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Morning Tea ….Clothes

June 4th, 2006 at 02:03 pm

Finding something to wear for the Tuesday’s morning tea. I don’t want to buy anything, so it will be something out of my wardrobe. As it cool here that you will need something with long sleeve it must be skirt or dress not pants which is what my wardrobe is mainly built around now! It’s will be very frugal indeed as most of my wardrobe is very old or 2nd hand.

I have chosen three outfits that may past muster for this event. One is a dark pink 2 piece suit that was my mother’s (20 years old)Wink, the mauve suit (I wore this to DS wedding that I now wear it to weddings & formal occasions) (6 years old) and is very out of date this season. Black skirt and long sleeve black plain top that I would wear my long pearl with. Black Shoes and Handbag (15 year old.) for all outfits.

2 Responses to “Morning Tea ….Clothes”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Your wardrobe actually sounds more extensive than mine. Since I've been working here at home, it has evolved into denim and more denim. Short sleeved shirts & jeans for summer, long sleeved shirts and jeans for winter. That's it.

    Looking forward to actually being able to go somewhere after July.......and have been wondering about the clothes situation. Have fabric, should start whipping up some things for myself....

  2. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Yes, my wardrobe is very extensive. I have not been removing much if it still fits. I have over five wardrobes full of clothes to the moment. I am planning to CULL while I am looking in some of the wardrobes. Seeing that I just bought some more things too! With friends like I have there is a need to have some nice things to wear. I do have a rule to look my best that I can afford too! This occasion is one of these events more about it on the day. I may go pink or mauve this time!

    As I am not the centre of a tension the hostess is. Smile Now I need to go and dye my hair and do a bit of grooming.

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