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Itís time for an update!

September 23rd, 2007 at 03:42 am

Well I have been busy looking at my next major project.

Unlike most people living on limited income, I believe in buying the best quality products for my money that I have to spend and not spending to save money by buying the cheapest I can get.

Iím updating my computer, printer, & programs this time. After checking out what was available for the price that I wanted to pay! I found one that I had made up to what I wanted. I was able to buy all branded parts just over my total budget $1500 cash only. On Programs Window Office 2007 & anti-virus programs, I saved $220 on top prices quoted. Printer I got one that I could print in black only, and refill the ink. Saved $20 as it went on special the day before I picked up the computer and USB data stick 2GB saved $13
HP Pavilion or Dell had for the same money only, had 512MB Ram and Memory 80G to 200G in $1000 to $1500 range with paying for expended warranty extra.

My computer has Ram 1G, Memory 250G with fast drive, 19 inch LP flat screen monitor including Window ģ XP Home, floppy drive, optical keyboard & mouse,
DVD burner, safety power pack and temperature warning system plus five years labor warranty and including help to exchange data from old to new computer, loading all the programs.

On what I got included in one computer that I bought, saved about $900 on one with same standard components around $2000 mark.

Computer $1044 - saved $900
Programs $305 - saved $220
Printer $69 - saved $20
USB data stick $27- saved $13
Office 2007 book $27 -saved $13
Warranty - Free - saved $248
Safety power board- $149 - top of range
Total spent $1594 Total saved $1414
saving 47%
Over budget by $94

(If I had paid by credit card that would have been extra 3% charge of $37.29)

So now itís back to saving for a holiday next.

4 Responses to “Itís time for an update!”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    Oh wow. I always think people are crazy when they say computers cost a lot of money. We just have never had to spend anywhere near that much. It is nice living in the land of computer and having very computer knowledgable relatives. I'd be surprised if we spent more than a few hundred for our last system ages ago (going strong).

    No offense, just was shocked. I hope you do enjoy though. We can't all live in the land of computer savvy and guess you pay a premium for that. We have yet to upgrade our ancient monitors either so it must be nice to have the sleek new setup. Enjoy!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    ETA: I just realized you are aussie so that must be a lot of it - phew. Different dollars here. Don't mind me. Wink

  3. katwoman Says:

    I'm envious so go ahead and enjoy your new stuff!

    19" flat screen. Nice.

  4. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    The only reason that I had to upgrade is that my old computer couldn’t be added on to anymore.

    So I set out the fine something that was much higher than what you need to run at the moment.

    My anti-virus will only run at 256 Ram or higher. Old computer 128 Ram max, it was a 56Ram and 6G memory with a floppy drive & CP player only when bought 10 years ago, after 10 years of working with it at this set up. I have been saving for it, for last two years when I had to buy last year's versions of anti virus. Which will now is not available. I have updated any program to a new version for over 2 years now. My old computer was virus free after all that too! I started with buying a the programs that wanted to run it then bought set out to buy computer to match it plus 50% higher, as I don’t plan to upgrade for a few years now. One thing I did find out is when getting quote, ask a list of components that are in them, as the first quote that I ask for this list was 60% Generic parts and I had upgrade on my first pick, computer for $799 and you still had to buy Window XP Home on top.

    I still learning to use the programs, which I will need to come to speed soon!

    Yes I'm enjoying it too!

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