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Living Lean on a Pension

January 27th, 2015 at 08:58 am

2015 will be Living Lean year as I can and being on age pension. My goal and challenge is Living Lean on a Pension.

I have no other extra income other than my pension, so I have to be as crafty as possible to make it my dollars s-t-r-e-t- c -h further than before.

I do have a little amount put aside for rainy day. Which I use when I need to and pay this rainy day account back out of my saving I can find in my frugal living challenge and any saving I can make on getting low bills which of late are increasing instead.

I will try cut back on my food, entertainment areas and personal allowance. I do better with challenges by focusing on certain areas than trying to do it over all challenge in all areas at once.

I will try to reduce my spending on what spend in the supermarket and on treats in personal allowance areas to start with.

I still wish to go on holidays this year, that about 4 months way. I will try to keep expenses down to minimum as I will be staying most nights with family.

Supermarket Spend Challenge - Try to spend less than half over the next 15 weeks.

Normal amount allowed = $472.00 - Target $230 over 15 weeks starting on Friday when my next monthly period starts. Note all my budgeting periods are 28 days in length.

Personal allowance and entertainment will try cut by 30% for now and go lower if I can do so.
So my motto will stand for another year or two.

It's real hard to come up with $1000 but it's easy to find 1000 ways to save a dollar or two!
So let's go and find those 1000 ways to save a dollar challenge and see what's amount is at the end of 12 months.

Disposable Income and charities freebies

March 3rd, 2013 at 08:44 am

After reading this article

Text is Should Income Be “Disposable?” and Link is
Should Income Be “Disposable?”

which I totally agree with, I don’t view any of my pension as Disposable Income at all! I doubt if I do have a Disposable Income. If there is any Disposable Income then I should putting it aside for my next project or holiday or funeral saving account which I sure that I will need at some point as I don’t wish to add one to my list of bills at my age. There are a lot of advertising for them here. But I don’t wish the pay then find I can’t afford it next year when they raise the price because of your age, I would paying heap any way. You lose any money put in it if you leave at any time so I think they are a money pit for insurance companies, I am better to save allow the family to get the some money at the end of it. So I think I will open an online account and add $25.00 per month to that fund plus any Disposable Income that I can.

Do you feel sometimes that advertising is out to get you and your Disposable Income, that they want your money at any cost and you made to feel that you are doing without or letting them down if you don’t spend whether it’s the company or local businesses or your state or country. You should not be saving but spending any money including your bill money on what they are selling at the time. Well I don’t buy that line at all these days.

Charities are a case in point here; I get heaps of mail asking for help with lots of freebie in them. If they need to send you these freebies to get you to send them money why do they have paid the advertising company for that deal? I have heard that these advertising companies get a large proportion of monies sent in the first year.

I do give the charities please don’t think I don’t but I never give to any who send freebies in the mail. What makes me mad is there is no address to send direct to the charities in question.

The Freebies they are sending, name and address tags, large blank gift cards and small gift tags, stationery and pens, just small stuff along a giving plan which I can’t afford ever. When you get that every week from different charities it does mount up to the point that I will never have to buy name and address tags again at this address.

So much for Disposable Income that I don’t have to give away any time soon! Even the ones I do give to send me requests for more money but I have a Christmas donation time slot that give and that it.

Strategy - Don’t spend your forward bill money on trivia, it’s been put aside for a purpose and keeps you stress free.

Strategy – Don’t believe all the advertising you see on TV or in the mail you didn’t know you wanted it 15 minutes before you saw that advertisement.

Recipe from Years Gone By

September 21st, 2012 at 10:05 am

Of late I have had trying to live off my pantry and freezer, so I have been looking into recipes that I can use with what I have not what need, in other words substitution of ingredients if it's not right.
Using less instead of more ingredients and making portions go just one more serve. So I can cook a meal that will serves 2 then I make it serve 3 by adding something else on the side.

A friend has lent me some of her vegetarian recipe booklets that I have found a lot of recipes that were used in the past, before TVP, Nutolenes, nutmeats, gluten steaks, and rissolnut which I can't find any of but have do recipes for it, so I have left all these off my to saving list. I do have cookbooks for these ingredients but for rissolnut which is the trade name only now!

There are recipes for Nutolene, nutmeats, gluten steaks and you can buy these ones in cans under trade names here too!

Here is an unusual recipe from one of these booklets.

Potato Coconut Casserole
Heat 1/2 cup coconut in 1 cup milk. Slice potato and onion in rounds and place in baking dish in layers adding salt. Pour coconut and milk over and add enough extra milk to come up to top layer of potato. Turn over top layer of potato to put coconut underneath to prevent burning. Bake until nicely brown in a moderate oven.
From Meatless Mealtimes

Austerity and WW2 recipes

September 14th, 2012 at 08:50 am

I have been looking at World War 2 recipes and any recipes before this period. Most of them are British ones as I can find of lot online and have bought a number of books from this period. This is a passion of mine as I do look to this period for ideas when trying to cut back at any time.

With the economical way the world is going right now, and all the Austerity Budgets from governments, we will have to start looking for ideas to cope in our own parts of the world.

A lot of households here are cutting back and trying to save or pay down debt. This is not helping some sectors of the economy as we all have since WW2 been told or suggested to spend up big by auto-suggestion so businesses can have a larger profits for shareholders and saving were a thing of the past and loans are in.

Now the crunch time is upon us to pay our dues for this false strategy. The thing is can we hold on to what we have and own now! No one wants to go back to what it was before but we should start making plans to get our own household in order. Australia is a lucky country but we too will fine things tough if things go bad this time. By how much no one knows. But look at it in way that if doesn’t happen to be that bad then we are better off than we were before. Some jobs are going here now by the thousands so things are charging here too! Like our State government retrenching over 11000 workers across the board and not replacing any vacant jobs (4500), this is just one state. The flow on effect will be great as business and jobs near these workplaces will then be affected too!

Greece, Italy and Spain are in a bad way as are many more countries that I have haven’t kept up to date with.

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." - Boyd K. Packer

Starting over with budgeting and saving again!

September 1st, 2012 at 09:17 am

To find the money to do all that I need do from now on, I diffidently need to start saving and cutting back on my spending for a few months. I am planning to review my needs and wants from now on!

If I have already earmark a project and booked it then I will go ahead with it. Some things can’t be stopped but others are just plans that need be saved for so will need work out which needs to done and what can be left for the future like new kitchen indoor painting and floors.

I went over what I need to do in next six months and found that I am short on funds by $5000 on an age pension this is a worry but the pension it will cover most of my bills over this period. It’s the living expenses that will take the hit. So let’s see how far I can cut these expenses for now.

Some things have been over estimated so there will be a savings found in some places.

Here’s a list of some things plan in near future.
Trips - Sydney wedding and visit to my sister later next year but fare need to be paid in this period. (both are interstate.) Estimate $2000
Out of pocket dental that can’t be put off. Estimate $2000
Car service that is well overdue so approx. $500
Rates and water bills, power, medical fund annual fee, phone & internet fees, car rego. Approx. $5500
House & Car Insurance due (these are the ones that I am worried about) Estimate $2700 but could be more.

Planned expenses for next six month estimated about $12,700
Age Pension over this time frame under $10,000

So living expenses will be almost nil for next few months, it’s lucky that I do have savings to fall back on if I need too! I will try not to spend too much of it though.

Empty car parks in shopping centres

August 29th, 2012 at 08:58 am

Over last few weeks I have notice many of the shopping centres car parks have plenty on spaces in them and lot of empty shops that I have been too!

