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Update on - Easy Tuna Dish

January 1st, 2008 at 01:37 am

I did try this recipe and modified it a little.
As I cook only for one, I made up only half the recipe

Easy Tuna Dish (Modified)
Serve 2 - Double recipe for 4 servings

1 small (95g) can chunky tuna in spring water or brine, drained
2g Chinese dried mushroom soaked for 5 minutes then drained
or 1/2 can small of sliced mushroom, drained
1/2 can cream of chicken, celery or asparagus soup, undiluted
1/2 can (440g) pineapple pieces in juice. Drained and reserve juice if you need any liquid
Cooked boiled rice (Heated)

Open all cans and measure required amounts.
Just blend the ingredients gently in a saucepan or microwave dish and heat through.
Serve with boiled rice or fried noodles.

I have made the original recipe twice now.
Taste is a little more on pineapple side; it does have a yellow look but tastes ok.

Ideal if you need to just mixed a few cans together and you have no refrigeration.

Other variations:

Add some green beans or peas if you have them.
Instead of pineapple use dried apricots, cropped, soaked and drained.
Instead of can tuna or salmon try chopped spam or ham, all do come in cans!
Instead of rice or fried noodles try 2 minutes without seasoning.
This recipe is becoming a mix 'n' match one. It's a recipe ideal for living off your pantry or camping supplies.

Another No Spending Day

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