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Long day making pasta and tiding workshop

March 14th, 2008 at 03:43 am

I had a very busy morning; first I spent 5 hours with my Italian DF-M, as she is elderly and wanted to make pasta today. So we were up at first light this morning making and rolling pasta for Easter. It was just the two of us do this today.

After having lunch I started working on an area in my workshop. I got to put some stuff away into they right place after I had finished the painting the other day. With that lot cleared it made way so that I could get to the area that I wished to clear out. I did half this area today which took about 2 hours so far. I needed to put some wood away that I would need to repair the outside of the house what was sitting the corner from my door project a year ago. If I ever get dry rot I will have matching boards to replace with and I do have the storage there.

Shopping and Cooking Broth

March 9th, 2008 at 12:45 am

I did go and pay my power bill this week and did a little shopping too! Bought beef soup bones and made a Meat & Vegetable Broth (Soup) and I got 8serving, so I will have a few meals for lunch time. I just add 2 multigrain toast with butter and vegemite. I know that black stuff us Aussie love. I just have a little not a lot. I did find a soup recipe for marmite soup while I was looking for a recipe for the beef soup bones recipe. Not to many around now I had to go back to the 1950's for the recipe. It's not a fancy recipe but more like a recession recipe with very little meat in it. Post recipe soon.

I finished painting the door is done, it looks good too, it just needs my friend to come back and put it back up. It's far too heavy for me to do and it's to go on the top of flight of stairs too!

Weekly Main Meal Menu
Sunday ~Apricot Chicken with rice
Monday ~ Steak with Onions & Grilled Tomato
Tuesday ~ Omelet with salad
Wednesday ~ Leftovers night
Thursday ~ Chicken Schnitzel & Egg with Vegetables
Friday ~ Salmon Patties with Vegetables
Saturday ~ Kangaroo Steak with Mushroom Sauce & Vegetables



Back to Door Painting again

March 6th, 2008 at 02:13 am

Today my handyman friend arrived and took off my back screen door that was showing signs of weather over 20 years needing new fly screen and painting, as it was full of rust which was surface rust only. After remove the rust and fixing the fly screen panel which is separate piece. I put the first coat of metal primer on today and over the next few days I will be putting on next two coats before my friend come back to put it back up as this door is very heavy and need more than one person to put it back in place.

No spending days this month:- 4

2008 My Year for a Frugal Challenge

December 28th, 2007 at 12:39 am

Iím planning a frugal year for 2008 so itís to spend wisely and only on needs, planned purchases and emergency replacements, so if I can do without it I will.

So planning a very minimum frugal year using what in the house or can be borrowed. This includes some food items, laundry & toilet paper, toiletries, linen, household goods, cookware, books, clothes & underwear etc, (buying only if I change sizes too much in clothing).

~ No Spending but for planned items. (If I have an item in the house or can borrow it, then Iím to use that first.)
~ Have my credit card at Zero balance by end of the each month.
~ Come under budget each month and deposit into the online accounts any leftover amounts.
~ Pay All Due Bills on pension days or ahead of time. (As my budget is now in Excel, I can see a working model of these figures. When due and approx amount needed for each month.)
~ As I have two gift vouchers from Christmas so that I can buy items on my need list or items for next Christmas gifts as one is a store voucher for January only. I do limit myself to extra $10.00 only if buying gifts for others.
~ Chiro visit (one every 4 weeks)
~ Known outings are budgeted for, as social events.
~ Making and setting up emergency survival kit & resources.
~ Saving as much cash I can for a new stove & oven later in the year. (Nothing fancy)

I have only two major projects other than new stove on the calendar next year, one is a must do (I have funding saved), and the other could go one more year. Both cost thousands of dollars and on a pension with limited fund I need to come up with little challenges to make them happen.

What's New!

October 13th, 2007 at 02:30 pm

Well I have been off learning to use my new computer and printer; I did fine some free online lessons so I have been doing these for the past two weeks.


As for spending I went out and bought myself a new Kodak C763 Camera last week. Saving over $140 on RRP when not on special.

I will have to stop spending for now as I have some large bills due next month.

I will drop in at the end of this month.


Itís time for an update!

September 23rd, 2007 at 03:42 am

Well I have been busy looking at my next major project.

Unlike most people living on limited income, I believe in buying the best quality products for my money that I have to spend and not spending to save money by buying the cheapest I can get.

