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Busy Day Out

January 30th, 2008 at 09:40 am

Today is the day I go to the city for lunch with friends. While showing this morning I hit the nail on my index finger on the shower tap and it was a bit sore with a black spot on it. My first appointment this morning was the doctorís so I wasnít too worried. As it was raining the bus just got to the city in time. After checking me for my annual medical check and writing up scripts for blood tests and medicines. He checked my finger I had a piece of metal in the nail so no gardening for a few days.

I did put more money on my pre-paid mobile plan for another year.

Text is Mobile phone prepaid recharge and Link is
Mobile phone prepaid recharge
Taking this total too $149 for 4 years averaging 37.25 per year, very few calls, mainly text messages.

Paying my rates and water bills and I had only 9kL of water in last 92 days. So I am on track with my water targets that have been set by the government. Which is a goal of 140L per person mine is only 97.8K.

Meeting up with some of my ex-coworkers, at the casino, there is a deal going there for $10.00.

I had Fish & Chips with Salad (reg. price $13.50) and vanilla slice as usual (reg. price$5.90), posted in this blog October 29, 2006 in recipe section. Coffee (reg. price 2x $3.00) total = $25.30. I did play the 1c poker machines for just two dollars then left.

As for shopping I only bought some books again today spending $13.00 (reg. price value $175.65) on them.

So I spend money today
Total Money spent today $369.00
Savings $stretch $168.15

In the last 30 days I have

January 29th, 2008 at 08:05 am

Gone shopping or bought something 10 times

Travel to the city by bus 2 times

Drove my car only 8 times

Had food bought or had for free away from home 5 times

And had 20 No Spending Days since the last count.

Letís see what next monthís will be

Misplaced some cookbooks

January 28th, 2008 at 09:13 am

Going through some of the baskets of cookbooks & files, I didnít find too many to chuck out but I put them back into better order than before. I have still got along way to go in this computer room and library. As Iím looking for a set of cookbooks for my next monthís menu. Not that finding them is a problem as I can always look on the internet if I have too! Thatís what you get when have more than one bookcase of cookbooks. I want to do some OAMC cooking and single meals for one over the next month with new recipes with a few old ones if I donít fine the missing cookbooks.

Itís another no spending day here.


January 27th, 2008 at 09:11 am

This post marks my 500th post. When I started I didnít know if I would get to my first hundred let alone 500. I have leant a lot about blogging and post to forums over this time. It was a great learning curve.

When my visitors came yesterday, I just use want I had in the house for afternoon tea. I did have a chocolate mud cake in the freezer which I had cut into slices before freezing so I took out half of the cake, and I had some cans of lemon squash for the kids with coffee for adults. I also had Scotch Shortbread and a dip & crackers if they had wanted something different, as my niece had them drink fruit cordial while on holidays.

Weekly Main Meal Menu

Sunday ~ Chicken Schnitzel & Egg with Cabbage & Tomato Sauce.
Monday ~ Curried Sausages with Rice
Tuesday ~ Easy Tuna Dish with Rice & Salad
Wednesday ~ light snack as lunch out
Thursday ~ Omelet with Shredded Cheese and Salad
Friday ~~ Steamed Fish and Salad
Saturday ~ Leftovers night

Weíre dropping inÖ

January 26th, 2008 at 08:56 am

Well I have been busy cleaning up my house for visitors, who were on the way to the airport from their holiday unit on the Gold Coast. They did come to visit me; itís almost 18 years since the last time the husband has been up here, my niece does come more often though this time their children were with them and it a first time visit to the family home. You got it right; I live in the family home and that has been in the family for three generation now. Itís a house that my great aunt built for her retirement just after WW11 before that the family lived in another house near by since 1913.

My niece and her family live in an old stone Federation house in a country town that why she is getting some pieces that belonged to her grandparents. Today I gave the young boy, small toy cannon and the girl got some of my belts, she is a young model so they may come in handy for her. Classic belts donít go out of style but I donít wear them anymore, some were over forty years old too!

Free Gift Voucher Shopping

January 23rd, 2008 at 09:37 am

I was sent a gift voucher from Jewelry store for $25.00. It expires at end of month.

So I went to a shopping centre to spend it. I got 4 photo frames 50% off for extra $5.25 out of my own pocket. They did have much marked down to choose from without spending too much, I need spend much more if I didnít buy some things for my gift box. I did spend some money on a nice wallet for myself to use later. This was marked down to $4.95 from $19.95 so it was great buy. I did have lunch out today, just hamburger and soft cone with a free coffee all for $2.40.

So I spend money today
Total Money spent today $12.60 (my cash out lay)
Savings $tretch $51.45 + $25.00 gift voucher = $76.45

Stock market

January 22nd, 2008 at 09:18 am

I glad that I sold my shares when I did last October, I had only a few hundred shares and they were being taking over by other company back then, since been taken over. At the time the value of that company was around $47.00 per share now around $31 and lost 97c today on the stock market. Many years ago I read a book that said to buy in bear market and sell in a bull market. I sold my shares at top of the bull market for my shares. Now I am a pension I will not be able to buy shares again. But most of my superannuation is mostly in balanced fund so all I can do is to ride it out now.

Itís a no spending day here.

Nearly a No Spend Day

January 21st, 2008 at 09:36 am

Today I went with DF-M daughter & her husband shopping, we went to the Main Fruit & Vegetables Market to see someone there. Itís open to the public on Wednesday to Friday so they may go back then they are open.

