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Itís time for an update!

September 23rd, 2007 at 10:42 am

Well I have been busy looking at my next major project.

Unlike most people living on limited income, I believe in buying the best quality products for my money that I have to spend and not spending to save money by buying the cheapest I can get.

Iím updating my computer, printer, & programs this time. After checking out what was available for the price that I wanted to pay! I found one that I had made up to what I wanted. I was able to buy all branded parts just over my total budget $1500 cash only. On Programs Window Office 2007 & anti-virus programs, I saved $220 on top prices quoted. Printer I got one that I could print in black only, and refill the ink. Saved $20 as it went on special the day before I picked up the computer and USB data stick 2GB saved $13
HP Pavilion or Dell had for the same money only, had 512MB Ram and Memory 80G to 200G in $1000 to $1500 range with paying for expended warranty extra.

My computer has Ram 1G, Memory 250G with fast drive, 19 inch LP flat screen monitor including Window ģ XP Home, floppy drive, optical keyboard & mouse,
DVD burner, safety power pack and temperature warning system plus five years labor warranty and including help to exchange data from old to new computer, loading all the programs.

On what I got included in one computer that I bought, saved about $900 on one with same standard components around $2000 mark.

Computer $1044 - saved $900
Programs $305 - saved $220
Printer $69 - saved $20
USB data stick $27- saved $13
Office 2007 book $27 -saved $13
Warranty - Free - saved $248
Safety power board- $149 - top of range
Total spent $1594 Total saved $1414
saving 47%
Over budget by $94

(If I had paid by credit card that would have been extra 3% charge of $37.29)

So now itís back to saving for a holiday next.

My Last Refund Arrived

September 9th, 2007 at 09:22 am

During the last week my last refund for my tank arrived, $500. Bring the total to $1500, therefore the water tank cost $90 out of my own pocket, and itís full with rainwater as we had rain in the last few weeks.

I have been saving money with my medical bills also, as I have been to a number of different specialists and have had a number scans. So far as Iím on a pension and most but not all doctors do charge a different rate. It has just cost so far $105 out of my pocket, but without these rebates & Medicare on these services would have cost over $1000.

I will have to get back to writing more regularly as then I will keep to being on track a lot better.