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Victoria Bushfires

February 10th, 2009 at 08:39 pm

Last Saturday the temperature in Victoria got to 46.4C in Melbourne, with 90km hot dry winds, with total fire ban. Then the country side became a fireball after 10 years of drought in Victoria. One fire controller said that normally fires are rated on 1 to 100 scale but this fire was 320 in scale.

I am been overwhelm with tragedy in country Victoria that I have been watching for days now. Today I made an effort to get the bank to make a deposit for these victims of these Bushfires. I also donated to the Queensland flood victims and some of them are planning to donate they hand outs (our government is giving one off payments to all natural disaster victims) to the Victoria Bushfires Appeal who think they need in more. Some flood victims have been flooded twice in one week may get flood again next week too!

You can link to stories via these links. Its changing daily and at times hourly.

Text is Gallery of Victoria Killer fires and Link is,22010,5037339-5006020,00.html#
Gallery of Victoria Killer fires

Text is Resident records tragedy and Link is
Resident records tragedy

Text is Victorian bushfire survivor, Sam the koala, a global star and Link is,21985,25038852-5018723,00.html
Victorian bushfire survivor, Sam the koala, a global star

Text is Victorian Bushfires Videos and Link is
Victorian Bushfires Videos

Review of My Daily Living Allowance for December & January

February 5th, 2009 at 11:06 am

Time to review my daily living allowance for the first two months of my 2009 budget.

First I would like to say that I dont work on a calendar months as my budget always starts a few weeks before Christmas as I am procrastinator if I dont do it then it will take months for me to getting done if at all. I am working on it.

I am hoping to cut over $1000 from it over the year on what I spent last year or better. Its all those little items included that mount up. As this the area that I do have some control over in my spending.

First number is what I have averaging amount budgeted for these two months; second figure is what I have spent. The figures in brackets are the area and amount spent with the stimulus package see below.

Eating out= $67==$91.59
Groceries=$271.00= = $94.56
Non-Food=$33.00= =$14.50
Clothes =$67.00==$116 (-$90)
Gas=$50.00 ==$36.03
Pets= $98.00 ==$24.33
HH items=$83.00==$311.95 (- $260)
Fares= $17.00 == $0
Entrainments= $25.00 == $19
Garden =$17.00==$19
Gifts & Donations =$67.00= =$106.57
Medical Prescription =$10==$0
Misc =$17.00 ==$15.95
Personal Allowance =$168.00 ==$118.03

$1015 + $350 = $1365 to spend over this period, spent $986.51 came under by $378.49

The plan was to spend part of $1400 Stimulus package in these two months, I ended up spending on CD player $260 and on a watch $90 = $350 banking the balance. Spending was as normal over Christmas period but was cutting back on grocery & pet food over these months.