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Windfall in second-hand clothes

October 10th, 2011 at 02:35 am

As I buy very few new clothes anymore which a rare. The last time I bought a complete expensive outfit was for my son’s wedding back in 1999. The rag trade would close up shop long ago if it depended on me. I do buy some slacks, ¾ pants, shorts and t-shirts when I do buy new, I buy on special or markdown that’s the same price I can buy at the Charity /goodwill shop or second hand clothes stores. I get better quality in charity shops than when I buy new. I mainly buy the bottom half of my outer clothes new as this were I fine the shortage for my size and the most damaged clothes with elastics or Zip failing in a short time after buying. I need to take up the hem lines or wear the ¾ pants longer than you would do so if you were normal height. I like the longer length so this part doesn’t worry me that much. Under wear and socks are always bought new.

I have had busy few days, as our local charity shop is having a fill a bag sale of clothing for $5.00 last week. One morning I went up to browse around and as they were short staff until some arrived I opened up the second shop and watch other customers until the staff arrived hour later. As I knew the way around this sale and could look at the same time I was ok with this. I just was there as everyone else was just looking too when the staff arrived.

So I end up spending $20.00 for $1070 worth of clothes.

I bought 4 Bags of clothes totalling 42 items of which only one was not wearable. So at under 48 cents per garment this how can keep my clothes cost to under $300 per year. Buy very little new.

Pile of women’s clothes for picking over.

Bounty from two of bags of clothes

You don’t get the latest fashion buy second- hand clothes which I am past that stage now. The colour may be few years past in shades and styles that don’t matter if you feel good in the outfit and it goes altogether in tones. I buy by the look and feel of the fabric then the colour then look at the size then at the tag if has one. I was able to find all these off a pile on the floor with all size mixed together within under two hours. Everyone had the same task if you wished to buy something.

List of clothes bought - approx RRP

White -Bot Cornsurf RRP$25.00
Brown & cream, stripe V neck – Susannegrae RRP $25.00
White & beige stripe Cotton - Millers RRP$15.00
Black & White Stripe - Relaunch RRP$25.00
Grey & off white stripe - Pun Nai RRP$20.00
Yellow - Cherokee RRP $20.00
Pink & Beige stripe sleeveless – CMS RRP$20.00
Light Blue -CTM- DNM RRP$15.00
Black & white Floral sleeveless - Jag RRP$25.00
Pink with design printed -Jag RRP$20.00
Dark green with collar - Urbane RRP$20.00
Total RRP $230

White Millers Cotton RRP$25.00
Black plain ¾ sleeves Ramie - Katies RRP$25.00
Pink ¾ sleeved Cotton/spandex - Crossroads RRP$25.00
Pink ¾ sleeved - cut off brand name RRP$30.00
Pink floral Poly - Daxon RRP$25.00
Lime plain Ramie - Now RRP$30.00
Lime cotton - Aqua by ping pong RRP$35.00
White& Brown Poly/cotton – Millers RRP$20.00
Cream background with Beige pattern , Rayon -Millers RRP$20.00
Green with mauve floral pattern, rayon – Millers RRP$20.00
Light blue with trim, Poly Rayon – Millers RRP$20.00
Blue small check with Grey trim, 100% cotton- Panola RRP$25.00
Blue Pattern rayon poly – Millers RRP$20.00
Dark Green poly - Postie Fashion RRP$25.00
Orange Plain background with a breaded trim, Poly - Millers RRP$20.00

Total RRP $365

Burnt Orange Rayon /Poly Perri Cutten RRP $40.00
Cream background with floral print, Silk – Real Clothes RRP $35.00
Black nylon S-less tank top - Now RRP $20.00
Black with white flowers Nylon S-less - Katies RRP $20.00
Total RRP $115

Two piece outfit
Top - Off white back ground with Blue floral print, Rayon/linen - Geiger Essentials RRP $25.00
Skirt - Off white back ground with Blue floral print, Rayon/linen - Geiger Essentials RRP$25.00

Brown Cargo shorts long – Millers RRP$20.00
Light grey linen /cotton slacks - Giordano Linen RRP$50.00
Grey Cargo slacks expensive ones RRP$50.00
¾ casual pants Beige 100% cotton - Jay Jay’s RRP$20.00

Total RRP $190

Cream & black check - floor length will cut shorter RRP$30.00
Check - Potarorri Floor length will cut shorter RRP$30.00
Long blue with yellow floral print on hem line. Polyester Millers RRP$20.00

Odd pieces
Cardigan -Cream short sleeved -cut off brand name & buttons missing. RRP $25.00
Sarong aqua with mauve-pink flowers – Vanuatu- RRP $15.00
Bath robe -Pink poly -Shooze Zone (never worn) RRP $50.00

Total RRP $170

Grand Total RRP $1070

Clothes Line some of the clothes.

Two other posts on clothes shopping tightwad style.

Strategy - Know when the best sale may be on and be ready to go!

3 Responses to “Windfall in second-hand clothes ”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    I love buying second hand and it's insurance for our budget. My kids get hand-me-downs from friends and it leads to major savings for our family.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Wow! I love bag sales.

  3. Carol Hardie Says:

    Wow!how fantastic was that!

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