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This and That

February 15th, 2015 at 08:27 am

You will hear about if the opposition wins that for sure! They only hold 9 seats but not many are happy with the present one!

Guess what they won, we have a new state government after all this time it has been decided that opposition have won and can form government.

Tell the voters you are going to sell or lease the state assets and you will lose government that's the message everyone has got I hope this time. The premier was voted out of his sit, his party lost 37 sits in an 89 sit parliament now that tell them off. It finished off with 44 to 42 with 3 independents one which sided with the opposition to give them right to govern.

A No Spend Day here

S-t-r-e-t-c-h those Dollars even more

February 5th, 2015 at 11:06 pm

We had major hail storm in my area late last year; I am down for a new roof and a few other things that need to be replaced. The insurance company will pay up but only if I have some maintenance done on one part of the roof first. I have tried to get someone to do this work so that other jobs can be done. Out of the three companies that contacted only one came up with a quote and call here. I will go with this company now. It's over month now since I was told about the maintenance to be done and all were called that day. Now if there was no work then the quote most likely cheaper but with two major storms within two weeks and over million widows broken and over 50 suburbs in trouble from the hailstorm alone. Some houses still have boards over windows and will not be look at before end of March, as for getting a tradespersons that can do insurance work you are lucky if one is around before middle of 2016 for any other jobs.

The quote is under my maximum price but a bit on high side. I am looking at a bill for $3800. It's lucky I have my suppuration rainy account to fall back on but I must top it up again so I will be stretching those dollars a little bit more.

I am only keeping this house liveable but not at resale standard. So only maintenance jobs that I have to do will get done.

It's lucky that my car was not Hail damaged it was in the garage as all of them are being written off.