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Ironing Men's Long Sleeved Shirts

May 31st, 2006 at 10:06 pm

Most of my friend's ironing is business shirts with long sleeves, I can do a full shirt in under five minutes.

Alway work with unbutton shirt. Starting with the collar then the sleeves, I just do the cuffs and then flatten the sleeves at the seam and press for both sleeves on the two sides, left sleeve first then the right. Then around shoulders part and across the upper back after that you just press around the shirt,and hang on a coathanger. That's my visual picture of ironing a shirt and sleeves.

Just the Washing & Some of the Ironing Today.

May 31st, 2006 at 09:37 am

Well my washing is update and everyone else ironing is done! I got another pile ironing last night to do. Now it's mine to do and what’s left of mine ironing will just have to be done at later date.

I had quite time in the afternoon resting and working on clearing out the junk out & downloading what I need to taken off my computer emails. I do this about once month working on downloading information. That I would like to keep and read when I am resting. Now I am finished for another month.

BREAKFAST Oatmeal & Currants Coffee 35c (Breakfast at Neighbor’s 2 Toast & Jam, Coffee – Free)
LUNCH Crackers with Cheese & Chutney, Mandarin Coffee 65c
DINNER Omelette with Cheese, Sweet Chilli Sauce Apple Coffee. 75c

Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $ 49.70

June / July Goals & Planning Ahead.

May 30th, 2006 at 08:54 pm

~ Have my credit card at Zero balance by end of the month.
~ Come under budget. (But for Car it’s to come out of Bill A/C.)
~ Open online account.
~ Pay All Due Bills on pension days.
~ Have my car service and rust proofing installed ($600.00 plus service.)
~ Have my termite inspection & pest control done (estimate $180) (Had termites a few years ago) annual check.
~ Chiro visit (one every 4 weeks)
~ Doctor Visit & Hearing Test for June.
~ Five known outings to budget for in June. (Morning Tea, Lunch, Picnic, 2 Dinners.)
~ Live off my Bulk Food Assets.
~ Make up another eight meals OAMC. Out of Bulk Food Assets.
~ Downsizing my guestroom & living areas and clean these areas
~ Visit by a relative in July.

Hair Cut & Thrift Shopping

May 30th, 2006 at 10:51 am

Today I had my hair styled $13.00 normal price here is around $25 - $65 mark. Saving $12.00.

While I was up the street, I stopped at three of the Thrifts shops there. One is having sale on Thursday until Saturday in an empty shop that has it rent paid until the end of the month. It’s my kind a Sale too! Fill a Bag for $2.50. I will limit myself to just three bags see, what I come up with. I finish up with a cookbook today $1.50. Saving $8.50

I had another coffee & ice cream cone 30c. Saving $2.40 (senior discount). Bought the paper today $1.00. Some items at the supermarket on the away home, as I had to buy jar of jam for my neighbor there. 2 Sewing Items discounted for $1.66. Saving $1.06 Tomatoes 50c saving $1.00

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Coffee 45c
LUNCH Chilli Tuna Salad & Crackers Apple Coffee 80c
DINNER Poach Fish & Vegetables … $2.50

Today’s Full price Tally $42.92
Today’s Savings - $24.96
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $ 47.95
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1441.50

How I am pricing my meals?

May 30th, 2006 at 10:25 am

As I live alone all prices are for one person and everything is at cost.

You need to remember what you are paying for things, this skill I learnt when I was working.

Rule of thumb: Cost of items or recipe divide by number of serving.

example: updated 2006
Cost of Economical Breakfast ~
2 weet-bix 11c
1/4 cup skim milk 5c
3 prunes 5c
1 toast 4c
Black Coffee or Tea 5c
Hot Water 0 = 30 cents

Cost of Economical Breakfast ~
1/3c Quick Oats 4c
1/4 cup skim milk 5c
1 tbsp. sultanas 5c
1 tsp. Honey 3c
1 toast 4c
Black Coffee or Tea 5c
Hot Water 3/4 c 0 = 26 cents
Note: If you have Jam & Butter on your toast adds 30c
Vegemite add 2c

The Muesli that I have is homemade and very expensive to start off to make. Now I have got it too around 40c serve. I make enough for 21 days at a time and costing now is under $6.00.

