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125th Post of ‘Mirror Image Challenge’

August 2nd, 2006 at 10:03 am

This ‘Year Long Mirror Image Challenge’ has made me stop think and ask myself a lot of questions.

Why I do, what I do whom I meet, where I go and how I feel about all parts of living, spending and saving money. Learning along the way.

Now I need to stop think, how much I would have paid if I paid full price for everything. As this my challenge.

I put this question “What is the true value of my lifestyle now that I am living on a pension?” to myself in April. And this what I wished to find out the difference, than that of someone single paying full price for everything and what I am doing now!

My pension is around $13000 per year before tax, what is minimum income of someone single paying full price for everything paying, doing the same things and lifestyle? Mirror Image Challenge

Last week I found my original Saved Money Journal that I started early in January 2004 with very similar ideas.

This is what I wrote as an outline then.

Saved Money is there difference in Money spent and what I would have paid if I bought it differently.

Lists of areas to look at too save money in.
1. Paid someone to do the job.
2. Paid full price RRP without discounts or buying 2nd hand.
3. Bought it at another outlet
4. Bought it at different time of year when it’s more expensive.
5. Bought it at regular price and not on sale.
6. Something that was given to me that had a cash value.

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