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6th monthly financial summery for 2011

June 29th, 2011 at 09:01 am

As I work on 28 day cycles, my dates may be out to a calendar months so here are the figures for my last period.

Itís time to start again on reviewing my monthly daily living allowance.

These are the categories for this challenge.
Items === Approx Budget===Spent
Eating out===$35.00=====$22.85
Groceries===$135.50 ==== $208.67
Clothes ====$35.00
Pets====== $50.00=== ==$42.76
HH items===$42.50=====$190.19
Fares== ====$9.00
Entrainments= $12.00
Garden =====$10.00
Gifts & Donations =$35.00
Medical =====$15.00======$7.65
Diabetes Expenses====$50
Misc ======$9.00
Personal Allowance =$85.00 ====$85.08
Note only one amount is a no spend

Budgeted for this period $580 spent $650.45
No Spending days over the 28 days = 13 days in total.

Personal allowance covers confectionery, lotto, books, stamps, craft & hobby supplies.

Eating out including meals out with family and friends, we all go Dutch.

As for medical this is the extra out of pockets amounts that came up this month just on medicine.

As for my medical visits out of pocket expensive if they are related to Diabetes then I will class them as Diabetes Expenses will come under this new category.

Diabetes Expenses Ė nil
A most will be one off items or once per year expenses. But I need to track these items on my small budget and pension. Each time I pay for some thing in this category I will need to cut something in other categories.

My credit cards are still paid in full each month.

I do keep my bill money separated from this summery. This year I will be budgeting around $650 per period month to cover all my bills. This month bills were around $56 so balance banked this month. These funds do cover all my fixed bills for the year if I can stick to this schedule as I have done for the past ten years or so. On my budget excel modelling chart I can pay the full amount this year.

As for food out, I dined out 3 times this month costing between $5 & $9 a time most were around the $9 mark as I can no longer eat at fast food outlets. That $9.00 meals at casino is looking the healthiest and best deal in the city for now.

I did buy a few new appliances this month a electric skillet and food processer coming in at $169.00 this month for both. My grocery bill was a little high this month as I was stockpiling a few items both food items and non-food items.

Most of my social outing are dining out this is part of my social outings money and spending allowance.
If any changes to my spending habits will need to come out of my daily living allowance categories of my budget as my bill categories are very tight now.

Still need to work on a few categories as you can see but over all I had a good month.

Strategy: - Track your daily spending down to the cent by writing it down daily.

Sick of small black ants

June 22nd, 2011 at 10:03 am

I have millions of ants on my property, about four different kinds but no fire ants though. If they stay in the yard I let them be but in my house thatís another story. Owing to the very wet past eight months and now cold weather they have decide to move in and make nests inside.

I have found nests in my curtain rods in my bedroom and another bedroomís drawers. Today I have found them in some my videos that I still have here, I had to just dump them into the rubbish bin as the nests are inside the tape area. As least CDís donít need to be dumped, just dusted!

Now the house smells of surface spray that I have used to kill them. Iím hoping that I donít find too many more nests but you never know until one sees an ant trail somewhere. These areas have no food or water near them either.

They are starting to cost money!

It fell off the back of truck

June 17th, 2011 at 09:03 pm

When I went to go shopping the other day! I saw a carton on the road at the intersection of our local street. Seeing that I would need to drive over it so I went to look, it was a broken carton of

Text is Pensfolds Rawsonís Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon and Link is
Pensfolds Rawsonís Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon, someone had removed some bottles but left the broken ones where were two broken ones and one still unbroken just the wet. There was broken glass everywhere some very large pieces. I took the full bottle of wine back to my house and went and got broom and dustpan and good size container to pick it all up, so I didnít want more problems with my tyres. Some cars came by and the drivers were happy someone was looking after the glass. After sweeping and pickup the glass I took down two watering cans full of water and wash the wine off the road. That job done, now I can use some red wine in my cooking.

This make you wonder how some people put things in the trucks or cars. Last week someone lost a ladder in peak hour on a bridge. Many a time we fine nails & screws on the roads so you get flat tyres.

Front Garden Update

June 14th, 2011 at 07:52 pm

I finally finish the front garden, I found a few problems that I need to fix when I pulled away some of dead leaves in the beds. A fungus in one of the small beds that I had to remove all the other plants that I had growing in those beds and one of tree has borers in it as well. I filled over four wheeler bins these are very large 90 Litres bin each with prunings.

Here the garden pictures before I put the cane mulch on.

Surprise box

June 8th, 2011 at 08:47 am

I just have a visit from my new neighbour; I just met them the other day. There is a lovely Chinese family, she just stop by the drop in two pieces of beautiful cakes in a box. I had half of one piece with coffee just now. It was a Cherry Chocolate Cake the other one looks like a coffee cake both are iced with a filling. There are a number of Chinese cake shops opening all over the place where you can buy a slice of cakes instead of whole cake these days.

I will now eat them very slowly as I have put them in the refrigerator. I still have to watch my diabetic so I canít pig out so only half piece at a time.

Gardening this weekend

June 5th, 2011 at 08:41 am

I have been gardening this weekend, my front strip. Once it took me about 2 hours to do it, now it has taken me over 6 hours of weeding, trimming shrubs and pullout some plants , adding more soil and replanting smaller plants that I pullout as well binning all the rubbish. Now I still have to plant cuttings so I will have more plants if these ones fail and cover the beds with cane mulch that will get done tomorrow as I have run out of energy now. I did check my gardening shed for supply so I didnít need buy anything.

These are before photos of my front garden

Strategy - Do remember what you have stored before you go and buy more of the same.