As they have started to charge for car parking in some shopping centres you would think others would be full or fuller that do not charge but here this is not the case. Yesterday at lunch time I stopped at one to go to just store, normally in the past it was very hard to find a car park but I found around 40 car parks in the one area. Same when I went to the next shopping centre empty car parks.

Are consumers cutting back on their spending here? One person I spoke to thinks so, as our state government is cutting back on staff by 15000 to 20000 for next 18 months or so! It could be 'I may not have a job next month; I better stop spending full stop' feeling.

The painter has finished

August 17th, 2012 at 08:46 am

Early this week the painter finished his job and was paid in full. It was a good job and some of the neighbours ask for his card so he may get more work around here later on. I did pay him as planned with the final payment in the form of a bank cheque and got him sign to say that he has been paid in full, this is now filed way. The new awnings will arrived next week hopefully this should complete the job on the outside that I can’t do myself. I will look at doing all the gates and poles on the front fence over next few months. I may need to buy another can of green paint to finish this job off.

My next major project is a new kitchen which I will need to save for now! I will still keep money aside for a replacement of my washing machine when it breakdown next. Planning my money around need not wants have kept me on a level playing field just by knowing that the money is there to buy things when they are needed and not have go out get a loan that I can’t afford to repay.

It has been quite here and I am still reading my list of books more have arrived in the Thursday post all four books on order arrived together.

I will need to update cost of living figures here soon as I am a month behind!

Focusing on my Food & Grocery Spending

January 24th, 2012 at 10:12 am

I think I could find some spare money in my budget if I focused on my food spending for a while.

These will be my target area to work on for now!

Non -Food ---$221--------$184.52---------under target by $36.48
Pets -----------$650------$547.26--------under target by $102.74
Eating out ----$455--------$560.05--------over target by $105.05
Groceries ----$1755-------$1601.08-------under target by $160.42

So money that I have to work with $3081 using 2011 target budget amounts.

In 2011, I came under by [$3081 -2893.10] = $187.90 so I would like to see a bigger drop in this figure this year. Without changing my lifestyle that much knowing that I can cutback harder if things change around here. So it’s to focusing and planning what I intend to do here.

So what strategies do I plan to use to reduce this further with cost of living going up here and my income is only age pension.

I will start with the easiest on first Non-food, this is area mainly covered by items that I can’t eat like Toilet paper, paper towels, and some cleaning items that I need to buy. If do a stocktake of these items, I may find that I will only need buy toilet paper this year. By looking online and some in of my books I will find replacement for other cleaning items.

Next easiest one is Pets this includes cat food and litter for them. As they are old cats I will not be retraining them with new ideas but focusing on any wasteful habits and paying more attention to what they eat. They flea and vet treatments are covered in the bill area of my budget so are not included here. But will try to find ways of reducing these as well.

Now time to think about my food out as I like to call it! This area I can control to a degree but not all the way. I have 12 planned lunch dates each year which I just go along with cost can between $9.00 and $26.00 each time at current prices. Then you have 5 birthday dinners or lunches that can cost around $30.00 each time at current prices. But will not go if it gets above this unless it’s a wedding which a once in blue moon event. Now the other lunches I can reduce or not have depending on my time schedule when out. I do try to keep these to under $12.00 where possible.

So where does that leave my food out budget, thus having budgeted for $350 outing with family and friend as socialising and form of entertainment. I do keep a float aside of $35.00 so that if asked out I can go will out worrying if I can afford that week. I am trying to get the family to eat at home more but it’s an uphill battle.

I will review my grocery shopping in my next post.

Spending is the norm for now!

October 27th, 2011 at 09:42 am

Getting things for my new computer and buying Christmas presents will be the norm around here for a while. This week I have bought 3 computer books, two for Windows 7 and one for MS Office 2010 these along with online Help and asking around should keep me going for now! Also I picked up USB Travel Hub, 8G USB sticks and extra DVD-R blanks plus a Mouse for a Laptop.

Until I learn to use this computer much better I will be on the slow side.

As my son has just got a new computer too! I have been buying a few odds & end for him as well.

So far I have spent a bit of money in getting it right without needing to go to IT tech for help.
Books were full price $107.65
But the other items were on special of 50% off or less = Totalling $178.00
So another $285.00 spent hoping this will be the last unless my printer doesn’t work but it should do so. Some items I got Senior discount off so every 5% off helps.

All this is coming out my emergency fund and I have been told I am not spending enough money by my financial adviser as I saved too much money since I lasted saw him. I knew I could save but not that good; it was so much that finding ways to stretching that dollar must be working. A lot of that is bill money and saving fund that I stretch it more than six times in the last year.

It’s real hard to come up with $1000 but it’s easy to find 1000 ways to save a dollar or two!

This has been my motto from the beginning and still is; now I can choose better items than the cheapest ones around because of it.

Windfall in second-hand clothes

October 10th, 2011 at 09:35 am

As I buy very few new clothes anymore which a rare. The last time I bought a complete expensive outfit was for my son’s wedding back in 1999. The rag trade would close up shop long ago if it depended on me. I do buy some slacks, ¾ pants, shorts and t-shirts when I do buy new, I buy on special or markdown that’s the same price I can buy at the Charity /goodwill shop or second hand clothes stores. I get better quality in charity shops than when I buy new. I mainly buy the bottom half of my outer clothes new as this were I fine the shortage for my size and the most damaged clothes with elastics or Zip failing in a short time after buying. I need to take up the hem lines or wear the ¾ pants longer than you would do so if you were normal height. I like the longer length so this part doesn’t worry me that much. Under wear and socks are always bought new.

I have had busy few days, as our local charity shop is having a fill a bag sale of clothing for $5.00 last week. One morning I went up to browse around and as they were short staff until some arrived I opened up the second shop and watch other customers until the staff arrived hour later. As I knew the way around this sale and could look at the same time I was ok with this. I just was there as everyone else was just looking too when the staff arrived.

So I end up spending $20.00 for $1070 worth of clothes.

I bought 4 Bags of clothes totalling 42 items of which only one was not wearable. So at under 48 cents per garment this how can keep my clothes cost to under $300 per year. Buy very little new.

Pile of women’s clothes for picking over.

Bounty from two of bags of clothes

You don’t get the latest fashion buy second- hand clothes which I am past that stage now. The colour may be few years past in shades and styles that don’t matter if you feel good in the outfit and it goes altogether in tones. I buy by the look and feel of the fabric then the colour then look at the size then at the tag if has one. I was able to find all these off a pile on the floor with all size mixed together within under two hours. Everyone had the same task if you wished to buy something.

