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Taking stock of storage assets - Toiletries & Stationery.

December 30th, 2007 at 12:58 am

Itís about time I had a good look at what I have already squirreled away.
As ex Avon rep. my toiletries and makeup area are overflowing so that nothing is needed in that area. I did a quick tidy of that storage area and review what I have got. Only thing would need is shower gel but using the bath & shower wash instead will work the same.

Next area was the stationery as next week is the best time to buy it here at the Back to School Sales.

Nothing of the above areas will be bought next year. The thing that I may run short of is photo copy paper. I will buy some later in the year as this does come on special though the year also.
Other thing that I need is new paper shredder so I will need to keep an eye out for this, my Christmas voucher will cover half the cost of the paper shredder. I been buying the cheapest models, this is the second time I have broken them, so this next one will more up market one. I will wait until it goes on special then buy it.

So the verdict is that I donít need to go the Back to School Sales this year!

No spending Day

2 Responses to “Taking stock of storage assets - Toiletries & Stationery.”

  1. fern Says:

    I regret that when i bought my paper shredder that i didn't get one with more than about 5 sheets capacity at a time. It takes forever to shred that way.

  2. carol hardie Says:

    im also waiting for the back to school stationary to go on sale i love to buy quite a few txt books for the year plus a few other things makes me feel like a kid again im 58 so i wish i could be i also want to get a paper shredder so i will be looking out for the best price Happy New Year and a great Frugal one,all the best Carol from a very hot Adelaide

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