show grey again, so I dye it today a Copper Blonde. I was a redhead so any red tone dye I can use. I saved money using a strategy that I found in Amy’s D book, ‘The Tightwad Gazette’ in article ‘Three ways to save’ Vol 1 - p42 (CTG)

To recap on the strategies in use.
1. Buy it cheaper.
2. Make it last longer.
3. Use it less.

I have explained this strategy in ‘Re-Reading The Tightwad Gazette’ >> Frugal Question & Answers forum in Saving Advice. I paid $5.95 instead of $16.95 this time, using all three strategies.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk 2 slices Toast & Jam - 75c
LUNCH Leftover Spicy Chicken Baguette Coffee - FREE
DINNER 2 Egg Cheese Omelette and Pasta Sauce & Grilled Peppers - 50c

Today’s Full price Tally $16.95
Today’s Savings - $14.00
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $1.25
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $952.40

Freezer Inventory

May 13th, 2006 at 10:20 am

Well it’s about time that I did a Freezer Inventory, as I don’t know what’s lurking at the bottom of my chest freezer. Just living off the top half! I will defrost while I am at it too! Not that it too bad, but a little more than wants recommend ¼ inch I think it is. All three freezers (2 fridge freezers & 160L chest freezer) that I have are now full. As this morning, I got 4 loaves of free bread & 2 whole Pumpkins homegrown one’s to go with the 2 whole pumpkins that I have grew myself, when I cut up each one I will share it out with the others that have given me food gifts at times. The bread I packed into half loaves then froze in my downstairs freezer.
Free bread RRP $2.20 x 3 + 3.20 = $9.80
20kg pumpkin @ $1.60 kg = $32.00 (av.5kg each x 4)
Value of free food $41.80

I will not be buying much in the way of food in the next few weeks. I will be costing my meals that come out of bulk food assets so that I can put aside that amount for replacements later. Now it’s on to the next step Grocery Inventory. Then it’s menu planning. This is my project for this weekend.

Today’s Full price Tally $ 41.80
Today’s Savings - $41.80
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $938.40

A dose of Frugal Shopping

May 12th, 2006 at 11:45 am

I did washing today, so that I least I have something done today while I said a few prayers. Feeling very low and lost with cold as well. A dose of Frugal Shopping is much better than sitting home thinking about my friends and making myself depressed. I walked up to the local shops to post my sympathy card and have lunch with people even if it’s alone! I went thrift shopping instead being alone, talk to my friend at one of the shops which had Two for One on clothing sale as they are closing down that thrift shop in three weeks time. I bought six garments today, 4 tops and 2 pants for $10.00 original value $140
Another Costa Moda (up market) Top $2.00 as new value $55.00 as new in my size too!
Blouse and matching tank top $3.50 as new value $35.00 as new
Top sleeveless $1.50 as new value $25.00 as new
Track pants $ 1.50 as new value $15.00
Cotton pattern pants $1.50 as new value $10.00 Total saving on clothes $130.00
Pottery vase $2.00 value $30.00 saving $28.00 This is my memory vase for my young friend.
2 containers for gift baskets @50c $1.00 saving $12.00 (one is worth around $8)
Historical Romance Novel FREE for stay in the store while a difficult customer was in the store. new value 18.95
Lunch out, Two for One Deal again Spicy Chicken Baguette, with Hungry Jacks voucher + another 30c cone & more free coffee, two cups cappuccino this time with my senior card total cost $5.55 value $15.70 saving $10.15

Today’s Full price Tally $216.65
Today’s Savings - $199.10
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $896.60

Give Your Family Big Hug Please

May 12th, 2006 at 05:26 am

What a sad week this week has been around here. DF-D mother passed away last Sunday after a long illness. Today is being buried in New Zealand. This morning I am told that DF-M granddaughter died after having three wisdom teeth remove in hospital this week. She died within 24 hours. It was found out later that she had leukemia and no one had any idea. She was only in her twenties too! So I am very sad today and alone here with everyone away. PLEASE GIVE YOUR FAMILY A BIG HUG FROM ME OR RING THEM TO-NIGHT.

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