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Frugal Spending Spree Today

January 31st, 2009 at 02:26 am

Today I went for a walk up the street for milk for DF-Maria, and drop in to the Charity Thrift shops on the way, I have to go past them, all five thrift shops to get to the supermarket. They are putting up their prices so I will not spend as much as I normally do but when they have a 50% off sale which two of them did today I stopped to look. I found a nice classic top cream & navy which will go with my basic navy pants in a style that will not go out of style for along while. RRP $19.95 for $4.00, German cookbook $1, like new baby picture frame RRP $20 for $1.50 and on Baby on Board car sign for .50c, this is for a gift in few months I making a baby Gift basket up. Bought the grandma some sewing patterns 4 @ $1, Year 12 text book on Home Economics $1 - RRP 29.95, my treat for the day Silver Plated Art Deco 1930 style milk jug & sugar bowl for $4.00 - (RRP $60) and bag of confectionary at supermarket when I got there on special $2.95 - RRP $4.50. If I had to buy all these things at full price in the thrift shop I most likely only bought the two books. Oh I did remember to buy the milk too!

I love it when I can spend money to keep the economy going and doing some good will at the same time.

I came home with approx. $172.80 worth of stuff costing only $15.95 including the candy bars. I would say its worth it to have these little spending sprees now and then.

Heat Wave in the Southern States of OZ

January 30th, 2009 at 09:50 am

It's not that hot here where I live just around the 30C but in the north of our state we have flooding but I feel sorry for my follow Australians in the southern states they are heading into day four of temperature of 43C plus bushfires in one state that 3 townships could be burnt out by morning. With the hot winds if these bushfires could get out of control they could be bad as one fire is under power lines which are melting. So lot of power failures with transformers burning out, train tracks melting, so little transports and no air-con.

My sister lives in one of these states, so I never visit her in summer as it very dry and can be very hot normally around high 30s C but at the moment its around 45C and she lives by the sea too!

My visit to the Post-Christmas Sales

January 2nd, 2009 at 07:04 am

I had a lovely lunch with my friends on New Year Eve and won $15 on the poker machines. As for the Post-Christmas sales I only bought a handbag paying $14.50 for a $69.00 for casual handbag.

I was looking at buying a new CD player as it will cost more to have my old 15 year old one fixed than replace it with new more update one. So this afternoon I went an bought one so ended up replacing what I had before but with 3 CD player instead of one including a record player and twin cassette player cost $260 saving $69 plus the 30% that all electrical goods go up on 5 January because of drop in the dollar. That is one reason that I bought it today. Now cost would have been to repair the old one was around $100 plus $90 in gift money for Christmas so with my twisted idea, Peter Paying Paul budget it work out that I'm out of pocket by $170 and will buy grocery with gift card.