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Leonardo da Vinci Machines exhibition

September 5th, 2009 at 09:40 pm

Boy! Time get away with you doesnt it. I have had a quite few weeks here.

I did go to see the Leonardo da Vinci Codices & Machines exhibition here a few weeks ago with my son. It was expensive but worth it as he was my most favourite inventor and being self taught my most creative influence as I had to teach myself many thing over my life time and are still learning come to that.

Spending for this exhibition - concession fee $15.00 plus I allow myself to indulge on one book and DVD. So I bought the last catalogue they had $50.00 and DVD -DA Vinci Genius- $28.00 so all up cost $93. If I am ok this week, I will take myself off to the Art Gallery to see exhibition that is ending this month.