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Climate Smart Meter & Solar Panels

December 5th, 2009 at 08:02 pm

About 12 months ago I got a Climate Smart Meter Power checker installed here, one of our state government deals to reduce power usage here. Its a device that checks how much power you are using that minute and it cost. I needed do a battery change a few months back so the pricing got changed by accident and now is out by a few cents for each watt. Not that I am worried that much as the power cost has gone up since then and its in the pipeline that its to go up a lot more over next few years something like 25% more.

My hot water is not on this tariff but still shows on the climate smart power meter, when this is on 49c less any phantom power and then if you put anything else then its more. I am averaging around 12.6c most of the time. Lowest before charging batteries was about 1.6c but now is about 2.35c at night with no hot water on and just phantom power for things that needs to be still on and with no fridges or freezer on.

A few months ago I got six solar panels installed here, another government grants to the tune of $8000 plus our state government working on bulk order deal that in the end costing to low income earners a few hundred dollars to have installed this offer is now over. After nearly two months our energy supplier finely came and installed the new meter so that I can get rebates on any extra solar power that is sent to the grid because I wasnt using it. Daytime power is now mostly solar powered and I even sending some back to the grid.

Its now 14 days since that meter box was changed. I have use 83kW of grid power and generated 56kW of solar power and sent to the grid 16kW on top of what I have used. I am averaging 1/3 solar and 2/3 grid kW use per day. I have been monitoring it for 78 days now, so I can see a pattern forming of using 8 to 9 kW on grid power and generating between 4 -5.9 kW of solar power per day..

Last summer I was using 16.27kW per day with very mild use of an Air Con at times when temps got over 34C inside the house.

So in all it will cut my bill down to a bearable price and ever more if I get solar hot water installed next year as my name is down for another grant for that one too! I would never be able to afford it if I had to pay full price. So I have done my little bit for Climate Change in this household but I will be on the look out to do more in the future.

Costing of all is well over $9500 in the end I am out of pocket only $355 including the Climate Smart Meter which I got a refund of the cost from the local council.

Still to come is the Solar Hot Water worth over $2500 out of cost I am told will be with senior discount around $100 out of pocket. Which checking my inbox just a while ago I am just now waiting for the grant approval then it will just need to wait my turn for installing.

With all these schemes will, its hope save on building extra coal power stations in the near future. We do have the sunshine here as I am getting over 13 hours per day with my solar panels now!

Leonardo da Vinci Machines exhibition

September 5th, 2009 at 02:40 pm

Boy! Time get away with you doesnt it. I have had a quite few weeks here.

I did go to see the Leonardo da Vinci Codices & Machines exhibition here a few weeks ago with my son. It was expensive but worth it as he was my most favourite inventor and being self taught my most creative influence as I had to teach myself many thing over my life time and are still learning come to that.

Spending for this exhibition - concession fee $15.00 plus I allow myself to indulge on one book and DVD. So I bought the last catalogue they had $50.00 and DVD -DA Vinci Genius- $28.00 so all up cost $93. If I am ok this week, I will take myself off to the Art Gallery to see exhibition that is ending this month.

Its the end of the financial year here!

June 29th, 2009 at 03:25 am

Not that it make much difference to me but a lot of other things are happening as well to make the cost of living higher around here.

For one our state government has had an 8 cents a litre state tax subsidy on fuel here for many years now but come the 1st July it will be gone. This will increase the cost of not only fuel but cost of most things too! As our State was the only one that did not have this extra tax on fuel, it will an eye opener to the others states if the transport and supermarkets in Australia were averaging their prices with our states fuel subsidy because at times our prices for fuel were still higher then some of the other states. Someone was making money on this subsidy and not our state motorist. I see it as putting all the states on a level playing fielding but others see it as a rip off by the our state government for taking it off. Time will tell as their say.