Next it was on Brunnings Hardware store, they spent but I didnít buy anything there. Off to the supermarket where I did buy some grapes & Ĺ a sugarloaf cabbage thatís all I bought. Grand total $3.00, Iím happy with that amount as my follow shoppers spent over $300 on the day.

Flooding update - Emerald is under water and its water will in the end will up going out to sea via Rockhampton Qld. Charleville still waiting for its peak around 9am Qld Time tomorrow and its water will end up in the channel country a heading for Lake Eyre in South Australia but it likely to get that far. Once many years ago when we had weather like now it rain & Cyclone weather in the Gulf country around Normanton Qld flooding there which end up in Lake Eyre and flooding all way down. Have a look on Google Earth to see how far.

Weekly Main Meal Menu

Sunday ~ Steak & egg with grilled onion & tomato
Monday ~ Omelet with Shredded Cheese and Salad
Tuesday ~ Easy Tuna Dish with Rice & Salad
Wednesday ~ Leftovers night
Thursday ~ Curried Sausages with Rice
Friday ~ Pasta with Tuna & Tomato Sauce
Saturday ~ Spaghetti Bolognese Sauce on Baked Potato

Weather - Flooding in the outback

January 20th, 2008 at 09:57 am

I had a quite day today, just doing the washing between showers as itís still overcast here and flooding in the outback with two-third of the state under water.

One of the dams near Emerald Qld, is overflowing for first time in 17 years and it looks like flooding the town too! Our dams around here are still only just over quarter full. So that two dams full and overflowing and others arenít getting much rain around the catchments. So with most of the state has some flooding our area still need more rain. My tank is still full as itís been raining in the city area as we have had over 140 mm since Boxing Day and overcast skies most days. Well the outback got rain and they are happy about it even if itís flooding. Charleville Qld was two weeks off finishing their flood barriers around town. The government flew in the missing parts so they could fill in the missing parts. So now some of itís under water yet again here are some pictures.

Text is Charleville Ďprotected from floodingí and Link is
Charleville Ďprotected from floodingí
Text is Charleville floods and Link isßionname=slideshow&subsectionid=76777&subsectionname=charlevillefloods
Charleville floods
Text is our weather since Boxing Day and Link isßionname=slideshow&subsectionname=ntstorm&photo=21
our weather since Boxing Day
Text is Index of Floods Stories and Link is
Index of Floods Stories

another no spending day

Paper Shredder

January 19th, 2008 at 06:26 pm

A few weeks ago I told you that my paper shredder died. Well in yesterday junk mail there was a better paper shredder for sale, as itís a new model they had an introductory price for it saving over $50 on it as well the staff discount that I get. With all the gift cards that I got for Christmas & birthday this month for this new paper shredder as had said this want I wanted to get this year, my cost came to just over $4.74. Oh and I didnít buy any this else even though they had some very good bargains this time of the year with Back to School Sale on, as I had the car out yesterday.

Years ago when I had finish with any papers that I did want I would burn them now that we can't light fire anymore in our area but for BBQ's, and at time not them either. $$$ Another Strategy letting it go

Having a paper shredder is the nearest too burning, a letting go of the past feeling that use to get back then.

What's in those boxes?

January 18th, 2008 at 09:38 am

Is a question that Iím thinking about at moment? I have two rooms that have mixed boxes in them. These are my junk rooms where I put any stuff that I donít need there while I have visitors to stay. Well I did start today on one of the rooms, first that opened only had a few books on top then some coat hangers on the bottom. Another box has my OAMC cookware in it, so that 2 boxes down today.

I had my hair cut today costing $17.00 for a style cut. I did go shopping since I last wrote, buying pet supplies, my cats get a treat each day of more expensive dried cat food just a small handful when I have morning tea each day, O boy do they tell me if I forget to give it to them. They do get another dried cat food normally but they only like one kind of that brand. I am having trouble with their cat litter that they like as the company making it has had problem at the factory. We are being told it could up to six months before they can supply it. So now I need to try a new brand each time at double or triple the cost of the old cat litter, so spent $13.46 on them today. Iím not to happy with that one.

My Night Out

January 17th, 2008 at 11:06 am

I did go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner we had a good time too! It was my birthday and I was given some very nice presents. We often go out to a restaurant for our birthdays the person who is having the birthday gets to pick the restaurant. What did we have as there were four of us, my son and I had Chinese banquet for two at $18.00 each plus drinks and the others had soup, Main meal & drinks.

Banquet had in it one Curried Puff & Spring Roll each, chicken & corn soup, one plate of each beef & chicken meals, fried rice for two and ice cream & fruit salad. I had green tea the other soft drinks.

Our main meals were King with Egg Noodles, Mongolian Lamb & Beef, Sweet & Sour Chicken, with streamed &fried rice. The bill came to $90.00 for four of us. I do find that a banquet is the best buy if you can get them here. Value of the banquet separately would have been around $28.00 one of the others paid $29.00 for what they had ordered. Lucky we donít have too many of these feast each year, but most are in the first half of the year.

A little second hand shopping

January 16th, 2008 at 08:49 am

I had quite day today, I did go shopping and walk. Dropped into the 2nd hand Charity stores, I got temped and bought a very nice Pottery fired small fruit bowl for $1.50 value $15.00. I would think never used ideal for a gift of homemade goodies, plus two magazines one has some nice craft patterns in it at the other 2nd hand Charity store only $1.35 value $10.90 other than that I spent very little else only some cheese for lunch. I booked a hairdressing appointment for Thursday.

So I spend money today
Total Money spent today $4.75
Savings $stretch $25.15