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Fixing an old cheap bookcase

August 25th, 2014 at 09:36 am

Repairing a bookcase that has main shelf warped and back coming away from the backing, I emptied it and try to repair it but with my hands the way they are, I can't do it myself any more. My son came today and put a lot of nails into it that it should be ok for a while yet. It had only staples holding so it should be a lot more stronger now! I bought it in 1980 so it an old one.

Now I have to put all those books back but will try and cull a few I think. I do have thousands of books here so I will try to cull a few of them. This lot are my favourites one and the most expensive ones.

By fixing this bookcase I have saved myself around $350 as I was planning to replace it with one of that value. But things have come a bit tight here so planning not to spend money where I can.

So saved $350 as I had all the nails and hammer here, just needed the man power.

Repair and Make Do

Finally I am back been busy!

December 16th, 2013 at 08:19 pm

I have been very busy working on doing some renovations in some rooms here. Getting all the stuff that I collected over 40 years is hard to pack up and move it to other rooms so they could get at these rooms. I have had a new kitchen and breakfast room makeover done. I still am doing some painting that will be finished in January sometime owing to festive and school holidays and lot of people take this period off for their annual holidays.

At the moment I am working on my pantry which had to be done as well. I was planning to move the pantry into the kitchen but this is not going to happen now! I am putting it back as before minus a few things and replanning it if I can.

I did repaint it and had new shelving put there, so it good to go for the rest of my time here. I can't move any shelving around as they are fixed to fit the old shelving spacing. The cabinetmaker had to remove then cut each shelf to fit too!

I don't know if I have a before work photo I will one if I have. They went up in 1951 so it was time to a refit there. When I am finish repacking it I will post a photo of it.

After painting it but before fitting out with new shelving. These shelves are at least 40 plus years old.
Strategy - If it can be fixed then repair it, but use the less than half rule on replacement costs

Strategy - If it can't be fixed then buy or replace it within your means. You don't to buy everything new either!

I will need to catch on my financial summaries soon I am way behind on them!

Working in the garden

September 22nd, 2013 at 09:43 am

Over the past few weeks I have been working in my back garden trying to make a vegetable garden of sorts. I had to remove a lot of plants the could be planted else so I had to fix that garden first then add manure and potting mix to the bed as the was very little soil left after I removed a dying shrub that just broken apart when you put your weight on it. Then I moved all the tree roots as well. That done and the irises and bromeliads were planted out. I hope not have to do that garden for a while now.

Yesterday I planted out some vegetables in the new garden beds here is hoping it's no too hot for them. Next year I may have to plant them out in the last six weeks of winter as our weather has changed here. It's around 26 - 31C for early spring and very little rain. A good day in summer is 28-30C and it's our rainy season so here's hoping. Today I worked on my other garden bed to remove all the weed plants now I need to remake that bed as it's a Square foot garden bed. I am planning the remove everything and start from scratch again. Even digging out the soil and all roots from the old plants and composting it all and relaying that bed as it a removable bed.

This will be in the near future as I may just get it ready for my summer crop as like tomatoes and radishes may be silver beet as I have to find a good stop for this to grow.

But other things may take my time up over coming months so have to see how things go!

Doing a bit of gardening here

August 17th, 2013 at 08:57 am

Our local Aldi store had rhubarb and asparagus bulbs for sale a few weeks ago so bought some to plant out for next year. As my soil is mostly clay and not very good for planting, I put them in large pots and will nurse along until I can get a good spot to plant them out in. I have never had these plants in my garden before but I will give them ago. They are coming along nicely in the pots. I did plant some seed of silverbeet in a pot too! These are now showing their heads above the soil. I will need get my only garden bed ready for them to transplant them in it soon!

I just cut down three trunks of a HAPPY PLANT that was growing in my garden here. They were getting too tall so every so often I will cut down part of this plant. They branch out and make new growth off each cutting so you dont lose the plant. Its been there for more than 20 years it about the third time I have cut some of it down. The local school may take some for their gardening class next week if I am lucky if not I will cut it up for the bin the following week.

Ant problem!

May 3rd, 2013 at 06:44 pm

I am having a large problem with small ants here that are coming from the gardens it is costing a lot to keep them under control. Some are coming into the house which I donít want to happen as last year; I lost number electrical items because of ant nests in them. I did put ant bait down but they just go higher around outside the house. I paid few hundred dollars to have them removed last year and it didnít work for very long just enough so that the painter could paint the outside the house then wet weather came and their came back. I am due for a termite check soon but the meantime I will keep up with my surface spraying that does kill for a short time but they go higher

I donít like the look of Euro crisis thatís coming.

November 29th, 2011 at 07:00 am

With the way the euro crisis is shaping up I think it time to pull that belt in a lot tighter, and any money that we save can go to something we need not just a want or whim. We are a lot safer here and I am worried about this.

