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February 20th, 2007 at 01:17 am

My son & his wife arrived home this morning from oversea. They had a good trip and I was sent some very good pictures of they holiday via email as they had access to a computer while they were away.

So much, so that I needed to delete some of the emails, that I was keeping in my inbox folders.

So much for technology I will need to upgrade my computer very soon, as often when I am going on to some web sites now my computer just freeze up. I do think they have upgraded their websites, and that people running the early versions now are have problems. I do know that I canít run the latest versions of some programs on my computer, as my RAMS are not high enough.

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Simple Green

February 19th, 2007 at 02:14 am

After reading about this Simple Green all purpose cleaner for so long. I did finally find it at Bunnings Warehouse, our large hardware chain in their cleaning supply aisle it was just by chance as I donít normal go down that aisle. I did buy some to try also this will make up to 5 gallons. I went on to their http://www.simplegreen.com website to find what I can do with it as well! I didnít go the Bunnings to buy this item but for those rubbish bins that I went for a few weeks ago. I got one for myself and two for DF-M who this trip to the hardware store was for. It always cost me money to go to the hardware store. And I am being so good of late too, on cutting out the small stuff.

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Todayís Full price Tally $19.96
Todayís Savings - $ 0.00
2007 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $9963.51

Mobile phone prepaid recharge

February 17th, 2007 at 12:46 am

I had to recharge my pre-paid mobile today as it is soon due and I didnít want to lose my credits if I forgot to re-charge it on the date due. Too much to lose, and I not talking about cents here. itís annual pre-paid plan that I am on as I only use it for SMS & incoming calls. I will only use it for actual calls if I am in trouble or have lost the person I am with and need to find them. As we all have mobile phones in our family. My family bought this mobile phone about three years ago so that I could have on when I am driving back and forth from they place 20 minutes away on a freeway and they can find me if I am out. Itís when I do put my mobile on.

So back to the costing of this mobile phone, Ok I got it for FREE with $30.00 free calls on it. As I canít hear it ring only see the lights when a message come in. I donít use it much to talk on, as the calls on this annual plan are .60cent per minute. I have no voice mail, rarely call out, only SMS mainly. After first 2 months, I bought $50.00 recharge and put it on annual plan. At the end of the first year I had $49.00 left which rollover to next recharge which I put another $50.00 recharge on it and next year another $50 recharge. Because now, I have still $72.00 left to rollover this year I put only $20.00 on it this time which is the lowest I can get. This is not all I saved, as I got 15% off each of those recharges as well! So whatís the cost of my mobile phone to date. As the phone was free with $30.00 in call. I spent only $127.50 out of my pocket. In 3 years I had $200 of call credits now have $92.00 left. Using only $108.00 in this time. $108.00 call credits used on Mobile phone calls in 3 years with a phone that is in daily use. Can anyone else beat this?

Also I went shopping today, bought some groceries $3.85 saving $2.00 and had lunch out $2.95 and free coffee, saving $2.45 and I bought chocolates as I do have a sweet tooth. $3.88 saving .60 here

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Todayís Full price Tally $33.10
Todayís Savings - $ 8.05
2007 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $ 9963.51

This Mirror Image Challenge and balancing my budget.

February 16th, 2007 at 12:38 am

The more I do this challenge more, I see that having the pension and claiming all benefit that you are in titled too, does save money over and above what I am saving with other areas of this challenge. I must give you a list of the things that I am getting with pension benefit and see if I can work out before the end of this challenge at the end of April. How much of this Challenge is pension related and how much frugal buying or DIY savings. I will need to review all my posts to date to do this.

Today is one the dayís that I balance my budget and check that I paid all my bills due. I do this at least twice per month. Once for my own balancing and once for this blog as they donít run at the same time and are 2 weekís apart which does keep me on my toes. All is well with my budget to this point. So much so that I did order some books in online today, and went to get at check to pay for them, as I donít use my credit card online if I can find away not too! The firm that I am buying from is Australia and does allow a cheque but it can take a little longer but in this case not as the books are not available until end of the month. Free postage is part of the saving at $7.90 per book that is a large saving here on top of saving of RRP $11.44 per here. I may have got it cheap if I bought from other online book companies but itís the postage & handling charges that cost the money and my bank cheque /check are free because I my pension card. Saving $8.00 here.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Coffee
LUNCH Crackers & Marinated Feta Cheese with Marinated Peppers Fruit Coffee
DINNER Poached Fish with Salad

Todayís Full price Tally $78.88
Todayís Savings - $27.34
2007 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $9955.46

Pay that CC card off

February 14th, 2007 at 12:08 am

Itís my day to go to the city, and a visit my Chiro, I do this once every four weeks. As I canít be fix with Chiro but it keeps me balanced and not falling and carrying most of my weight to one side like I use to do as this my way of not coming up for a hip replacement in the future. By the time I got an operation that I could afford I would no longer need it. I cost me around $25.00 per month for the treatment out of my pocket but it works for me. (Note :~ This amount was recorded early in a bulk payment) Refund $19.40 here

While in the city I paid that credit card off that I was telling you about yesterday. So I am back to Zero on all my credit cards yet again!

I also bought a snack today, as I didnít want to buy any burgers to get a free coffee, I went to one of supermarket in the city and bought some snacks for my lunch, 2 bananas, 1 Texan Muffin, and 250ml of Ice Coffee Milk all this for $3.85 much cheaper than $5.25 the cheapest healthy meal with coffee, I could get. Next time I will just buy 1 banana, bread roll and drink this would be cheaper yet again about $ 2.30 this would stop me from being hungry until I got home.

