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Portion Control for Solo Cooking

May 22nd, 2006 at 03:35 pm

Weight Control: Portion Control for Solo Cooking

My Motto:
Portion control of servings is the key to weight control and weight loss plus exercise. No second helpings, Thank you. Eat unflavored popcorn if hungry and to save money.

I have lost 9 kilos in the past year on portion control and with low-fat choices with losing 250-500g at a time. Its the same way that I put on the weight so I am taking it off that way too! Want I was doing was eating the same 4 portions as if it was 2-3 portions.

How to get around this is by serving up the extra portions along with meals then put them straight into the refrigerator or freezer before you eat, is best way of not have extra around when cooking 4 servings in single person household.

Look at the serving size then divide by that or more. If the recipe says 500g meat put in 300g then add more vegetables or filler. You may get an extra serve as well!

If the can of buttered Mushrooms serve 4 then divide it up into 4 then freeze the extra servings. I would have bought the smaller can of mushroom then eat the lot! All 2 servings. Oh these little tricks that we learn.

My Mother once asked, How do you get enough for lunch next day out of roasted chicken. The reply was I serve it up first or as if its another serving!

We once put out 2kg of ham for eight people along with table full food. One person had the lot! He said I like ham off the bone. Guess who didnt bring a plate along?

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