The first time that I made it cost over $21.00 to make. I did a costing chart for it. Now I buy in bulk and on special if I can get the ingredients cheaper. Storing most of the items in the 2nd fridge.

Milk is mostly bought as 1kg bag of skim milk powder made up by the 1/2 cup dried and 600ml (1 pint) of water. This lasts around 4 days for my cereal only. If I can get fancy milk products at a markdown price then I will buy them for variety. Milk on cereal would be around 5c a day.

Lunch per serve

2 slice of bread or 3 crackers (broken into 6 small crackers) @ 10c
Chutney or relishes @ 5c
Cheese is bought when on special @ 20c
Salads around @ 60c
Pasta and 1/2 cup pasta sauce with 1/2 cup vegetables @ 60c
Just a few items here.

Take Steak Dinner with Canned Mushrooms, Egg, Grilled Onions and Grilled Tomatoes @ $2.20
Based on $1.20 per Steak, Onion 20c, Tomato 20c, Mushrooms 40c, and Egg 20c

I only buy steak at its lowest price that I can find. Last time I bought steak, I got 3 trays @ $1.14 each, a steak at its regular price here is $21.99 kg at the moment. When buying meat tray markdowns buy the cheapest and the lowest price you can find. Look at the weight before you choose which tray to take if you are not taking all of them. But in truth if I want too, I could only post value of the bulk items in this case it would be Steak $1.20 & Mushrooms 40c @ $1.60.

Meals made from Chicken To-Night Sauce on special $1.50 to $1.99 range, @50c serve, 300g Chicken Breast diced (@ $10.00 kg), 3 serves of chicken for 4 meal. @ .75 serve, vegetables 500g $1.50 @ 38c allowing $1.65 meal serving.

As I am repeating recipes and meals on a regular bases. I can estimate costs, as I am writing in my Blog at times.

Quite Sunday at home

May 29th, 2006 at 12:29 pm

Well! If you call doing the washing and having all the ironing up to date.

After I had done those chores, it was a day for working on the files on my computer. Clearing out files, downloading what I need to take off & out of emails files. Deleting the junk out of my email addresses boxes. As I have multi –email addresses so I need to do this once month to all of them.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk with LSA Prunes, 4 Honey Puffs, Coffee 70c
LUNCH Chilli Tuna Salad & Crackers Apple Coffee 60c
DINNER Two Chicken Kebabs with Garlic Focaccia Bread, Yogurt & LSA Coffee $1.50

Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $44.20

Clearing the kitchen counter.

May 29th, 2006 at 11:56 am

All I can say it’s about time too! I have been ‘go-an-do-that’ for so long now! I don’t remember the last time I did it. I do tidy it up but not a deep clean and clear everything off it. I rearranged some of the stuff that I have on the counter and put some stuff away too. I feel much better now that I have done it! Now what is the next area that bugging me MMMMMMM!

BREAKFAST Oatmeal & Currants with Milk Coffee 35c
LUNCH Corn Beef Salad, Crackers, Honey Puffs, Coffee 60c
DINNER Devilled Sausages Yogurt & LSA Coffee 75c

Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $41.40

Paying bills on pension day

May 28th, 2006 at 09:43 am

Friday was pension day, so it’s the day that I allocate to pay any bills that I have what are due in the next fortnight. I keep my bill money in the Pension A/c until I have too much over for next lots of bills. Then I will transfer balance allotted for bills out for future large bills at the end of the year.

