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Finally my lawn mower died!

August 19th, 2007 at 09:36 am

So today, I went to Bunnings our major hardware to check out the prices. About 3 years ago I was thinking that I had to buy one then, so I had worked out which one I was buying and how much I would pay for it. You can get many cheaper lawn mowers but as this one I hope will last one I will be buying if it last as long the last one. It was coming up to about 30 years plus, and it came with the house when I bought it.

I had motor fix a few years ago hoping it would last around 10 years that was about 6 years ago. I decided when I had to pay any more money on this one it was dead. It has been breaking down and pieces falling off over that time.

As I just went in to look as I was there on Monday was a friend, and saw that brand on special for $419 so I went back today to see which one it was! It was not the one I wanted but one down from it, so I check the price on my chosen one and found it was $50.00 off the price since I last price it six month ago. I had set my mind that was close to what I would have to pay for it around $500, so I did buy it today for $449. I got one made in Australia too! The company is planning to make them in China next year. Three years ago they were around $489 so something has come down in price. I had to put it on my credit card but I will have it paid off before bill comes in. I have save for this lawn mower three times then had to buy some else so I just got it, as it would has cost between $35 - $ 50 to pay someone to mow my lawn every three weeks just to mow weeds. I spent some more money on a few odd & ends that I found there for my garden too!

Weekly Main Meal Menu
Sunday ~ Pea & Ham Soup with toast
Monday ~ Chicken Mustard with Rice.
Tuesday ~ Garlic Chicken Schnitzel with Tomato Salsa & Steamed Vegetables.
Wednesday ~ Hot Beef Curry with Rice.
Thursday ~ Chilli Con Care & Corn Chips
Friday ~ Sweet & Sour Fish with Rice (Pineapple & Vegetable.)
Saturday ~ Scramble Eggs on Toast

My Spending today $489.00

Spending more on my books.

August 12th, 2007 at 08:48 am

Well itís almost two week since I lasted posted here.

I have been to EKKA again this year, which is on now. I wrote about it in last year August 2006 blog. I spent around $40.00 this time and $20 was on books.

Today I went to the second hand bookstore near my home and bought all the back dated copies of Australian Gourmet Travellers, which I collect. I bought around 35 copies this time. 5 for $2.00 which is good buy as they are new $7.95 each.

I got a free coffee again today - saving $2.45

Todayís Senior Card Savings - $2.45
Add to total $20 Challenge $89.95
My Spending today $54.00

Hot Water System update

August 2nd, 2007 at 06:40 am

Well I did get my Hot Water System put in last Saturday, all is well and working as it should. I was lucky as the plumber that bought & put it in for me is a son of one my neighborís that do watch from time to time. So now I owe him some of my time as he didnít charge me for the work of putting it in just bought the best one in that style, as they are three grades each one cheaper each other and not as strong. This one has thicker copper tank so Iím told. So I was out of pocket by $625.00. I had that money put aside for such emergency so no big deal on the money front. I do try to budget, some money for that kind of problem knowing that a lot of my appliances are on the old side and will need to replace in the near future. What is next, it should be a computer & lawn mower in that order with stove and washing machine coming in after that. Only a microwave will be bought straight away.

I will try coming on here bit more regular and update starting a fresh.

My Spending today $625.00