List of clothes bought - approx RRP

White -Bot Cornsurf RRP$25.00
Brown & cream, stripe V neck – Susannegrae RRP $25.00
White & beige stripe Cotton - Millers RRP$15.00
Black & White Stripe - Relaunch RRP$25.00
Grey & off white stripe - Pun Nai RRP$20.00
Yellow - Cherokee RRP $20.00
Pink & Beige stripe sleeveless – CMS RRP$20.00
Light Blue -CTM- DNM RRP$15.00
Black & white Floral sleeveless - Jag RRP$25.00
Pink with design printed -Jag RRP$20.00
Dark green with collar - Urbane RRP$20.00
Total RRP $230

White Millers Cotton RRP$25.00
Black plain ¾ sleeves Ramie - Katies RRP$25.00
Pink ¾ sleeved Cotton/spandex - Crossroads RRP$25.00
Pink ¾ sleeved - cut off brand name RRP$30.00
Pink floral Poly - Daxon RRP$25.00
Lime plain Ramie - Now RRP$30.00
Lime cotton - Aqua by ping pong RRP$35.00
White& Brown Poly/cotton – Millers RRP$20.00
Cream background with Beige pattern , Rayon -Millers RRP$20.00
Green with mauve floral pattern, rayon – Millers RRP$20.00
Light blue with trim, Poly Rayon – Millers RRP$20.00
Blue small check with Grey trim, 100% cotton- Panola RRP$25.00
Blue Pattern rayon poly – Millers RRP$20.00
Dark Green poly - Postie Fashion RRP$25.00
Orange Plain background with a breaded trim, Poly - Millers RRP$20.00

Total RRP $365

Burnt Orange Rayon /Poly Perri Cutten RRP $40.00
Cream background with floral print, Silk – Real Clothes RRP $35.00
Black nylon S-less tank top - Now RRP $20.00
Black with white flowers Nylon S-less - Katies RRP $20.00
Total RRP $115

Two piece outfit
Top - Off white back ground with Blue floral print, Rayon/linen - Geiger Essentials RRP $25.00
Skirt - Off white back ground with Blue floral print, Rayon/linen - Geiger Essentials RRP$25.00

Brown Cargo shorts long – Millers RRP$20.00
Light grey linen /cotton slacks - Giordano Linen RRP$50.00
Grey Cargo slacks expensive ones RRP$50.00
¾ casual pants Beige 100% cotton - Jay Jay’s RRP$20.00

Total RRP $190

Cream & black check - floor length will cut shorter RRP$30.00
Check - Potarorri Floor length will cut shorter RRP$30.00
Long blue with yellow floral print on hem line. Polyester Millers RRP$20.00

Odd pieces
Cardigan -Cream short sleeved -cut off brand name & buttons missing. RRP $25.00
Sarong aqua with mauve-pink flowers – Vanuatu- RRP $15.00
Bath robe -Pink poly -Shooze Zone (never worn) RRP $50.00

Total RRP $170

Grand Total RRP $1070

Clothes Line some of the clothes.

Two other posts on clothes shopping tightwad style.

Text is Retail Therapy - Tightwad Style and Link is
Retail Therapy - Tightwad Style
Text is the fill a bag sale and Link is
the fill a bag sale

Strategy - Know when the best sale may be on and be ready to go!

Shopping for one, summing up

September 15th, 2011 at 09:17 am

I have done a lot of thinking about how I shop over the past few days, along with a lot of reading and writing and viewing different downloads and links. This task has given me some food for thought and I hope it's given you some ideas on shopping over the number of areas I have covered.

One area I didn't cover is eating and drinking way from home so try limiting the amount of food and drinks you have away from home. This area is the biggest waster of your food budget and I didn't even touch on it. Try writing down every cent you spend for a month and see how much you are spending here. You may find the money for that overseas holiday you only dreamed about.

One of the major points we all need to do at this point in time. Is to review what we have in own homes and use this before go out and buy more stuff.

Some of the other points to think about are:
- Check what we have bought and use it!
- Make a menu using what in the house first then what on special that week.
- Make a price book so you know what the cheapest price is.
- Don't be loyal to just one supermarket
- Learn to cook if you can't!


While researching for this series I came across a number of interesting links some are for small families or singles and other ones can be used by everyone. I don't know how much anyone of you reading this series has explored your government resources in the way I have done here. There a number of free downloads or online reading that I can open on this side of the Pacific Ocean. I have included some I found from Australian websites also!

Some are from US government websites and others are from umaine extension and Mayo Clinic. If you can explore these websites a lot more as there are plenty more to out there to be found. I could give you the links to a lot of downloads but exploring them yourselves will make it more interesting.

The ones that I have given you here that are marked PDF will need a reader to open them.

Text is Mayo Clinic and Link is
Mayo Clinic
explore this link for interesting articles

Text is Thrifty Meals for Small Families and Link is
Thrifty Meals for Small Families
At the bottom of this one you will find links to the other parts of this series 5 parts in all.
If you search for Thrifty Meals for Small Families, you will come up with other downloads versions.
Text is Keep the Beat Healthy Heart Recipes and Link is
Keep the Beat Healthy Heart Recipes PDF

Text is
healthier you and Link is

healthier you
links to recipes

Text is School meals and Link is
School meals

Text is U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and Link is
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services There are two PDF files on this link that one 130 pages & the other one 160 pages PDF.

Text is Vegetarian and Link is
Vegetarian Learn about different types of vegetarianism, nutrients of concern, how to plan a healthy diet, and find recipes.

Text is Nutrition index and Link is
Nutrition index Shopping, Cooking & Meal Planning

Australian Links

Text is Recipes & shopping - What's there to eat? and Link is
Recipes & shopping - What's there to eat? PDF

Text is The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and Link is$File/fd-cons.pdf
The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating PDF

Text is Victorian Better Health and Link is
Victorian Better Health

Text is Victorian Better Health - Recipes Here and Link is
Victorian Better Health - Recipes Here

The last of Shopping for one series

Shopping, my way on Cat & Dog Food

September 13th, 2011 at 09:27 am

This is the seventh in this series

For someone living from pay check to pay check this system may not work for you.
I allow a budget fixed amount to care for my cats each year excluding trips to the vet�s as I have a float for that and the float money from my last trip to the vet�s is back up to $500 again plus the cost of their flea treatments. My goal each year is to come under this amount so far I have won this battle and I have had these cats for almost 15 years.

I buy a clumping cat litter as this what my cats like to use. This is the store brand one, as I don�t like to have to drive my car to the supermarket very week, I try to buy enough to last 3 weeks ,same with the cat food except for the store brand one, that one of my cat likes and it�s the cheapest by far @ 69c! I buy enough this one until I am back into that supermarket chain again or when I get down to the last can. I only buy on special, I check each week the catalogues for good buys in the brand that they will eat. I will drop in and buy if the price is right. As the amount I buy depends on the price and how much I still have in stock from the last buying trip. Normally the price is around RRP $1.59 per can, I will try to buy it around a $1.25 or less the lower the price the more I will buy. If it even comes down 89c again then I will make extra trips to buy as many as I can up to 100 cans.

As for dry cats food I buy three different varieties for them. I will have in stock about 3 packets unopened so that I don�t just go shopping for this item. Lately our supermarkets have lowered their prices on some of their goods and these are just one of those lines that now rarely go on special now! If they do go on special then I buy extras that week.

As for vet supplies the online company I deal with here is

Text is Priceless pets and Link is
Priceless pets I buy enough to last 6 months at a time. This does save on postage again check the sizes and prices before you order. When I went to the vet�s he told me to change brands for a while when ordering online, I have been using Revolution for a few years now, told to change to Advantage for a while different formula but both do the same job as I have 2 cats the same size I buy the 2x 6 packs do check the price of these items at the local pet shop and online.

If things get tough in the future then I will be taking a closer look at some of these websites.

Google -- cat and dog food recipes

I came up with two gems but there are many more there but watch out for ones selling you stuff as you can find a lot of this information for free.
Text is Pet Food Cooking Recipes and Link is
Pet Food Cooking Recipes

Text is this one and Link is
this one looks interesting that I may try some of them at some time.

Shopping for one, my way on Personal & Cleaning Items

September 11th, 2011 at 08:02 am

This is the sixth in this series

I am lucky enough to have an oversupply of beauty products. I was selling Avon a six years ago so I have a lot of leftovers that are now out of date that I am using up myself. I now only buying one item that I have finish my supply of and still using most other items more slowly as no longer wear make up that much these days. That's what you get when you are your own best customer.

As for hair care, I buy

Text is hair dye and Link is
hair dye and shampoos and conditioners, as I stockpile these when I find a good buys on them I have enough of these items for the next few years too!

