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Paying bills on pension day

May 28th, 2006 at 01:43 am

Friday was pension day, so itís the day that I allocate to pay any bills that I have what are due in the next fortnight. I keep my bill money in the Pension A/c until I have too much over for next lots of bills. Then I will transfer balance allotted for bills out for future large bills at the end of the year.

Instead of working out how much for each bill for each pay. I use annual totals instead plus 10% system then allot the grand total divide by 26 for bills each pay, itís more than half my pension each time. I am not allow to spend this amount on anything other than bills and credit cards if the bill was paid via credit card so that now I pay my credit card out of Bill A/C because that is all that itís used for now! I only pay an annual fee on my credit card, which is budgeted for and no interest on CC as it paid in full each month. My Internet has to be paid by direct debit via CC only.

Today billís are Electricity Bill $139.10 saving $16.00 on the last bill.
Car Club Míship $58.00
Personal Accident Insurance $87.45 Annual saving $7.95
Total $284.55 with left $141.43 for bills this pay.

Two of the Billís had to be paid by Cheques so I needed to go to the bank for these. Normally you pay $6.00 each for them, as I am a pensioner they are FREE (see below). Saving $12.00.

Bill still to come is Chiro $421.00 in next this pension pay period.

How do I get around this without taking out of my saving bank A/C?

Simple pay off the credit card first before I put the Chiro on to it, which has been done. Deposit $140 + medical refund in CC when the bank opens. Then pay the balance out of the next two pays amounts for Bill A/c before the interest is due! I am lucky that all the dates are right to do this. I have only one bill due before the end June that I can be pay out of my grocery allotment. If am short. This is how I use my CC to my advantage. But you must have a ($0) zero balance to do it.

I only pay my credit card annual fee to the banks, I have no other fees including interest as I paid off my CC each month. I donít pay account keeping fees even, which is here around $5.00 per month on all banking accounts if you havenít found away to get around it. I am lucky that I am on a pension as I have a pensioner fee FREE A/C and free bank Cheques, which are normally $6.00 each. (Saving $120 on bank fees. Allowing $10 each month in saving tally.) I may open another account online in the future so I can keep my EF & saving out of my Bill A/C. But there is so much red tape to do it when you are on a pension.

I did have to go to Westfieldís Shopping Centre by car to pay one of the bills there. So I did a little shopping and had lunch there too! Lunch, I only saved $4.90 on coffee, as I had no vouchers left. Bought few Sympathy cards for my Bulk Assets box. Saving $8.00 on buying them at a newsagent each time. Had my exercise for the day while there, once around both levels.

Spend more money on groceries on Cereals & Bacon on the way home at Aldi. Saving $3.00.

Went shopping at night DF-D only bought a gift for DS & Coffee in the markdown area saving $4.00 While DF-D spent well over $130.00, I only spent $8.00 mostly of that was not Food.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk with LSA Prunes 4 Honey Puffs Coffee 65c
LUNCH Crackers with Hummus & Cheese with Mango Chutney Coffee 40c
DINNER Mini Salmon Loaf with Tomato Sauce & Vegetables, Yogurt & LSA Coffee $1.50

Todayís Full price Tally $ 318.65
Todayís Savings - $65.85
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $39.70
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $1416.54

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