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Covid 19 and other things

May 3rd, 2021 at 11:19 pm

I have had my first AZ jab and 2nd one on June 29.

Everyone here over 50 is getting AZ covid 19 jab. If you don't want that one you will get another one at the end year after all the 18 - 49 have got theirs, I think that what will happen.

I have been in hospital for TIA  (mini stroke) for a week at end of March, we were in lockdown then for few days.  One of hospital near here had Covid19 in its ward twice.  The hospital that I was at was a private one and no covid19 there but everyone was wearing masks.  No visitors at all for anyone but the dying and carers. 

I have now sold my car and will go by taxi or bus from now on.  I needed to buy a new car and I'm likely to lose my yearly medical cerf. for driver's licence that I need here for over 75's. 

When i bought this car I said when I not replace it, it time.