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Ninth Monthly Financial Summery for 2013

October 21st, 2013 at 08:55 am

Here is my Financial Summery for August-Sept period.

I have updated my Excel so here are the figures for last month.

This for period of 28 days each as I work on 28 day cycles, my dates may be out to calendar months so here are the figures that will bring it up to date as its very near the end of next 28 day cycle.

Reviewing my monthly daily living allowance

This is my review for last month's budget.
These are the categories for this challenge.

Items === Approx. Budget===Spent

Eating out===$35=====$36.30
Groceries===$125=== =$86.37
Clothes ====$35
HH items===$40=======$59.30
Fares== ====$15
Entrainments== $15
Garden =====$15 =====$2.00
Gifts & Donations ==$35 ===$5.50
Medical & Diabetes Expenses ===$70====$42.34
Misc ======$10
Personal Allowance =$90 ===$38.65

Note only one amount is a No Spend

Budgeted for this period $550 spent $290.41 under by $259.59

No Spending Days 14 of 28 days

Personal allowance covers health drinks , lotto, books, stamps, craft and hobby supplies.

Eating out including meals out with family and friends, we all go Dutch.

My credit cards are still paid in full each month, it was $85.00 this period.
Grocery allotment $125 for each period under by $38.63 this period
You can see that I am saving for something! A dentist bill that is will show up in period 11.
Strategy - Do remember what you have stored before you go and buy more of the same.

Catching up with my Blog

October 21st, 2013 at 06:24 am

My son has been in hospital and I had a lot of running around visiting him each day. He is home now but is unable to work few months as he has had open heart surgery. Spent 3 weeks in hospital now doing ok! He can't drive his car yet so the women of the family have driven him around so far.

I will get back to posting about my financial posting tonight. I am behind again.

Still working in the garden

October 4th, 2013 at 03:23 am

Well I only have about two hours of work in garden then I have finished the pruning all the over grown areas in the back yard. It has taken a few weeks to do as I have to put it in the garbage bin each week as I can't take it to the dump for green waste. There are weeds that would regrow again if allowed too! As I say going slowly I will get there in the end. About 2 hours per period or until I fill the bin is all that I am doing. The garden patch is doing great and I will be picking my first lot of English spinach over the weekend. I have a good crop of basil in the garden now and self-seeding tomatoes are still growing around the place along Italian parsley in front garden.

this is the area I am working now! Minus the pumpkins

One of the areas that I have been working on.

I will be mowing the lawn hopefully this weekend to keep the weeds down not that the lawn need to be mowed as we are having a very dry spring this year. It's been very hot for September and now again in October too! The lawn is almost dead in patches but the weeds are growing like mad.