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Itís about time for a new electric toothbrush!

March 26th, 2012 at 09:15 pm

Last week I had a shopping spree as I had go and buy a new electric toothbrush as recharge battery had died that was on it so it had to be replaced, I found one on special after doing a price check at a few place before I went the supermarket where I found one $10.00 off but $15.00 of one the place I did the price check at. Some were up to $200.00 each all have the same replacement heads and as I have a few left I stayed with the same brand Oral-B Braun. The one I bought was only $29.99 so I will have money to replace it when I need too sooner if need be. The last electric toothbrush lasted almost 8 years and cost about that price back then too!

Since using these electric toothbrushes I have had very little fillings in my teeth so the cost over the time is worth it in less dental bills alone!

Update on my health

March 22nd, 2012 at 06:39 pm

My health is a little better in the past weeks and the cardiologist report came back, that I have just aortic value problem which will be monitored yearly and almost no cholesterol in my arteries but one small area. My medication is being stopped for now to see how things go as I have been on them too long.
As for my blood pressure itís at normal reading for now and will need to have it read on the opposite arm from now on as that one read higher.

I am feeling much better now, so I hope to keep on improving over the next few months.

I have not been on my computer as much lately, so have been not posting as much.

Bills, Bills, and More Bills

March 13th, 2012 at 08:59 am

Money wise this has been an expensive 4 weeks with all the bills and medical expenses that I have laid out. Medical bills were over $1075 less any refunds over time about half that amount. Car and house insurances were paid along with power bill so the bills out goings were around $3500 before anything else but budgeting the way that I do the money is always there. So now I need just stop spending to save a little more to cover the medical costs.

Update on flooding

March 10th, 2012 at 07:28 pm

First off the rain has stopped but flood waters is still flow down all the rivers some a 1000 miles long will take months as these are slow flowing rivers. The Murray and Darling River system which starts in Queensland and ends in South Australia but area flooding now is the Riverina area.

Update on things here weather wise.

March 2nd, 2012 at 05:37 pm

NSW and Victoria are now

Text is flooding and Link is
flooding; a few weeks ago the water coming from Queensland is now flooding outback NSW down the Darling River. Itís rain again in central NSW and Victoria with low ridge coming from NT all the way to Tasmania. This toft is slow moving and heavy rains so that itís now flooding areas closer to the great divide range this water will end up in the Murray River system in which the Darling River will flow into a few weeks. 75% of outback NSW is under water, area the size of France and now the main dam for Sydney flood gates were opened for the first time yesterday in 14 years.

Itís this weather pattern that causes flooding on wide scale here. So if you donít believe in climate change and our weather patterns are changing then revisit the idea as we have had 10 years of drought then 3 years where this weather pattern end in flooding on a grand scale. As Australia runs downhill from north to south all water will end up in the southern ocean that doesnít get used all the way. Some areas need to have free flowing rivers which the Darling River head waters are part of that system.

As for Victoria there is mainly flooding around the Murray River areas again with more rain flood water to come from the flood in NSW and another 100 mm is forecast this weekend.

This system will move into our area over the next week as its slowing moving east to the coast.

Text is Dam overflow turns into spectator event and Link is
Dam overflow turns into spectator event

Text is Northeast Victoria braces for more floods and Link is
Northeast Victoria braces for more floods