So would suggest look at your discount stores for these items whether it a discount chemist or discount store always check size & price for the best price. At times Avon can beat both when they have some of their deals in their catalogue at times. Toothpaste, shower gels, soaps etc. you need to know your prices on these then buy when you find a good deal. I multiple buy if I find it at the best price I had found so far.

So my strategy here is to buy when I found at good price and buy enough to last 3 months or longer.
At a pinch you could use some homemade beauty products but will leave search for those on Google
Try using -- good homemade beauty recipes

Paper goods in the way Hand towels & toilet paper I only buy only on special or TP at 50c per roll or less. I only buy one brand in toilet paper which now here which sold at 50c per roll in 20 or 24 packs.

As for laundry and kitchen cleaning items, I have a bit of stockpile I need to use up first.
I buy dish detergent at the chemist when they have it marked down. As for laundry detergent I use 50% of homemade one and using up some bought packs that were bought on special. Again do a price check before you buy these lines buy at the price and size.

Here some links
Text is The Benefits of Organic and Natural Cleansers and Link is
The Benefits of Organic and Natural Cleansers

Text is Homemade Household Cleansers and Link is
Homemade Household Cleansers

Text is Alternative Cleaners and Recipes and Link is
Alternative Cleaners and Recipes

Text is vinegar and baking soda cleaning recipes and Link is
vinegar and baking soda cleaning recipes

Shopping for one, my way on canned or package goods

September 9th, 2011 at 09:05 pm

This is the fifth in this series

I eat very basic plain food so I can get away without having all these artificial additives in my food more about that later. I do buy canned food and packaged goods but only the one I want and are good for my health. If I don’t understand what in the product from reading ingredient list, I am likely to leave it on the shelf.

On occasions I will find a very good buy in the marked down bin of item that I could make from a recipe found in cookbook or on the internet, I then may buy it to try out then find a way in making that item myself, I do keep the packaging or label for a reference then set out to find similar recipes or methods to make that item. You have to remember that we in Australia do not have any coupons like you have in America so the price you see on the supermarket shelf is the price are going to pay unless it’s marked down or on special in some way.

Single household shopper may not need 10 cans or packets of the same to get these specials deals so we will need to look for other ways or places that sell in singles a can or packet at that price. The other day I saw an offer of Mars candy bars 18 share packs in store the shelf price $2.79, near it was a table with these same Mars candy bar share packs with $4.00 on it didn’t make sense so I asked the staff about it, it was buy 2 packets @ $4.00 or single pack @ $2.79. They are doing this quite a lot lately with other lines.

Only you can workout what food you like and get in your local area you live in.

Here in Australia we can get most things but if they are imported name brand as listed in American or British recipes they can be far too expensive on limit food budget. The answer is in substitution of local or cheaper items from your own area. So look at what’s cheaper in your area and learn to like and cook with these kinds of foods.

I do buy canned tomatoes as I have worked out that when fresh are expensive then I can use the cans for cooking. I try to grow some cherry tomatoes to use in fresh salad and use canned tomatoes for cooking. Only buy when on special at the cheapest price you can find. For a single household just buy 6 - 10 at a time unless you are making soup out of them. I bought 50 cans of tomatoes a few years ago now I still have 7 cans left to use. Far too many!

As for frozen goods I only buy the basic vegetables single packets of spinach, peas, beans & corn and a store brand mixed a vegetable that is diced for quick use, if money is real tight then mixed vegetables and peas and use what’s cheapest in fresh only and make do with these. As for the others frozen good on if the special is 50% off or bigger packet for the same price and then on special I may buy some at times.

I do buy jams buying only the ones I will use in a can and decant it into jars. As for honey I buy 3kg containers of my favorite when I can then decant this overtime the last lot took 3 years to use up but then honey will keep for 7000 years if sealed well.

Bottle sauces, spices & herbs, vinegars these will brighten up your dishes. Look into buying one or two seasonings starting with salt & pepper in each shopping trip so budgeting for these over time will build a good supply up.

Bottle Sauces over time buying a few that match your foods that you eat and in your recipes that you are using. There are some recipes around that will give list of what you need for this. Look into make your own sauces too! I will buy some fancy sauces for some dishes so that I know how they taste like but then look for a more basic version or these if they are in the bargain bins then will buy them again if cheap enough.

With spices & herbs I will buy a little bigger size than the supermarket size and give some of it away to friends if they use it! I have found that buying it in Asian or ethnic specialty grocery store I can buy it for around same price but almost 3 times a much. So check your supermarket out in their normal spice & herb area then ethnic specialty area for a price check & sizes then out outside for other specialty grocery store or deli.

See what you like in the way of pasta, rice, grains that you use to bulk out your meals. Just buy the variety you will use not every variety named in cookbooks. I use basmati rice and buy this on special in 2 to 5 kg bags. Forget buying in small bags unless you are just trying out to see whether you like it or not. Keep rice & pasta in the refrigerator if you have room there. But well sealed, I keep them there but the open container is out on the bench to use. Rice has a bay leaf in it.

Vinegars are a must have in the kitchen but only buy what will use in your kitchen use and in small amounts unless you are making chutney and pickles. Check your recipes for what ones you need and then buy them over time.

Cereals can be handy but expensive so I stick to just one, rolled oats or oatmeal and in the summer I may make up a

Text is muesli and Link is

I use powdered skim milk (nonfat milk) for all my dairy needs. I will buy if I find some UHT milk on special then I will buy 2 cartons to have on hand for visitors and use up myself when it come nears the use by date.

Over the years I have been able to make a stockpile of extra foods mainly when GFC was on and now working my way though this, to reduce it down to a more normal level to buy when I’m are opening the one to use or 4-6 spare. I will not be affected if there is another recession any time soon.

My main aim now where possible use & buy on basic items that you can make food from scratch, that’s most food lines sold in supermarkets today. Somewhere on the internet you will find that recipe you will need or just look at the ingredient list on the can or package for clues of what should be in it.

Forget all the humbo jumbo of flavor enhancers, preservatives, emulsifiers, vegetables gums etc, do you want things to last that long. If they are natural and can be bought easily you could use them at a pinch.

This is a short run down of something’s I am doing to shop without coupons.

Some other ideas can be found in this ebook Save on Grocery Shopping on this
Text is link and Link is

Text is Eating Well on $1 A Day and Link is
Eating Well on $1 A Day

Text is
$120 food challenge for family per fortnight and Link is

$120 food challenge for family per fortnight

Text is 50 tips for grocery shopping and Link is
50 tips for grocery shopping

Shopping for one, my way on Fruit & Vegetables

September 1st, 2011 at 10:42 am

This is the third in this series

I went to the greengrocer last week as they had some specials that would have liked but I was a day early for them. So I was able to buy specials that I would have bought had I went last week. They do have a pensioner discount 10% off Fruit & Vegetables on certain days of the week but not on grocery lines.

Buying what was cheap and in season is my goal. This greengrocer sells fruit in buckets for a much cheaper price than buying by the kilo. If it will last then I will buy it this way. Tangelos are a fruit I have never eaten before; I think it's a cross between mandarin and orange. 2.5kg @99c, Pink Lady Apples 2.2 kg @.99c, broccoli 1kg .99c, punnet of strawberries 500g @$1.99, 1/2 drumhead cabbage $1.49 and on marked down table I got 4 green pepper s 99c, tray of Turnips & Swede $1.49, tray of celery sticks 69c. I bought the other day also 1kg avocados (8)@$1.99 and 1.5kg Mandarin $2.49 plus 2 kg Roma tomatoes @99c kg.

