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Doing a bit of gardening here

August 17th, 2013 at 07:57 am

Our local Aldi store had rhubarb and asparagus bulbs for sale a few weeks ago so bought some to plant out for next year. As my soil is mostly clay and not very good for planting, I put them in large pots and will nurse along until I can get a good spot to plant them out in. I have never had these plants in my garden before but I will give them ago. They are coming along nicely in the pots. I did plant some seed of silverbeet in a pot too! These are now showing their heads above the soil. I will need get my only garden bed ready for them to transplant them in it soon!

I just cut down three trunks of a HAPPY PLANT that was growing in my garden here. They were getting too tall so every so often I will cut down part of this plant. They branch out and make new growth off each cutting so you dont lose the plant. Its been there for more than 20 years it about the third time I have cut some of it down. The local school may take some for their gardening class next week if I am lucky if not I will cut it up for the bin the following week.

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