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Living Lean on a Pension

January 27th, 2015 at 08:58 am

2015 will be Living Lean year as I can and being on age pension. My goal and challenge is Living Lean on a Pension.

I have no other extra income other than my pension, so I have to be as crafty as possible to make it my dollars s-t-r-e-t- c -h further than before.

I do have a little amount put aside for rainy day. Which I use when I need to and pay this rainy day account back out of my saving I can find in my frugal living challenge and any saving I can make on getting low bills which of late are increasing instead.

I will try cut back on my food, entertainment areas and personal allowance. I do better with challenges by focusing on certain areas than trying to do it over all challenge in all areas at once.

I will try to reduce my spending on what spend in the supermarket and on treats in personal allowance areas to start with.

I still wish to go on holidays this year, that about 4 months way. I will try to keep expenses down to minimum as I will be staying most nights with family.

Supermarket Spend Challenge - Try to spend less than half over the next 15 weeks.

Normal amount allowed = $472.00 - Target $230 over 15 weeks starting on Friday when my next monthly period starts. Note all my budgeting periods are 28 days in length.

Personal allowance and entertainment will try cut by 30% for now and go lower if I can do so.
So my motto will stand for another year or two.

It's real hard to come up with $1000 but it's easy to find 1000 ways to save a dollar or two!
So let's go and find those 1000 ways to save a dollar challenge and see what's amount is at the end of 12 months.

Disposable Income and charities freebies

March 3rd, 2013 at 08:44 am

After reading this article

Text is Should Income Be “Disposable?” and Link is
Should Income Be “Disposable?”

which I totally agree with, I don’t view any of my pension as Disposable Income at all! I doubt if I do have a Disposable Income. If there is any Disposable Income then I should putting it aside for my next project or holiday or funeral saving account which I sure that I will need at some point as I don’t wish to add one to my list of bills at my age. There are a lot of advertising for them here. But I don’t wish the pay then find I can’t afford it next year when they raise the price because of your age, I would paying heap any way. You lose any money put in it if you leave at any time so I think they are a money pit for insurance companies, I am better to save allow the family to get the some money at the end of it. So I think I will open an online account and add $25.00 per month to that fund plus any Disposable Income that I can.

Do you feel sometimes that advertising is out to get you and your Disposable Income, that they want your money at any cost and you made to feel that you are doing without or letting them down if you don’t spend whether it’s the company or local businesses or your state or country. You should not be saving but spending any money including your bill money on what they are selling at the time. Well I don’t buy that line at all these days.

Charities are a case in point here; I get heaps of mail asking for help with lots of freebie in them. If they need to send you these freebies to get you to send them money why do they have paid the advertising company for that deal? I have heard that these advertising companies get a large proportion of monies sent in the first year.

I do give the charities please don’t think I don’t but I never give to any who send freebies in the mail. What makes me mad is there is no address to send direct to the charities in question.

The Freebies they are sending, name and address tags, large blank gift cards and small gift tags, stationery and pens, just small stuff along a giving plan which I can’t afford ever. When you get that every week from different charities it does mount up to the point that I will never have to buy name and address tags again at this address.

So much for Disposable Income that I don’t have to give away any time soon! Even the ones I do give to send me requests for more money but I have a Christmas donation time slot that give and that it.

Strategy - Don’t spend your forward bill money on trivia, it’s been put aside for a purpose and keeps you stress free.

Strategy – Don’t believe all the advertising you see on TV or in the mail you didn’t know you wanted it 15 minutes before you saw that advertisement.

Recipe from Years Gone By

September 21st, 2012 at 11:05 am

Of late I have had trying to live off my pantry and freezer, so I have been looking into recipes that I can use with what I have not what need, in other words substitution of ingredients if it's not right.
Using less instead of more ingredients and making portions go just one more serve. So I can cook a meal that will serves 2 then I make it serve 3 by adding something else on the side.

A friend has lent me some of her vegetarian recipe booklets that I have found a lot of recipes that were used in the past, before TVP, Nutolenes, nutmeats, gluten steaks, and rissolnut which I can't find any of but have do recipes for it, so I have left all these off my to saving list. I do have cookbooks for these ingredients but for rissolnut which is the trade name only now!

There are recipes for Nutolene, nutmeats, gluten steaks and you can buy these ones in cans under trade names here too!

Here is an unusual recipe from one of these booklets.