Next year I will just do jobs around the house, like house painting which I have put off for too long now. For my Christmas present to myself I will spend money on a digital antenna for the TV as I still donít get all the stations with the old system which is long past its use by date 1980 model it shouldn't work with digital but does most of the time! After that it will replace it or repair anything else. I can do a bit of painting on bits that I will not be getting the painter to do.

Another no spend day here!

Odd Socks Dilemma

September 19th, 2011 at 10:26 am

A while ago I wrote about sorting some socks for a neighbour and getting paid to do in

Text is sock monster & over coming it and Link is
sock monster & over coming it .

The other day I found a few rolls of film that never was processed which just got done a few weeks ago. I found these photos in them.

Two full baskets of odd socks

My sorting method using a rotary clothes line.

I still have this clothes line itís a 1949 vintage, I have restored it since these photos were taken.

Here is another photo of the kookaburra on the rotary clothes line

Shopping, my way on Cat & Dog Food

September 13th, 2011 at 10:27 am

This is the seventh in this series

For someone living from pay check to pay check this system may not work for you.
I allow a budget fixed amount to care for my cats each year excluding trips to the vetÔŅĹs as I have a float for that and the float money from my last trip to the vetÔŅĹs is back up to $500 again plus the cost of their flea treatments. My goal each year is to come under this amount so far I have won this battle and I have had these cats for almost 15 years.

I buy a clumping cat litter as this what my cats like to use. This is the store brand one, as I donÔŅĹt like to have to drive my car to the supermarket very week, I try to buy enough to last 3 weeks ,same with the cat food except for the store brand one, that one of my cat likes and itÔŅĹs the cheapest by far @ 69c! I buy enough this one until I am back into that supermarket chain again or when I get down to the last can. I only buy on special, I check each week the catalogues for good buys in the brand that they will eat. I will drop in and buy if the price is right. As the amount I buy depends on the price and how much I still have in stock from the last buying trip. Normally the price is around RRP $1.59 per can, I will try to buy it around a $1.25 or less the lower the price the more I will buy. If it even comes down 89c again then I will make extra trips to buy as many as I can up to 100 cans.

As for dry cats food I buy three different varieties for them. I will have in stock about 3 packets unopened so that I donÔŅĹt just go shopping for this item. Lately our supermarkets have lowered their prices on some of their goods and these are just one of those lines that now rarely go on special now! If they do go on special then I buy extras that week.

As for vet supplies the online company I deal with here is

Text is Priceless pets and Link is
Priceless pets I buy enough to last 6 months at a time. This does save on postage again check the sizes and prices before you order. When I went to the vetÔŅĹs he told me to change brands for a while when ordering online, I have been using Revolution for a few years now, told to change to Advantage for a while different formula but both do the same job as I have 2 cats the same size I buy the 2x 6 packs do check the price of these items at the local pet shop and online.

If things get tough in the future then I will be taking a closer look at some of these websites.

Google -- cat and dog food recipes

I came up with two gems but there are many more there but watch out for ones selling you stuff as you can find a lot of this information for free.
Text is Pet Food Cooking Recipes and Link is
Pet Food Cooking Recipes

Text is this one and Link is
this one looks interesting that I may try some of them at some time.

Shopping for one, my way on Personal & Cleaning Items

September 11th, 2011 at 09:02 am

This is the sixth in this series

I am lucky enough to have an oversupply of beauty products. I was selling Avon a six years ago so I have a lot of leftovers that are now out of date that I am using up myself. I now only buying one item that I have finish my supply of and still using most other items more slowly as no longer wear make up that much these days. That's what you get when you are your own best customer.

As for hair care, I buy

Text is hair dye and Link is
hair dye and shampoos and conditioners, as I stockpile these when I find a good buys on them I have enough of these items for the next few years too!

So would suggest look at your discount stores for these items whether it a discount chemist or discount store always check size & price for the best price. At times Avon can beat both when they have some of their deals in their catalogue at times. Toothpaste, shower gels, soaps etc. you need to know your prices on these then buy when you find a good deal. I multiple buy if I find it at the best price I had found so far.

So my strategy here is to buy when I found at good price and buy enough to last 3 months or longer.
At a pinch you could use some homemade beauty products but will leave search for those on Google
Try using -- good homemade beauty recipes

Paper goods in the way Hand towels & toilet paper I only buy only on special or TP at 50c per roll or less. I only buy one brand in toilet paper which now here which sold at 50c per roll in 20 or 24 packs.

As for laundry and kitchen cleaning items, I have a bit of stockpile I need to use up first.
I buy dish detergent at the chemist when they have it marked down. As for laundry detergent I use 50% of homemade one and using up some bought packs that were bought on special. Again do a price check before you buy these lines buy at the price and size.

Here some links
Text is The Benefits of Organic and Natural Cleansers and Link is
The Benefits of Organic and Natural Cleansers

Text is Homemade Household Cleansers and Link is
Homemade Household Cleansers

Text is Alternative Cleaners and Recipes and Link is
Alternative Cleaners and Recipes

Text is vinegar and baking soda cleaning recipes and Link is
vinegar and baking soda cleaning recipes