I also gave my friend some of this as she does give me some things too! 1kg Roma tomatoes, 4 avocadoes, 6 tangelos, 4 pink lady apples and head of broccoli. I would never eat this much on my own and I still have 3 kg of navel oranges that I bought 2 weeks ago.

While in the city this week I went to the Farmer's market which is held each Wednesday in front of the casino. I manage to buy 4 cobs of corn $2.00, 2 bags of zucchini $2.00 one which gave to my friend, 1kg of carrot $2.00 along with 3 herbs pot plants for $5.00. All were a lot cheaper than I have seen elsewhere. When I see cobs of corn for around 50c or less then I will keep buying them until they go higher in price.

As for a pumpkin I still have one I bought last time I did large shop. Once I cut it I will need to use it up or make mashed pumpkin puree and freeze it.

Now that my fridge is full and I need to use most of supplies before I will buy anymore so you can see I will be making some vegetable soups in the near future.

I do eat 3-4 pieces of fruit and 4 kinds of vegetable per day. I do like variety in my diet but without a lot of sauces which many people like. I don't use any sauce with fresh cream it at all so my sauces all end up being tomato base ones which in the end all taste the same.

Vegetables & Fruit: Buy in season only. If not buy canned tomatoes and baby corn or frozen vegetables. Check the country of origin on the packs so to buy where you can locally.

Remember Size and the way you buy things does counts.

Rice and Vegetables in a Pot
Serves Four.

2 cups raw rice
8 cups water or stock
3 cups mixed vegetables, diced - see note
Little salt to taste

Put water and all other ingredients into a large stockpot or saucepan.
Bring to the boil.
Cover and simmer on low heat very gently for one hour or until all vegetables are tender.
Do keep a watch on the water and add more if required.

Note: Mixed vegetables, depending on what is in season and the cheapest at the time. Carrots, yellow sweet potato, pumpkin, celery, peas or green beans. You could use best generic 'Mixed Vegetables' from freezer section (that is already diced), this is what I use when vegetables are expensive along with one or two cups of the above.

Do have a glass of milk or fruit juice with this, along with a piece of fruit to add more nutritional value.

Use brown rice, as it's a little healthier than white rice, which is just filler, and gives you very little nutritional value.

Use one cup of rice to two cups of water or stock. From each cup of raw rice you get about three cups cooked rice, enough for 2 - 4 servings depending on the other items that you are serving. Portion serving is 1/2 cup cooked rice.

Text is Pumpkin & Lentil Stew and Link is
Pumpkin & Lentil Stew

Text is Home-made Vegetable Soup and Link is
Home-made Vegetable Soup

For extra reading that I have found

Three PDF downloads on shopping for one.

Sorry here the links

Text is Factors influencing food shopping practices the Baby bloomers and Link is
Factors influencing food shopping practices the Baby bloomer...
Text is Shopping for one or two and Link is
Shopping for one or two
Text is Grocery shopping for one and Link is
Grocery shopping for one

Shopping for one my way on Chicken & Meats

August 27th, 2011 at 09:03 am

This is the first in this series

A little while ago someone ask in comments here.

" I am really struggling to keep my grocery spending down, I always allow $70.00 a fortnight, but I am finding it's not enough, I don't eat Meat, I only buy Chicken Drumstick's, can's of Tuna, lot's of Bean's, and veg, but it is very difficult, I would love some idea's from you, how I can stretch it, also Cat Food is very expensive here! I live off of a very tight Budget as it is, but find I am dipping into my saving's more and more, just to live, very depressing, thank you for sharing with us."

So over next few posts I will try to answer some of these areas.

In the past week I have bought more meat for the freezer.
1/2 kg (1lb) Short cut bacon packed into single serve with layer of freezer bag between each layer of bacon slices. 2-3 slices is enough for one serve.
4 kabanas, which I have sliced up and pack into 50g (2oz) packets.
Gypsy Ham 100g which is already sliced will eating over the week.

2 trays 4 x chicken drumsticks (see notes below)

3.6kg (8lb) 8 breast chicken with skin on. (@$6.99kg skin on and @$10.99 skin off this was a better buy even through I had do an extra 20 minutes work than I normally do when buying skin off breast chicken. I got the tenderloins which is most times missing). I bagged them up into 4 x diced chicken 250g each, 4 x 300g sliced chicken for poaching or frying. 2 x250g tenderloin chicken 3 pieces each

Chicken Drumsticks & Wings - I buy organic ones that marked down to almost half price when I can and come home and freeze them immediately. Thaw to use as needed. I buy normally 4 drumsticks packs and portion size is two per serve. So when I cook these I cook for 2 servings.
Rule of thumb
- Large drumsticks serve one & small drumsticks serve 2 per person
- Chicken wings 4-6 per person

Eating it later in the week again.

Breast or Thighs of Chicken - I do try to buy breast of chicken when on special for the same price as thighs and diced it up before freezing with no more than two breasts per pack. I will get four servings out of these packs and they can be refrozen to use later in the same month.

Some recipes that I found

Text is Asian Style Chicken Drumsticks and Link is
Asian Style Chicken Drumsticks

Text is Lemon and Thyme Marinated Chicken Drumsticks and Link is
Lemon and Thyme Marinated Chicken Drumsticks

Text is Portuguese Style Chicken Drumsticks and Link is
Portuguese Style Chicken Drumsticks

Text is Cheat's Apricot Chicken with Rice and Veggies and Link is
Cheat's Apricot Chicken with Rice and Veggies

Text is Spicy Yoghurt Marinated Chicken Drumsticks
and Link is
Spicy Yoghurt Marinated Chicken Drumsticks

On this site also there is an ebook p240 that you can download that has some very good information and recipes, these recipes above is in the ebook but written differently. P166

Text is Thai Creamy Chicken Satay and Link is
Thai Creamy Chicken Satay

Tomato Vegetable Sauce

2 cups (mixed vegetables, or beans, corn kernels, sweet peppers)
1 bottle of Cacciatore Sauce or any pasta sauce (2 cups)
1 can 400g diced or crushed tomatoes
Few dried herbs
Salt & pepper to taste
1/2 tsp chilli powder (optional)

Place the lot in microwave dish, defrost and then cooked for 1.55 minutes (W1100)
or 3 minutes (W700) in microwave.
Serve 4

Cooked drumsticks then cover it with Tomato Vegetables Sauce
Can be served over fish as well!

You must remember that I'm cooking for one.

Size and the way you buy things does counts.

Buy only special or store brands if you can use coupons then use them if it's the best option.

I always think that a good buy in protein is around $1.25 or under per serving.

This blog marks my 600th milestone.

January 2nd, 2010 at 07:37 pm

Who would have thought an age pensioner on full pension could come such a long way both in just writing these blogs and saving money along the way, saving at least $5000 in the last 2 years by stretching out every cent that I could that is in cash too! Every dollar had to do the work of two or more so every trick I could find and any deal that was in my flavour I took with both hands and a smile of thanks.

All of my bills are paid into this year and money is there for most of new ones due for the next few months too!

So my motto will stand for another year

Its real hard to come up with $1000 but its easy to find 1000 ways to save a dollar or two!

So lets go and find those 1000 ways to save a dollar challenge and see whats amount is at the end of 12 months.

This year challenge is Waste Not, Want Not or WNWN for short.

I better start posting my menus again too!

