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Spend a Little … Look Great - Lesson Three

December 19th, 2007 at 12:35 am

Budget for Hair Beauty

If you hair looks pretty and well-groomed; you do.

Learn how to set your hair by watching the hairdresser. Practice with easy bristle rollers. Invest in a hair dryer to save time and give a professional look. One is about the price of eight salon sets (75s) [$7.50].

Get the most out of money spent on professional care, by studying the salon’s price list and always asking “Is there an extra charge?” when other treatments is suggested. Don’t waste expensive sets on hair that needs cutting or perming. Don’t economize by cutting you own hair.

Save money on perms, not by having cheap “cut-price” ones, but by finding a small, reliable , reasonable salon. The price of materials is less than some salon prices suggest. If you need light, frequent perms, make the effort to find someone who’ll wind up a home one for you.

Save money on hair colouring by choosing semi-permanent tint rather than a series of rinses (which prove more expensive). If you plan a drastic change of colour (by bleach or permanent tint) consider the expense of root re-touching. Highlights cost less on upkeep.

Here are my views on above text.

Learn how to set your hair Yes I did have all those fancy styles that needs rollers & hair dryer to keep looking good back then! Today I have good cut in a wash 'n' wear style that I need just to comb out and when dry looks great. I do use heat rollers to set my hair when I have special occasion to go too, with just not brushing out the curls but using my fingers instead to style my hair I can get the look that I want for the next 12 hours or so. Have you ever slept in rollers? Not a nice feeling so the new hair appliances are a lot cheaper and a lot easier to use now. Hair blower and heat rollers may be all you need now! I most times don’t even use them; I just have wash ‘n’ wear hair cut.

Save money on perms This is one area you can save money on by not having this done. But only you can know if a perm is necessary for you.

Get the most out of money spent on professional care Here are my strategies’ on hair cuts & dyeing hair.

I wrote this, In the http://www.savingadvice.com/forums/frugal-questions-answers/...
I have updated figures here.

No 51 - ‘Three ways to save ’ Vol 1 - p42 (CTG)
I love this article; it made me understand why I had more money than my friend who had to work twenty hours per week more than I do and still have to borrow off me, I was using this strategy. A one case in point, she has her hair styled and dyed every six weeks for $105 in a salon about 9 visits per year. I have my hair trim or a styled cut and dyed averaging about $20 per visit every six to seven weeks. Using the above strategy. How much a year are we each spending and what are my strategies, clue I am using all three. What do you think I am doing to Save Money?

My friend’s Hair Salon Style-cut and Dyeing cost $945 per year. This is her choice to do this!
My option is a combination of salon hair cut and home DIY dying.

To recap on the strategies in use.
1. Buy it cheaper.
2. Make it last longer.
3. Use it less.

Hair Cuts
1. I use a cheaper hair salon than my friend does. Style cut every six weeks @ $18 = $162
2. Have my hair cut every seven weeks then costs Style Cut @$18 = $126
3. Have one style cut to every two hair trims @ $16 each, that’s 3 style cut and 4 trims (7 hair cuts) per year equals $118

Dying Hair
1a. Doing my own DIY dying at home. Box of hair dye cost $16 per box retail. $16 x9 = $144
1b It’s possible to buy discount or discontinued stock for less than 50% off retail price.
Working on that the cost would be about $8 per box. $8 x9 = $72
2a Do the dying after each Hair cut every seven weeks $8 x 7 = $56
3a I divide the dye into two lots by keeping an old dye bottle and pouring ½ the mixture of each
into it and mixing the two formulas in this bottle Cost $4 x 7 = $28 (I have chin length hair.)

Strategies 1 & 1a = $306
Strategies 1 & 1b = $234
Strategies 2 & 1b = $198
Strategies 2 & 3a = $154
Strategies 3 & 3a = $146

Strategies 3 & 3a is a combination of strategies 1 plus 2 and 3 plus 1a plus 1b plus 2a and 3a.

So I am saving over $817 on what my friend is spending for the same service. I am still saving $160 on my own first option. Not only that if I shop around for hair dye, I still get it cheaper then $8.00 per box my last lot cost only $5.95 per box, buying a year’s supply when I find it at good price.

Save money on hair colouring As I’m in the grey hair group and don’t wish to be paler than am, I do choose to dye my hair as close its natural colour as possible. If in time, I choose to go totally grey, I may use this strategy. Allowing my hair to grow in length without dyeing for about 3 months over the winter months, and in late spring have my hair styled in shorter style than I normally have so that the entire dyed colour is cut out. Then wait for another 8 weeks have another style cut. By this time summer will be nearly over when I can start growing a it little longer if choose to do so.

5 Responses to “Spend a Little … Look Great - Lesson Three”

  1. midlight21 Says:

    Tightwad Kitty, you've made a great blow for womankind here! Thanks for posting your thoughts behind your

    I too am a home hair-dyer. I got four boxes for $2.00 a box at a scratch & dent store, and each had $1.00 off coupons inside so back I went to buy out the rest (four more) that they had in my color for $1.00 a box. A Really Nice Buy in my opinion. Had I known the $1.00 off coupon was in the box I might have even gotten it cheaper still, but still it is relatively inexpensive and I touch my roots up once a month, so I'm good for awhile on the HairCare Assets in storage. AND, I still have the four $1.00 coupons for the next time I find a deal on my color.

    My hair is long and grows very VERY slowly so I only go about twice a year for a trim. When I do I usually choose a budget salon.

    It is these small strategies that can truly make a huge difference in two people's bottom lines.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I am able to cut my own & dye my own making one box extend through three applications. I wish I had someone to help me with root touch ups, though. I'd do theirs if they'd do mine.

  3. fern Says:

    I buy revlon color silk for $3 a box at a discount supermarket near me. my problem is, my hair grows so FAST that i really have unsightly roots after just 3 weeks. And i have learned that coloring your hair every 3 weeks does a number on your hair. I try to stretch it to 4 weeks when i can, and i also no longer follow the directions to comb the solution thru the rest of your hair the last 5 minutes.

    i'm in my late 40s and i'm guessing my hair is close to 100% gray/white, just like my older sister, who never colored her hair (brave girl) and just goes au natural.

    i've often wondered how i will at some point make the transition to gray/white hair. I don't want to be coloring it in my 60s, for instance. When i was dating B., his mother still colored her hair brown, and she was in her 70s! It just didn't look natural at all. I think there's a time to just say hey, i'm older than you, get used to it!

    But anyway, how do you do that transition? You'd look like a freak show if you just let it grow out, and yet i can't stand the thought of shocking all those i know by just going from brunette to gray overnight. Any thoughts on this, anyone?

  4. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    That's Why I plan doing it in winter so you can wear a hat if you need too! But it does depend on the lenght of your hair at the time. If I can stand to have my re-growth around the 2 inchs (60mm)mark then by mid spring then it can be cut back to a short hair stylecut for our summer and allowed to grow longer over the summer months.

    Go grey/white gracefully is the aim.


  5. carol hardie Says:

    my hair is bleached silver which i do myself i really want to grow it out so have started to just do regrowth in front and only about half of it the back looks like iv had a frosting i dont know if i can go through with it i havent seen my natural colour for years but im sick of doing the roots every 3 weeks and the expence my daughter is already telling me i look awfull and that doesnt help

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