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One way of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g dollars further than before.

December 10th, 2020 at 10:04 pm

Paying bills advance and getting discounts for doing so!

Far, I have paid my Chiro for the next 12 visits with a saving 10% off per year than paying it monthly as well as getting a pensioner discount of 10% and I also get my medical fund rebate on top of that amount.    Normal price is around $66.00 per visit.   With all discounts and doing this way I’m only paying $20.50 per visit in the end around 30% of each visit.  I average 13 visits per year.

Just paid for another 10 visits for Diabetic Exercise Group Classes at $135.00, they have just increased their prices by $15.00 for 2021. But as I have bought it this year that will go into next years as well for at least 6 classes.  My medical fund rebate is $12.00 per class for 25 classes per year.   Plus, I get 8 free Diabetic classes per year as well from Medicare that’s sign off by my doctor.  Which means I will just pay price of $15.00 per class for only around 7 classes per year. As I do other things on some class days that I can’t make too!

Next major bill is medical fund which is in the thousands but will get my 35% loading back this year as I just finished my 10 years of paying extra because I am over 30 years when I joined the hospital fund (Gov. rule, it’s their tax rebate).  Which will mean a saving around $1826 for the year in 2021

With interest in the banks at the moment at a record low just above zero, it does pay to find ways of stretching your dollars where you can.

Strategy - Don’t spend your forward and refunds bill money on trivia, it’s being put aside for a purpose, it also makes next year’s bills easier to find and keeps you stress free.