Weekly Main Meal Menu

Sunday ~ Grilled fish with light salad
Monday ~ Kangaroo Steak with Mushroom Sauce & Vegetables
Tuesday ~ Pasta with Tuna & Tomato Sauce
Wednesday ~ Omelet with salad
Thursday ~ Leftovers night
Friday ~ Salmon Patties with Vegetables
Saturday ~ Steak with Onions & Grilled Tomato

Stockpiling more food & other supplies

March 20th, 2008 at 07:58 am

With the way the economies of the world these days, with shares, banking, peck oil & shortages of some food items. I do think it time for me to start stockpiling more food & other supplies. Things are only going to rise and almost never will come back down in price. My starting point is reviewing what I have already got stockpiled. Then filling the gaps first, using any old or nearly old stock replacing them with new items that I will use and can cook without power if there is a shortage in electricity here. I’m looking into different ways of cooking so I can cook if there is rationing of the power grid. I do believe that is may be happing some parts of the world now. Solar cooker, hay box, camp gas stove & BBQ non-gas one, two of these methods I have already have. Food lines can be used in my normal cooking until needed but keeping them to a peak level when each comes on special in they cycles. They are many places now on the internet telling you how much you need to store per person. As I am in a single household I will be only storing for two, mostly things that other people will not to want to make from scratch too! Dried & canned beans, dried & canned vegetables, mainly canned tomatoes, and other foodstuffs, oil & vinegars, spices & herbs, coffee & tea, water plus paper goods and good first aid kit enough for a few months at least. Torches & radio with batteries, to name a few things I’m thinking of. Another thing is the information of how to use these foodstuffs using these cooking methods and how to make things & repairs them to last longer.

This week I filled up my car with petrol/gas.

January 10th, 2008 at 10:36 am

I paid 124.9 a litre (less 4c discount off per litre 121.9) costing around $23.30 this week as I filled the lawn mower can also. Anyway this morning the petrol /gas was 139.9 a litre, that’s 18c a litre above what I paid two days ago. I thinking if and when it gets too around $3.00 all the time, I will stop using it all together. Hopefully I will be pasted driving by then. But then I said this when it was around 30c a litre, my limit then was around $1.00 - 20 years ago so only time will tell.

Taking stock of storage assets - Toiletries & Stationery.

December 30th, 2007 at 08:58 am

It’s about time I had a good look at what I have already squirreled away.
As ex Avon rep. my toiletries and makeup area are overflowing so that nothing is needed in that area. I did a quick tidy of that storage area and review what I have got. Only thing would need is shower gel but using the bath & shower wash instead will work the same.

Next area was the stationery as next week is the best time to buy it here at the Back to School Sales.

Nothing of the above areas will be bought next year. The thing that I may run short of is photo copy paper. I will buy some later in the year as this does come on special though the year also.
Other thing that I need is new paper shredder so I will need to keep an eye out for this, my Christmas voucher will cover half the cost of the paper shredder. I been buying the cheapest models, this is the second time I have broken them, so this next one will more up market one. I will wait until it goes on special then buy it.

So the verdict is that I don’t need to go the Back to School Sales this year!

No spending Day

2008 My Year for a Frugal Challenge

December 28th, 2007 at 08:39 am

I’m planning a frugal year for 2008 so it’s to spend wisely and only on needs, planned purchases and emergency replacements, so if I can do without it I will.

So planning a very minimum frugal year using what in the house or can be borrowed. This includes some food items, laundry & toilet paper, toiletries, linen, household goods, cookware, books, clothes & underwear etc, (buying only if I change sizes too much in clothing).

~ No Spending but for planned items. (If I have an item in the house or can borrow it, then I’m to use that first.)
~ Have my credit card at Zero balance by end of the each month.
~ Come under budget each month and deposit into the online accounts any leftover amounts.
~ Pay All Due Bills on pension days or ahead of time. (As my budget is now in Excel, I can see a working model of these figures. When due and approx amount needed for each month.)
~ As I have two gift vouchers from Christmas so that I can buy items on my need list or items for next Christmas gifts as one is a store voucher for January only. I do limit myself to extra $10.00 only if buying gifts for others.
~ Chiro visit (one every 4 weeks)
~ Known outings are budgeted for, as social events.
~ Making and setting up emergency survival kit & resources.
~ Saving as much cash I can for a new stove & oven later in the year. (Nothing fancy)

I have only two major projects other than new stove on the calendar next year, one is a must do (I have funding saved), and the other could go one more year. Both cost thousands of dollars and on a pension with limited fund I need to come up with little challenges to make them happen.

Spend a Little - Look Great - How to buy (Part 3)

December 22nd, 2007 at 07:33 am

How to buy - Three Beauty Budgets - (Single Woman) Pamela is prepared to slash out a bit on beauty She has a good job, lots of dates. But when we worked out what she spends she got a shock. *For that sum I should be able to afford some the more expensive cosmetics which still seem out off my reach! * Budget and they won't be, we told her. Suggested budget for Pamela Approx. - 1 per week - just over - 4 per calendar month. Fixed monthly buys Four shampoo and sets @ 8s-6d (Home *Polylock colour wave (8s) when needed, instead of salon set).....*1-14s.0d Cutting ***7s-6d 'Blue Grass' flower mist****..11s-9d Nail colour (Gala 'little Gem'in basis pink shade)***.2s-6d Variable buys On four rota - four -month supplies: a. Town& Country foundation (Helena Rubinstein)..14s-6d b. Large size Silk face powder *** 15s c. Refills for Helena Rubinstein lipsticks 7s-6d & silk minute make-up ***6s-6d d. Tissues, cottonwool, unscented baby powder, hand lotion by Vinolia refills, magic deodorant, & nail polish remover- average *****..14s-3d Alternate months - Theatrical remover..5s -average ***2s-6d Coty vitamin moisture balancer.. 9s-6d Every three months- average ****3s-2d Eye make-up (Max Factor) average ***5s Total :- ($8.16)***4-0-8 Using the above list let see what I would buy or change! This budget back then was just a dream on my wage. Looking at it now! It would depend on what money you have available to spend - your job and time you have to spend on beauty routines. I would be looking at wash n wear hair style as you would most likely be spending time in a gym too! So the salon sets would be out and limited to special occasions. Good style cut to keep the hair suitable for corporate world. But adding to this list a Sunblock SPF 30+, Tinted Moisturizer, Face mask, styling gel etc, Shampoo & Conditioner would need to be bought as the salon set covered this also looking for better prices on perfume, and deodorant and buying a hair styling blower. Buying all at lowest price you could fine. Switching to inexpensive salon for a good cut using a 'wash & wear' style and along with dropping the face powder and salon sets altogether. Many of you may have different ideas of want is necessary but I do like the way this budget was thought out and may be the best guide in planning our beauty budgets for the future. Finis ~I hope you found this article from yesteryear was helpful.

Spend a Little…Look Great - How to buy (Part 2)

December 21st, 2007 at 08:07 am

How to buy - Three Beauty Budgets - (Working Wife)

Hilary can spend more.

Although she is married, and helping to save for a house, she still goes out to work.

She buys only goes out to work. She buys only medium-priced cosmetics, but tells us her beauty money allowance just doesn’t seem to stretch far enough.

We suggest that a medium budget can come to grief if you pay medium price for everything.

It’s often better to splash out on some items; save on others.

Suggested budget for Hilary.

