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Review of My Daily Living Allowance for August & Sept.

October 27th, 2009 at 09:40 pm

It is time to review my daily living allowance for the last two months of my 2009 budget.

As it is nearly time to post the next two months, I am getting a little behind in my updates

These are the categories for this challenge.

Items == Approx Budget==Spent

Eating out= $67==$133.25
Groceries=$271.00= = $209.17
Non-Food=$33.00= =$10.68
Clothes =$67.00==$0
Gas=$50.00 ==$27.28
Pets= $98.00 ==$121.40
HH items=$83.00==$61.19
Fares= $17.00 == $20.00
Entrainments= $25.00 == $78.60
Garden =$17.00==$13.00
Gifts & Donations =$67.00= =$77.00
Medical Prescription =$30==$165.70
Misc =$17.00 ==$0
Personal Allowance =$168.00 ==$269.56

No Spending days over the 56 days = 23 days in total.

As I said in the last review of Daily living allowance which is my challenge this year, these are the areas which I dont have a fixed spending amounts but can go over board at any point. But can cutback quickly if the need does rise. Approx amount for the two months.

Here is a summery of this spending period. More medical out of pocket expenses not covered in the fixed budget. Along with bill up on pet food stockpile, going out a little more than normal and eating out a lot more than normal. Along with buying more books in personal allowance with a large portion of this amount is books.

Surprise Night Out

October 11th, 2009 at 05:33 am

The other night, I was all set to watch TV after News then have an early night when I got a phone call from a friend asking if I would like to go the theatre that night. Its free commentary ticket to see her daughter dance that night but I would need to be ready in 15 minutes if I was going. They were going to dinner before the show. I just had time to get dressed and wash up before she called to pick me up. Seeing that I had dinner, I just bought coffee and dessert when they dined at the restaurant. This is not the first time I have seen this International Aboriginal Dance Group, dance before so knew a little about them.

It was 20th Anniversary of the Bangarra Dance Theatre; the performance was ~ Fire - A Retrospective~. After the performance there was a free supper for selected guests including the state governor and her party as well a number of aboriginal elders as this was the first night performance. We had free canapes, sushi, sandwiches, wine or soft drink or fruit drink plus coffee or hot chocolate. Its not every night you end up having supper with state governor even if there were 50 other guests as well!

Text is Bangarra Dance Theatre and Link is
Bangarra Dance Theatre