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Still around here!

July 8th, 2022 at 06:00 am

Well another lot of flooding in Australia. In NSW some places have had flooding in their homes and area, 4 times in the last 18 months with 3 flooding in 2022. Thankfully not in Lismore area where it was very bad last time. 

You can tell any Australian that the weather has changed here. 

We booted out, our last Goverment because they didn't believe in Climate Change.  

With Bushfire/Wildfire down East Coast in 2019 then Covid19, and 4 floods over 3 states.

Something must be done to improve things to stop all this flooding. 


Ex - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been shot in Nara, Japan this morning. He has now died.


I'm doing ok so far still walking and living on my own.