Fifteen shillings per week – just over £3 a calendar month. Half of this should go hair care until Hilary achives the dryer which will make home setting easier. Then she’ll re-budget, buying hand cream and skin food. ($1.50 / $6.00 per month 1959 prices)

Fixed Monthly buys
Cut, shampoo and set at good salon ……..17s -6d
Hair allowance
(to cover occasional bottles of
‘Hudnut’ bottles Egg shampoo
and of Tress setting lotion)
Home perm every three months (Toni 8s)
Rest saved for a hair dryer. …………………….12s-6d
Cleansing Cream (Ponds)……………………………5s
Tube of lanolin (for hands and
Occasional nightly facial use) ……………………2s-3d
Make-up foundation (Outdoor Girl) …………1s-6d
Variable Buys
Powder (two months supply, Max Factor)
Alternating with Lipstick refill 4s ………………4s-3d
Eye make-up items (pencil, mascara or
eye shadow) ………………………………………1s-6d
Nail polish (Cutex)
alternating with remover …………………………2s-6d
Yardley perfumed Spray Mist cologne 13s-9d
alternating with Large Freesia talcum powder
and Poise deodorant,6s-9d &6s-5d approx……13s-6d

Total ……………………………………………….($6.05)……£3-0-5

Using the above list let see what I would buy or change!

Times have changed? This example spends a lot of money hair and luxuries.
So I would just re-budget the whole lot.

But adding to this list a Sunblock 30+, Moisturizer, Tinted Moisturizer, Face mask, hair conditioner and style gel also looking for better prices on perfume, talc and deodorant and buying a hair styling blower. Buying all at lowest price you could fine. Switching to a cheaper salon for a good cut using a wash & wear hair style and along with dropping the face powder, tube of lanolin, perms & setting lotion altogether.

No Spending Day

Spend a Little … Look Great - How to buy (Part 1)

December 20th, 2007 at 08:43 am

How to buy - Three Beauty Budgets - (SAHM)

People in these example had different ideas on spending. We budget for them according to their means and moods. Why not copy on to suit your purse?

Janet can spend only a little …

Her husband’s wage has to keep a family of four, in fact she told us. “I can’t afford beauty!” But when we made her add up odd cosmetic and toilet buys she was surprised to find that they already amounted to about 5 shillings a week. We showed her how same sum could be better spent on professional hair-cutting, and on all the cosmetics she really needs.

Suggested budget for Janet
Five shillings per week (1959) just over £ 1 per calendar month.

Fixed monthly buys
Hair cut …………………………………….5s-6d
Cleansing Soothing Lotion - J&J Baby Lotion……………………………3s-6d
Hand cream large tube………………………………………2s-3d
Shampoo alternating with conditioner ……………………………………1s-8d
Variable buys
Powder(2 months supply bought months with Liquid make-up)…3s-6d
Lipstick (alternating with refill Anti-perspirant ……3s-6d
Small make-up buy–Eye shadow,mascara or small lipstick ..1s-6d
Total ………………………………………($2.15)…… £1-1s - 5d per month
Angel face or Rimmel ranges use above.

Here are my views on above text.
As all theses budgets are for only the mother of household.
Extra money would need to be found in these household for the other members of the household.

It’s a raw basic beauty budget for one person (SAHM), and if you worked it out today prices it would a minimum of $2 per week.

Using the above list let see what I could spend on the above raw basic beauty list and some.

Fixed monthly buys
Haircut ……@$16.00 (every 7 weeks)…………………$9.15
Moisturizer alternating with cleanser ………………$3.00
Hand cream large tube $2.00…... 50c
Shampoo alternating with conditioner …… $3.00
Variable buys
Tinted Moisturizer (6- month’s supply bought alternating with Liquid make-up)……….. $1.25
Lipstick alternating with
(& Sunblock 30 or Avon $1.50 100g) + (crystal stick block $12.00 once off buy) …….$5.00
Small make-up buy –Eye shadow, mascara or eyebrow pencil & liner…………………….$3.00
Total ……………………around……$24.40 per month or $6.10 per week.

I add to this list Sunblock 30+, Moisturizer & Tinted Moisturizer, Eyebrow Pencil & Liner, dropping the Face powder altogether. Buying all at lowest price you could fine.

You would be looking for bargains basement buys in some of these lines to get under this price now!

These are prices around my area.

No Spending today

Spend a Little … Look Great - Lesson Three

December 19th, 2007 at 08:35 am

Budget for Hair Beauty

If you hair looks pretty and well-groomed; you do.

Learn how to set your hair by watching the hairdresser. Practice with easy bristle rollers. Invest in a hair dryer to save time and give a professional look. One is about the price of eight salon sets (75s) [$7.50].

Get the most out of money spent on professional care, by studying the salon’s price list and always asking “Is there an extra charge?” when other treatments is suggested. Don’t waste expensive sets on hair that needs cutting or perming. Don’t economize by cutting you own hair.

Save money on perms, not by having cheap “cut-price” ones, but by finding a small, reliable , reasonable salon. The price of materials is less than some salon prices suggest. If you need light, frequent perms, make the effort to find someone who’ll wind up a home one for you.

Save money on hair colouring by choosing semi-permanent tint rather than a series of rinses (which prove more expensive). If you plan a drastic change of colour (by bleach or permanent tint) consider the expense of root re-touching. Highlights cost less on upkeep.

Here are my views on above text.

Learn how to set your hair Yes I did have all those fancy styles that needs rollers & hair dryer to keep looking good back then! Today I have good cut in a wash 'n' wear style that I need just to comb out and when dry looks great. I do use heat rollers to set my hair when I have special occasion to go too, with just not brushing out the curls but using my fingers instead to style my hair I can get the look that I want for the next 12 hours or so. Have you ever slept in rollers? Not a nice feeling so the new hair appliances are a lot cheaper and a lot easier to use now. Hair blower and heat rollers may be all you need now! I most times don’t even use them; I just have wash ‘n’ wear hair cut.

Save money on perms This is one area you can save money on by not having this done. But only you can know if a perm is necessary for you.

Get the most out of money spent on professional care Here are my strategies’ on hair cuts & dyeing hair.

I wrote this, In the

Text is Re-reading Tightwad Gazette and Link is
Re-reading Tightwad Gazette
I have updated figures here.

No 51 - ‘Three ways to save ’ Vol 1 - p42 (CTG)
I love this article; it made me understand why I had more money than my friend who had to work twenty hours per week more than I do and still have to borrow off me, I was using this strategy. A one case in point, she has her hair styled and dyed every six weeks for $105 in a salon about 9 visits per year. I have my hair trim or a styled cut and dyed averaging about $20 per visit every six to seven weeks. Using the above strategy. How much a year are we each spending and what are my strategies, clue I am using all three. What do you think I am doing to Save Money?

My friend’s Hair Salon Style-cut and Dyeing cost $945 per year. This is her choice to do this!
My option is a combination of salon hair cut and home DIY dying.

To recap on the strategies in use.
1. Buy it cheaper.
2. Make it last longer.
3. Use it less.

Hair Cuts
1. I use a cheaper hair salon than my friend does. Style cut every six weeks @ $18 = $162
2. Have my hair cut every seven weeks then costs Style Cut @$18 = $126
3. Have one style cut to every two hair trims @ $16 each, that’s 3 style cut and 4 trims (7 hair cuts) per year equals $118

Dying Hair
1a. Doing my own DIY dying at home. Box of hair dye cost $16 per box retail. $16 x9 = $144
1b It’s possible to buy discount or discontinued stock for less than 50% off retail price.
Working on that the cost would be about $8 per box. $8 x9 = $72
2a Do the dying after each Hair cut every seven weeks $8 x 7 = $56
3a I divide the dye into two lots by keeping an old dye bottle and pouring ½ the mixture of each
into it and mixing the two formulas in this bottle Cost $4 x 7 = $28 (I have chin length hair.)