BREAKFAST Baked Beans on Toast Coffee
LUNCH Muffin, Fruit, Coffee Ice Milk
DINNER Beans Patties with Mixed Salad & Hummus on Crackers Fruit Coffee

Todayís Full price Tally $5.25
Todayís Savings - $ 20.80
2007 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $9928.12

Paying phone bill with CC & WHY?

February 13th, 2007 at 12:20 am

Today I made a special trip down to the place where I paid my bills as I am a bit old fashion and like to visualize that I paid a bill and hand over my cash or cards as the case may be. Well as I never pay many of my bills via credit card unless I am very short of money that week and I can be paid before next payment is due. What different about todayís phone bill itís only a very bill and I can afford to pay it cash too! The phone bill is only $38.35 this month I do get a payment with my pension once every 3 months for a discount on my phone bill $20.30 so I better count that in my tally as I was paid it this week.

Different is that I have more than one credit card and this one hasnít been use for a very long. While as I was talking to a cashier at another bank, I said need to make sure that I use it at a least once every few years so the bank knows that I still what it. The cashier did hear of a lady that had hers cancelled because she never used it. As I am going to the city in the morning and will have time to pay the credit card off again so itís back to zero. I donít have any fees on this card and it only there for a safety blanket, as I donít qualify for any new cards so I need to keep them open even if I donít use them. After tomorrow I will put it back in it home. This is one of the problems of having a very low income. Here you need an annual income of $25000 plus to qualify for one and my annual income is below $15000. Do any of you have this problem?

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Todayís Full price Tally $58.65
Todayís Savings - $ 20.30
2007 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $9907.32

Cleaning out my fridge and other household chores.

January 22nd, 2007 at 12:12 am

As I havenít done any housework last week so I set my 100 minutes timer and went at it.

Itís great when I set myself a challenge to get as much done in that time. I canít get the whole house done but the main areas are done. Just the general stuff everyone does I would say. I also cleaned my refrigerator out as I needed to see if anything has been move to the back of it, it was all was clear just needed a wipe down.

I need now to think about clearing the area where the new door is going as I have a bookcase and coffee table across that area. Now where will I put it all, some will only be going until the door is in but some of it will need to find a new home? I will look at some of it to see if any can be culled. Itís mainly my ASL tutor teaching stuff that I collected a few years ago so maybe Iíll box it up for now! Itís my next minor project; itís one of my steps in the Major Door Project. Sorry that I write about projects but I do get things done around here if I think in projects. Smile

Trip to the city with lunch in the park

December 11th, 2006 at 02:19 am

My hearing aid stopped so I rang the company to check, as it didnít work after charges of two sets of batteries. So it was a trip to the city to get it fixed. I went in by bus as usual. I only bought a bottle of water walking up to Hearing Aid Place.

Boy! Can a one bottle of water cost so much in 150 metres? I bought it for $1.00 a 600ml bottle at the Chemist, as I walked past the snack bars in the eatery, I saw it for $1.20 when I walked past the newsagent on the next level and it was $1.50 so the price was a extra 50c in 100 metres then up to the street that I was going to another 50 metres and it was $2.50 there. I made my lunch and took it with me today.

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Todayís Full price Tally $2.50
Todayís Savings - $ 1.50
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $8305.86

On the subject of skin cancer.

December 1st, 2006 at 01:41 am

This is very interesting reading, I do eat salad greens all year around.

Spinach linked to sun protection

Eating green, leafy vegetables may be as important as wearing hats and sunscreen in the prevention of skin cancer.

An 11-year study by the Queensland Institute of Medical Research involving 1,000 people in Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast, found those who ate at least three serves of green leafy vegetables a week reduced their risk of skin cancer by up to 55 per cent.

Doctor Jolieke van der Pols says green vegetables such as spinach contain a crucial cocktail of nutrients that can boost the skin's natural defence against sun damage.

"Other research that has looked at individual nutrients haven't found very clear evidence, so it might be that actually the combination of nutrients as they occur normally in the foods that we eat, actually have the effect on the skin cancer," Dr van der Pols said.

She says the findings highlight the importance of eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.
"So the message is: diet may play a role, but importantly in addition to the usual precaution measures such as using a hat, sunscreen and protective clothing."

ABC online - Friday, December 1, 2006.

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DINNER Poach Fish & Salad Coffee

Went shopping again today.

September 24th, 2006 at 01:50 am

I finally got the smoke alarm that I was looking for too! I bought it as so as I saw it @ $25.00 saving $5.00 on quoted price at hardware. Now to get some one to put it up for me. As coffee Nescafe was on special this week and lowest price in the past year so I used some of my Bulk Food Replacement Fund money to buy 1kg. (2 tins of it) saving $14.50 of RRP. Other items bought I saved $3.25 as well! I will need to include my Bulk Food Replacement Fund value again and watch as spend it. I stopped the tally at $200 now I see how long this will last.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Coffee
LUNCH Potato & Leek Soup and Crackers with Low-Fat Cream Cheese & Tomato Coffee
DINNER Honey Teriyaki Beef with Rice Noodles Apple Green Tea

Todayís Full price Tally $78.79
Todayís Savings - $22.75
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $6181.21
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $200.00 Ė $22.78 = $177.22