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Oh dear! Case of the loss wallet.

May 10th, 2009 at 04:02 am

Well its time that wrote here I do seem to never find the time these days!

My spending or non- spending is still on track but for one problem since I last wrote here.

I went up the street last week with only my shopping bag and my wallet instead my handbag that I lug almost everywhere. I only need to go to a few places. I past the Op shop on the way so popped in for a quick look. Bought a few books and some craft items put them in my bag and left. Next stop the hairdresser for a style cut. After I had my hair cut I went to paid and found that I didn't have my wallet that I was given for my birthday a few months before. Well I went into panic mode of course; I went back to the op shop no wallet there. Back to hairdresser to tell them I call back to pay later lucky that I know the owners. I had my house keys on me so that was not a problem so I went home to cancel my cards and get some money that I had at home. I do believe in having a float of a few dollars for such emergency but this is the first time I need it. I returned to the shopping strip after I had been to the police station to report the missing wallet. Payed the hairdresser for the haircut and rechecked the op shop in case had been found so I finished my shopping trip and return home.
Around 6 hours later I received a phone call from a man saying that had I lost my wallet when I said yes he when said when he return home he found my wallet in his mail box some streets away from me. All my cards were in tack but no money which was around $40 as I had counted it just before I went out that day. I was happy as the wallet it self was worth more then that. As for all cancelled cards not a problem as only money one in the wallet was reactivated 24 hour later. The other I can live without for a few weeks as my pension cards were still in the found wallet.

Moral of this tale: Do not change your habits if you can't remember to your put your things away. Next time I will stick to using my handbag in future I do have that routine down pat.