Strategies 1 & 1a = $306
Strategies 1 & 1b = $234
Strategies 2 & 1b = $198
Strategies 2 & 3a = $154
Strategies 3 & 3a = $146

Strategies 3 & 3a is a combination of strategies 1 plus 2 and 3 plus 1a plus 1b plus 2a and 3a.

So I am saving over $817 on what my friend is spending for the same service. I am still saving $160 on my own first option. Not only that if I shop around for hair dye, I still get it cheaper then $8.00 per box my last lot cost only $5.95 per box, buying a year’s supply when I find it at good price.

Save money on hair colouring As I’m in the grey hair group and don’t wish to be paler than am, I do choose to dye my hair as close its natural colour as possible. If in time, I choose to go totally grey, I may use this strategy. Allowing my hair to grow in length without dyeing for about 3 months over the winter months, and in late spring have my hair styled in shorter style than I normally have so that the entire dyed colour is cut out. Then wait for another 8 weeks have another style cut. By this time summer will be nearly over when I can start growing a it little longer if choose to do so.

Spend a Little … Look Great - Lesson Two

December 18th, 2007 at 08:54 am

Cut out all that waste

Realizing that the make-up that goes on ours faces costs very little.
It’s the half-used items at the back of the drawer that run away with the money.

Try before you buy. Purchase lipstick at counters which have testing stands(usually a larger chemists and stores) and by comparing powder and foundation with of the skin inside your wrist. Here the tone is similar to that of your face.

Use up oddments by remembering…. That two ‘old hat’ lipsticks, worn one on top of the other can give you two brand new shades… that using a light lipstick can soften a too- bright colour… that by mixing face powder oddments of similar texture on a huge sheet of paper you can blend a new shade to tone with your skin colour.

Apply make-up correctly …. Good for your budget and your looks. Use a little eye-make-up on one or two “perfecting your technique” sessions. Comes much less expensive in the long run than constant start-again mistakes. Use foundation as thinly as possible; slide it on over moisturizer and blend it well. Loose powder must be applied generously to stay put, so don’t try to economize here. But good initial application does cut out the use of any more powder for re-touching.

Start a swop group with your friends –getting together every now and then to exchange beauty gifts that aren’t quite you, or unsuccessful experiment buys. One girl’s cosmetic mistake can be another girl’s perfect buy!

Here are my views on above text.

Half-used items at the back of the drawer. Learn by your mistakes, and remember that today fashions are changing so fast that this will happen if you let latest fashion control your make-up drawer or bag. Something new is coming out daily. Try to find what’s best for you and update to the new trends very slowly.

Try before you buy. This is the best trick of all, use all those testers before you decide to buy. Even if it’s not at the store you are trying on the tester. Even try to a get a free make up done if it’s offered in your area. This will help you see if the new trends look good on you.

Use up oddments These tricks has been around are good if you do make a mistake or are given some free make-up items with you buy or spend $X with some cosmetic companies

Apply make-up correctly …. Look at some magazines for ideas and new tricks in applying make-up correctly.

Start a swop group with your friends. This one tip is the one would be worried about. It’s ok the swop items that have very been use, but not half used items are bacteria can grow on make-up and how old the make-up is in the first place.

Lesson Three to follow

No spending today.

Spend a Little … Look Great - Lesson One

December 17th, 2007 at 08:04 am

What is the cost of being a beauty? Can be as little as five shillings per week.

A pittance buys a wealth of beauty – If you spend it wisely.
Pounds-a - week buy very little – if they tossed around without a plan, and without a care.

Here is a three point course in clever spending; makes you a New Year gift of ready worked out budgets to suits your purse to follow.

Spend a Little … Look Great - Lesson One

Get to know which items are long-lasting, refillable or just simply wonderful value.

Learn when to buy big, when to buy small.

Look for huge economy sizes in day-in and day-out items which vanish alarmingly fast if you buy small, dainty versions.

Make-up ~ Make special effort to save up hard for the largest size in tried & tested foundation or lotions.

Shampoos & Conditioners ~ Those little ‘cushions’ and sachets are fine for a first time try-out or holidays but big bottles and jars usually work out at about half the price per shampoo.

Hair Care Items ~ Limit the amount products you use on your hair. Look for the largest size you can afford here.

Talcum powder etc. ~ Used to be cheap and nasty or nice and expensive. Now they are gaint tins to be had at around 3s soft, non-gritty, fresh smelling. Sample the one by Robert Windsor.

Cleanings Creams~ Ponds make a big pot for 9s. (I wish) Look for the largest size you can afford here.

Cotton wool ~ Instead of those tiny shilling packs, get a pound roll. Ask for “hospital quality” 4s 10d - seems to last for ever.

Look for tiny sizes when you are experimenting with new products; when you are buying special occasion eye make-up or nail polish and lipstick to match a special dress.

Look for refills not only for lipstick, solid powder, eye shadow sticks, but also for anti-perspirants roller (Mum Rollette) for squeeze bottle hair sprays and top –quality talcum powders and bath products.

The end of lesson one.
Note: 3s = three shillings and 4s 10d = 4 shillings & 10 pence

Here are my views on above text.

Today I use. Middle of the range beauty products and do read Avon Catalogues and buy some of their items on special only.

Cleanings Creams~ Of late I have started to use the new microfiber face clothes that we can buy here. I still use a liquid cleaner if I had make up to remove it.

As for anti-perspirant roller I don’t use much, but I bought a Crystal stick block. This will lasts a lifetime.

I use talcum powder rarely and they have changed the formula on this one now.

Much of the other tips and hints above, I still use when I remember to use the stuff.

I don’t go out as much these days so I wear very little make up daily.

Lesson two to follow

Spend a Little … Look Great

December 17th, 2007 at 07:14 am

This is extracts from an article written late 1950’s as part of this article was burnt many years ago, I have no idea the name magazine or author and thanks to them for me seeing the wisdom in their writing many years ago their words live on.

Note do remember prices & wages back then were pittance to what you can be earning today.

My own wage at this time for a 15 year old was one pound and eighteen shillings about $3.80Au and with paying my family board at one pound per week.

Spend a Little … Look Great

What is the cost of being a beauty? Can be as little as five shillings per week.

A pittance buys a wealth of beauty – If you spend it wisely.
Pounds-a - week buy very little – if they tossed around without a plan, and without a care.

Here is a three point course in clever spending; makes you a new year gift of ready worked out budgets to suits your purse to follow.

Another No spend day here

Looking at my menu again

March 3rd, 2007 at 11:32 am

I will need to review my menus for the coming Autumn/Fall & Winter, so I went back to look at a post I made on here.

Text is what is your menu for the week? and Link is
what is your menu for the week?

Today I put out some meat to thaw so I can make up some frozen meals for next few weeks. As I will be busy with my major door project. I am back to painting next week and the door will put in soon! I am still to make up my mind of want I will cook. That is why I am reviewing my menus. It’s a no spend day here today. Other than cooking in the early morning.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Coffee
LUNCH Baked Beans on Toast Coffee
DINNER Scrambled Eggs with toast


February 20th, 2007 at 09:17 am

My son & his wife arrived home this morning from oversea. They had a good trip and I was sent some very good pictures of they holiday via email as they had access to a computer while they were away.

So much, so that I needed to delete some of the emails, that I was keeping in my inbox folders.

So much for technology I will need to upgrade my computer very soon, as often when I am going on to some web sites now my computer just freeze up. I do think they have upgraded their websites, and that people running the early versions now are have problems. I do know that I can’t run the latest versions of some programs on my computer, as my RAMS are not high enough.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Coffee
LUNCH Crackers with Cream Cheese & Herbs Fruit Coffee
DINNER Chilli Con Carne with Corn Chips Coffee

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