Potato Coconut Casserole
Heat 1/2 cup coconut in 1 cup milk. Slice potato and onion in rounds and place in baking dish in layers adding salt. Pour coconut and milk over and add enough extra milk to come up to top layer of potato. Turn over top layer of potato to put coconut underneath to prevent burning. Bake until nicely brown in a moderate oven.
From Meatless Mealtimes

Austerity and WW2 recipes

September 14th, 2012 at 09:50 am

I have been looking at World War 2 recipes and any recipes before this period. Most of them are British ones as I can find of lot online and have bought a number of books from this period. This is a passion of mine as I do look to this period for ideas when trying to cut back at any time.

With the economical way the world is going right now, and all the Austerity Budgets from governments, we will have to start looking for ideas to cope in our own parts of the world.

A lot of households here are cutting back and trying to save or pay down debt. This is not helping some sectors of the economy as we all have since WW2 been told or suggested to spend up big by auto-suggestion so businesses can have a larger profits for shareholders and saving were a thing of the past and loans are in.

Now the crunch time is upon us to pay our dues for this false strategy. The thing is can we hold on to what we have and own now! No one wants to go back to what it was before but we should start making plans to get our own household in order. Australia is a lucky country but we too will fine things tough if things go bad this time. By how much no one knows. But look at it in way that if doesn’t happen to be that bad then we are better off than we were before. Some jobs are going here now by the thousands so things are charging here too! Like our State government retrenching over 11000 workers across the board and not replacing any vacant jobs (4500), this is just one state. The flow on effect will be great as business and jobs near these workplaces will then be affected too!

Greece, Italy and Spain are in a bad way as are many more countries that I have haven’t kept up to date with.

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." - Boyd K. Packer

Starting over with budgeting and saving again!

September 1st, 2012 at 10:17 am

To find the money to do all that I need do from now on, I diffidently need to start saving and cutting back on my spending for a few months. I am planning to review my needs and wants from now on!

If I have already earmark a project and booked it then I will go ahead with it. Some things can’t be stopped but others are just plans that need be saved for so will need work out which needs to done and what can be left for the future like new kitchen indoor painting and floors.

I went over what I need to do in next six months and found that I am short on funds by $5000 on an age pension this is a worry but the pension it will cover most of my bills over this period. It’s the living expenses that will take the hit. So let’s see how far I can cut these expenses for now.

Some things have been over estimated so there will be a savings found in some places.

Here’s a list of some things plan in near future.
Trips - Sydney wedding and visit to my sister later next year but fare need to be paid in this period. (both are interstate.) Estimate $2000
Out of pocket dental that can’t be put off. Estimate $2000
Car service that is well overdue so approx. $500
Rates and water bills, power, medical fund annual fee, phone & internet fees, car rego. Approx. $5500
House & Car Insurance due (these are the ones that I am worried about) Estimate $2700 but could be more.

Planned expenses for next six month estimated about $12,700
Age Pension over this time frame under $10,000

So living expenses will be almost nil for next few months, it’s lucky that I do have savings to fall back on if I need too! I will try not to spend too much of it though.

Empty car parks in shopping centres

August 29th, 2012 at 09:58 am

Over last few weeks I have notice many of the shopping centres car parks have plenty on spaces in them and lot of empty shops that I have been too!

As they have started to charge for car parking in some shopping centres you would think others would be full or fuller that do not charge but here this is not the case. Yesterday at lunch time I stopped at one to go to just store, normally in the past it was very hard to find a car park but I found around 40 car parks in the one area. Same when I went to the next shopping centre empty car parks.

Are consumers cutting back on their spending here? One person I spoke to thinks so, as our state government is cutting back on staff by 15000 to 20000 for next 18 months or so! It could be 'I may not have a job next month; I better stop spending full stop' feeling.

The painter has finished

August 17th, 2012 at 09:46 am

Early this week the painter finished his job and was paid in full. It was a good job and some of the neighbours ask for his card so he may get more work around here later on. I did pay him as planned with the final payment in the form of a bank cheque and got him sign to say that he has been paid in full, this is now filed way. The new awnings will arrived next week hopefully this should complete the job on the outside that I can’t do myself. I will look at doing all the gates and poles on the front fence over next few months. I may need to buy another can of green paint to finish this job off.

My next major project is a new kitchen which I will need to save for now! I will still keep money aside for a replacement of my washing machine when it breakdown next. Planning my money around need not wants have kept me on a level playing field just by knowing that the money is there to buy things when they are needed and not have go out get a loan that I can’t afford to repay.

It has been quite here and I am still reading my list of books more have arrived in the Thursday post all four books on order arrived together.

I will need to update cost of living figures here soon as I am a month behind!