Another price rise will be electricity price will be going up so will need to watch my power consumption until I get solar power installed. I still dont know how much but will review my contract with my supplier when I get an idea of how much. If I can get a better deal then I can change suppliers.

Another expense that is coming in on 1st July will Cat Licence this will be a problem as my cats do not like collars at all.

With all the rises that are coming in like rates, water, fares and everyday cost of living with fuel subsidy coming off even I will need take stock of everything and find more money out of my pension to pay all of it. Luckily single pensioners are getting a pay rise in September but there will not be much leftover in the end.

Take Car or Bus

October 7th, 2008 at 12:54 pm

Well I didn't go to the city last week for my monthly lunch date as planned. But I needed to pay my credit card as it was due.

Instead of taking the car as usual with cost of gas the days, I took the bus and went into the city costing $2.20 for senior off peak day trip ticket.

The plan was to pay the credit card in full and take some cash of the bank and buy a pair of hosiery, but first as it was lunch time so I walked up the casino for lunch as at treat. The first thing was to play to machines for 5 minutes before I go to lunch. I like to play on one machine (1c only ones I play) if its not being used. I put my $2.00 in after 6 spins the jacket pot spin came up winning enough to play for 15 minute and a free lunch of Chicken Schnitzel with chips & salad, coming out even.

Later I went off to do my banking and the shopping for my friend.

My days outing cost $2.20 fare plus $60 on the credit card. Free a lunch and playing pokies, good walk down the Mall and three hours out of the house.

Shopping Today

February 14th, 2008 at 02:30 am

I went to the city today. Visit to the Chiro and to pay my car insurance which is due next week. Went to Hungry Jack for lunch again, having burger, coffee and ice cream as the coffee was Free, so costing $2.40 only. I did buy some batteries that I need to replace. I went and bought some birthday gifts at chemist as they had them on for buy one get lowest price free, what you do when they do this, you buy both at same price so you getting at least 50% off. I got two toiletries gift boxes that were a great price $7.48 each so I only paid $7.48 for both.

So I spend money today
Total Money spent today $555.90 (my cash outlay)
Savings $stretch $9.93

Update on No Spending Month

February 10th, 2008 at 04:27 am

Well I did spend a little today; I had to go to the city.

Afterwards I checked out the supermarket for markdown goods while there and spent about $5.00 on clearance food lines, saving around $11.00 there.
I did drop into the op shop on the way home and bought some more books 3 cookbooks for 50c each saving around $30.00 here on Reg. Price.

I did go to Hungry Jack for Coffee (free) and had a burger & cone as well. Cost $2.40 saving $2.45 here.
Not bad but not good when you think about it, a little of no will power.

So I spend money today
Total Money spent today $8.90 (my cash outlay)
Savings $stretch $43.45

No Spending Days:- 8

Weekly Main Meal Menu

Sunday ~ Tuna Pasta with Salad
Monday ~ Leftovers night
Tuesday ~ Apricot Chicken with Rice
Wednesday ~ Omelet with Shredded Cheese and Salad
Thursday ~ Steak with Onions & Grilled Tomato
Friday ~ Salmon Patties with Vegetables
Saturday ~ Chicken Schnitzel & Egg with Vegetables

Spending more on my books.

August 12th, 2007 at 01:48 am

Well itís almost two week since I lasted posted here.

I have been to EKKA again this year, which is on now. I wrote about it in last year August 2006 blog. I spent around $40.00 this time and $20 was on books.

Today I went to the second hand bookstore near my home and bought all the back dated copies of Australian Gourmet Travellers, which I collect. I bought around 35 copies this time. 5 for $2.00 which is good buy as they are new $7.95 each.

I got a free coffee again today - saving $2.45

Todayís Senior Card Savings - $2.45
Add to total $20 Challenge $89.95
My Spending today $54.00

Lunch out with ex-work friends today.

July 25th, 2007 at 02:51 am

In the city today, paid my credit card off again in full and paid another bill too!

