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30 ways or more to survive the tough times ahead

Remember your health and safety and that of your family is the most important at this time with so many people heading into a rough tough times ahead if they not in them already.

Here is my list of what steps that would need to be taken now.

1. Make or Redo your budget to stop any money leaking.

2. Spend only on needs not wants.

3. Learn to track your money- to make sure you know where you are spending your money.

4. Pay Off Debt - ASAP by snowballing if there is no other way.

5. Speak to your bank and get CC interest rates lowered or consolidated or swap to a 0% card. Shop around see what is available. Dont put anything else on your CC if its still got a balance on it. Pay it off ASAP.

6. Cut out or down on unnecessary expenses where possible, like your internet, phone, cable TV, DVD hires, Gym etc.

7. Stop buying little things like candy, magazines, newspapers, coffees and drinks when you're out.

8. Cancel memberships if they are costing you money, or dont renew when due.

9. Find a way of doing the same for FREE in some of the above in No 6, 7, 8.

10. Stop looking at and listening to advertising in any form. Now is not the time to be buying if you are short of cash but stretching your dollars is what counts.

11. Carpool, walk, use public transport or ride a bike instead of taking the car.

12. Multi task when you are out and about, planning the trip to save gas. Do as many tasks as possible dentist & doctors visits, taking children to school, shopping, banking and bill paying etc.

13. Cut back on extra after school activities so that you are not stretched to the limit. Try to limit one activity per child hopefully all the same one, this will save you in time, gas, stress & money.

14. Plan to stay home a bit more often.

15. Make up and plan your menu for the next week.

16. Make an inventory of what food you have in the pantry, fridge & freezer and work your menu around this so there is no need to go shopping.

17. Cook from scratch and get creative with your food.

18. Bulk food up with beans, vegetables, lentils, pasta etc.

19. Eat your leftovers, never waste food now is the time to take lunch to work and school if you are paying for it.

20. Plan to eat a few meatless meals each week.

21. Cut back big time on eating out and buying takeaway food and snacks.

22. Cut back on portions sizes, dont up size but downsize and your waist line will love you so will your pocket book.

23. Start a stockpile food and groceries - this is one the best thing you can do to prepare for tough times ahead. Buy rice, washing powder and toilet rolls and pet food in bulk.

24. Buy clothes at Thrift shops & Consignment stores or start swap group with other families.

25. Cut down and adapt clothes for younger children.

26. Learn to sew and repair clothes.

27 Do minor repairs around the house and any DIY jobs that you are capable of doing yourself.

28. Cut down on your consumption of your electricity and water by learning to read the meters and by turning off everything at the wall.

29. Reduce your heating & cooling costs by having your temperatures set at recommend level and wearing extra clothing if you still are cold.

30. Get your family involved by explaining to them about the current tough times ahead and see if they can work with the other members of family to cut back. Anyone over three years age can do they bit. Make it a game with children.

"In a nutshell, control what you can control and let the rest happen. You could put out a lot of energy worrying about it - all you've done is exhausted yourself from panic." ~ Baselle

My outlook:
- Take control and fix the things you can and live one day at time.
- On things you can't change but you could avoid only if you changed your ways.
- Look for another option or opinion and if you have to go back a few steps to detour do so.
-Don't panic nor worry if you can't change it!
- Life is more important.