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Painters came on time

December 6th, 2010 at 07:37 pm

I am planning to get my house painted in the new year, I will have to get a few quotes as this job is worth thousands to do, one of my friendís sent around some painters for quote as she is always getting quotes but never getting jobs done by them. I had a small painting job to be done here inside the house like the small bathroom ceiling which had gone mouldy so needed special cleaner and new paint after 20 years. I canít do that room myself alone. So I got the price for that ceiling as gave them the job to see what kind of work they did and if they were messy and time wise. All work I had to do is clean out the bathroom and leave it bare. The only thing is they left they ladder at the other job they were doing but I had one here that was tall enough. How did they rate!

Time plan

Monday is due 8.00am - arrived 7.55am
8.05am - found and got my ladder out.
Washed and sanded down ceiling.
8.20am - One painter painted corners etc. with white enamel paint while the other painter held the ladder over the tricky parts.
8.30am - other painter used the roller
8.45am - finished first coat and left for another job.
11.05am - back to put the final coat on
11.50am - put back ladder in the right place.
11.55am - paid and gone

What I can say is that they had the timing down a tee and passed non-messy test. In the past I have painted the inside of my house so could work out what needed to be done and if itís a good job. I paid them $220 for that job and will be considering them for the other job or at least getting a quote from them.

All small jobs around here are $150 minimum or have a callout fee of $100 for first 30 minutes also it very had to get trade people to do small jobs at anytime so if you can get one you jump at it.

These painters are painting hotels at the moment and its raining here so quick inside jobs between coats is what I think they are doing. At least I got a newly paint ceiling, now for freshening up rest of the bathroom for next few years. These jobs will have to wait until it stops raining at least.

Some time in the next month I will look at buying some white enamel paint if what I got is no longer useable. What needs to be done is the door both sides and door edges, widow frame, two mini wall cupboards, a chest of drawers, and 60 year old cane linen basket. Walls donít need painting.

I will blog about my painting jobs next year.

2 Responses to “Painters came on time ”

  1. librarylady Says:

    Congrats on the freshly painted ceiling!

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    We painted the exterior of our home this year (hired someone). The range in quotes is amazing!! We actually only got one quote ($2200k) but a friend of mine with a similar-sized house took the first person who quoted $6k! ($6k is what I expected for 2 levels -why we just went with the first quote we got - since it was so low for a high quality painter. They did a GREAT job and warranty their work for years).

    Our experience was positive, but goes to show that prices can run the gammit. We found with the construction economy so down here, it was a good time to paint. I am sure we could have found others willing to do it even cheaper.

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