We went to the Sizzlerís again, just having the salad bar & drinks today $11.95 as they have put the price up again. Saving $2.80 with my senior card. Even though I went to five other places to buy things on my list not one had them anything I wanted so I just walked out again.

Lucky I did as when I left this morning, I was having trouble with hot water system, it over 13 year old so it a replacement job. The thermostat is gone I think, and the $200 to fix it for around 2 years is not worth it. As it only will cost about $600 Ė700 to replace it for next 10 years plus. Life span is around 10-15 years for an electric hot water system. It not economical for me, to buy solar hot water system at $4000 and only $1000 rebate with about same life span.

Why I know it needs to be replace is for the last few weeks it been just eating the kWh big time. I have been reading the meter every few days, have use 68 kWh since Saturday, and had NO hot water when I went to shower this morning and I used so little hot water in that time too! It took over 20 minutes to fill the tank until it overflowed, then I read it and check the meter box was on too! When I came home this afternoon I read it again I had use 13 kWh in 7 hours which means that thermostat is not turn off when hot and all I am getting is the laundry full of steam instead. I rang the energy company and found when the next power reading is and as I am 100kWh over now and still 4 weeks to ago before next reading. I spoke to a plumber, we will buy one and replace it on Saturday. In the meantime the power tariff that is on 24/7 used only 12 kWh in all this time since Saturday with 2 large refrigerators & chest freezer as well all the lights, TVís & computer etc. So another Major project expense this week, lucky I bank that $1000 rebate a few weeks ago.

Todayís Senior Card Savings - $2.80
Add to total $20 Challenge $87.50

Shopping again & menu

July 1st, 2007 at 02:01 am

I went shopping this weekend, and bought heaps of fruit & vegetables as the Granny Smiths Apples, brown onions, sweet potatoes were only 79c kg. So I bought a lot of them as I have dehydrator with 10 trays so I will be over next few days, I took over 3 hours to cut and lay out seven trays today. I had to cut them up very finely for what I need them for, as I am making seasoning mixers. I have to do the onions on they own but the others can be done together. I also bought celery, peppers, & kiwi fruit. I will do the apples & kiwi fruit together then get around to them. Dried apple slices are 250g for $2.99. Before I went shopping, I went to Hungry Jackís and got a free coffee and single cone 40c, with my senior card. Saving $2.45 here.

Weekly Main Meal Menu
Sunday ~ Ham Omelette with Tomato Salsa
Monday ~ Chilli Con Care & Corn Chips
Tuesday ~ Chicken Schnitzel with Tomato Salsa & Steamed Vegetables.
Wednesday ~ Pea & Ham Soup & Toast
Thursday ~ Spaghetti Bolognese
Friday ~ Poached Fish with Steamed Vegetables
Saturday ~ Thai Satay Chicken with Steamed Rice & Green tea

Adding Coins $20 challenge -$12.50
Todayís Senior Card Savings - $2.45
Add to total $20 Challenge $84.70
My Spending today $35.56
Any Savings today $12.45

Lunch in the city today!

June 27th, 2007 at 12:15 am

I went to the city to have lunch with my ex-work friends today! We went to Sizzlerís as usual, I just had the salad bar. Saving $2.00 with my senior discount so that another $2.00 for $20 challenge.

I did pay my credit card balance off in full. But as my internet bill was not on this, I had to ring to fine out why and make sure that I wasnít cut off at end of this month. They did as no I would be and I would be charged for last month & next month on the next bill. Not happy with that but it was they problem not mine!

I bought some markdown organic pasta 1kg saving $1.50 and bacon bones to make pea & ham soup to-morrow.

Yesterday it rained all day but only light showers, my tank is full again! I now have enough water to last for a few months if didnít rain for a while. I will use only full recycle & tank water for the next month or so.

Todayís Senior Card Savings - $2.00
Add to total$20 Challenge $69.30
My Spending today $445.00
Any Savings today $3.50