Instead of working out how much for each bill for each pay. I use annual totals instead plus 10% system then allot the grand total divide by 26 for bills each pay, it’s more than half my pension each time. I am not allow to spend this amount on anything other than bills and credit cards if the bill was paid via credit card so that now I pay my credit card out of Bill A/C because that is all that it’s used for now! I only pay an annual fee on my credit card, which is budgeted for and no interest on CC as it paid in full each month. My Internet has to be paid by direct debit via CC only.

Today bill’s are Electricity Bill $139.10 saving $16.00 on the last bill.
Car Club M’ship $58.00
Personal Accident Insurance $87.45 Annual saving $7.95
Total $284.55 with left $141.43 for bills this pay.

Two of the Bill’s had to be paid by Cheques so I needed to go to the bank for these. Normally you pay $6.00 each for them, as I am a pensioner they are FREE (see below). Saving $12.00.

Bill still to come is Chiro $421.00 in next this pension pay period.

How do I get around this without taking out of my saving bank A/C?

Simple pay off the credit card first before I put the Chiro on to it, which has been done. Deposit $140 + medical refund in CC when the bank opens. Then pay the balance out of the next two pays amounts for Bill A/c before the interest is due! I am lucky that all the dates are right to do this. I have only one bill due before the end June that I can be pay out of my grocery allotment. If am short. This is how I use my CC to my advantage. But you must have a ($0) zero balance to do it.

I only pay my credit card annual fee to the banks, I have no other fees including interest as I paid off my CC each month. I don’t pay account keeping fees even, which is here around $5.00 per month on all banking accounts if you haven’t found away to get around it. I am lucky that I am on a pension as I have a pensioner fee FREE A/C and free bank Cheques, which are normally $6.00 each. (Saving $120 on bank fees. Allowing $10 each month in saving tally.) I may open another account online in the future so I can keep my EF & saving out of my Bill A/C. But there is so much red tape to do it when you are on a pension.

I did have to go to Westfield’s Shopping Centre by car to pay one of the bills there. So I did a little shopping and had lunch there too! Lunch, I only saved $4.90 on coffee, as I had no vouchers left. Bought few Sympathy cards for my Bulk Assets box. Saving $8.00 on buying them at a newsagent each time. Had my exercise for the day while there, once around both levels.

Spend more money on groceries on Cereals & Bacon on the way home at Aldi. Saving $3.00.

Went shopping at night DF-D only bought a gift for DS & Coffee in the markdown area saving $4.00 While DF-D spent well over $130.00, I only spent $8.00 mostly of that was not Food.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk with LSA Prunes 4 Honey Puffs Coffee 65c
LUNCH Crackers with Hummus & Cheese with Mango Chutney Coffee 40c
DINNER Mini Salmon Loaf with Tomato Sauce & Vegetables, Yogurt & LSA Coffee $1.50

Today’s Full price Tally $ 318.65
Today’s Savings - $65.85
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $39.70
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1416.54

In 28 days I have!

May 28th, 2006 at 07:31 am

Gone shopping or bought something. 17 times

Went to the city by bus and had lunch out. 3 times

Used my car only. 6 times

And had 15 No Spending Days.

Lets see what next 28 days tallies will be.

4th Week’s Summary of $$$ Stretching Challenge

May 27th, 2006 at 10:52 am

Challenge at the 4th week.

Kitty’s Real Spending Total $1062.74
+ 2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1343.50
= Full Price (RRP) Income Challenge $2406.24

4th Week’s Summary of $$$ Stretching Challenge
Opening CC Balance $0
Bank Fees & Interest $26.40*
Kitty’s Opening Balance Rollover $334 ($283 Bill A/C)
$$$Money in - $1194
= Total Income Balance. $1528
Bills Total $ 651.74
Other Spending & Groceries $371.56*
$$$ Money out = $1023.30
Cash Banked in other A/C $165
Kitty’s Rollover Balance $340.00 ($161 Bill A/C)
CC Balance $0

Note: ($161 Bill A/C) ~ This money is left in this account until a surplus, and no large bills due in next pay periods. Saving the losted bonus interest in other A/C if I withdraw any money.