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Spend a Little … Look Great - Lesson Two

December 18th, 2007 at 12:54 am

Cut out all that waste

Realizing that the make-up that goes on ours faces costs very little.
It’s the half-used items at the back of the drawer that run away with the money.

Try before you buy. Purchase lipstick at counters which have testing stands(usually a larger chemists and stores) and by comparing powder and foundation with of the skin inside your wrist. Here the tone is similar to that of your face.

Use up oddments by remembering…. That two ‘old hat’ lipsticks, worn one on top of the other can give you two brand new shades… that using a light lipstick can soften a too- bright colour… that by mixing face powder oddments of similar texture on a huge sheet of paper you can blend a new shade to tone with your skin colour.

Apply make-up correctly …. Good for your budget and your looks. Use a little eye-make-up on one or two “perfecting your technique” sessions. Comes much less expensive in the long run than constant start-again mistakes. Use foundation as thinly as possible; slide it on over moisturizer and blend it well. Loose powder must be applied generously to stay put, so don’t try to economize here. But good initial application does cut out the use of any more powder for re-touching.

Start a swop group with your friends –getting together every now and then to exchange beauty gifts that aren’t quite you, or unsuccessful experiment buys. One girl’s cosmetic mistake can be another girl’s perfect buy!

Here are my views on above text.

Half-used items at the back of the drawer. Learn by your mistakes, and remember that today fashions are changing so fast that this will happen if you let latest fashion control your make-up drawer or bag. Something new is coming out daily. Try to find what’s best for you and update to the new trends very slowly.

Try before you buy. This is the best trick of all, use all those testers before you decide to buy. Even if it’s not at the store you are trying on the tester. Even try to a get a free make up done if it’s offered in your area. This will help you see if the new trends look good on you.

Use up oddments These tricks has been around are good if you do make a mistake or are given some free make-up items with you buy or spend $X with some cosmetic companies

Apply make-up correctly …. Look at some magazines for ideas and new tricks in applying make-up correctly.

Start a swop group with your friends. This one tip is the one would be worried about. It’s ok the swop items that have very been use, but not half used items are bacteria can grow on make-up and how old the make-up is in the first place.

Lesson Three to follow

No spending today.

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