Iím updating my computer, printer, & programs this time. After checking out what was available for the price that I wanted to pay! I found one that I had made up to what I wanted. I was able to buy all branded parts just over my total budget $1500 cash only. On Programs Window Office 2007 & anti-virus programs, I saved $220 on top prices quoted. Printer I got one that I could print in black only, and refill the ink. Saved $20 as it went on special the day before I picked up the computer and USB data stick 2GB saved $13
HP Pavilion or Dell had for the same money only, had 512MB Ram and Memory 80G to 200G in $1000 to $1500 range with paying for expended warranty extra.

My computer has Ram 1G, Memory 250G with fast drive, 19 inch LP flat screen monitor including Window ģ XP Home, floppy drive, optical keyboard & mouse,
DVD burner, safety power pack and temperature warning system plus five years labor warranty and including help to exchange data from old to new computer, loading all the programs.

On what I got included in one computer that I bought, saved about $900 on one with same standard components around $2000 mark.

Computer $1044 - saved $900
Programs $305 - saved $220
Printer $69 - saved $20
USB data stick $27- saved $13
Office 2007 book $27 -saved $13
Warranty - Free - saved $248
Safety power board- $149 - top of range
Total spent $1594 Total saved $1414
saving 47%
Over budget by $94

(If I had paid by credit card that would have been extra 3% charge of $37.29)

So now itís back to saving for a holiday next.

My Last Refund Arrived

September 9th, 2007 at 02:22 am

During the last week my last refund for my tank arrived, $500. Bring the total to $1500, therefore the water tank cost $90 out of my own pocket, and itís full with rainwater as we had rain in the last few weeks.

I have been saving money with my medical bills also, as I have been to a number of different specialists and have had a number scans. So far as Iím on a pension and most but not all doctors do charge a different rate. It has just cost so far $105 out of my pocket, but without these rebates & Medicare on these services would have cost over $1000.

I will have to get back to writing more regularly as then I will keep to being on track a lot better.

Finally my lawn mower died!

August 19th, 2007 at 02:36 am

So today, I went to Bunnings our major hardware to check out the prices. About 3 years ago I was thinking that I had to buy one then, so I had worked out which one I was buying and how much I would pay for it. You can get many cheaper lawn mowers but as this one I hope will last one I will be buying if it last as long the last one. It was coming up to about 30 years plus, and it came with the house when I bought it.

I had motor fix a few years ago hoping it would last around 10 years that was about 6 years ago. I decided when I had to pay any more money on this one it was dead. It has been breaking down and pieces falling off over that time.

As I just went in to look as I was there on Monday was a friend, and saw that brand on special for $419 so I went back today to see which one it was! It was not the one I wanted but one down from it, so I check the price on my chosen one and found it was $50.00 off the price since I last price it six month ago. I had set my mind that was close to what I would have to pay for it around $500, so I did buy it today for $449. I got one made in Australia too! The company is planning to make them in China next year. Three years ago they were around $489 so something has come down in price. I had to put it on my credit card but I will have it paid off before bill comes in. I have save for this lawn mower three times then had to buy some else so I just got it, as it would has cost between $35 - $ 50 to pay someone to mow my lawn every three weeks just to mow weeds. I spent some more money on a few odd & ends that I found there for my garden too!

Weekly Main Meal Menu
Sunday ~ Pea & Ham Soup with toast
Monday ~ Chicken Mustard with Rice.
Tuesday ~ Garlic Chicken Schnitzel with Tomato Salsa & Steamed Vegetables.
Wednesday ~ Hot Beef Curry with Rice.
Thursday ~ Chilli Con Care & Corn Chips
Friday ~ Sweet & Sour Fish with Rice (Pineapple & Vegetable.)
Saturday ~ Scramble Eggs on Toast

My Spending today $489.00

Hot Water System update

August 1st, 2007 at 11:40 pm

Well I did get my Hot Water System put in last Saturday, all is well and working as it should. I was lucky as the plumber that bought & put it in for me is a son of one my neighborís that do watch from time to time. So now I owe him some of my time as he didnít charge me for the work of putting it in just bought the best one in that style, as they are three grades each one cheaper each other and not as strong. This one has thicker copper tank so Iím told. So I was out of pocket by $625.00. I had that money put aside for such emergency so no big deal on the money front. I do try to budget, some money for that kind of problem knowing that a lot of my appliances are on the old side and will need to replace in the near future. What is next, it should be a computer & lawn mower in that order with stove and washing machine coming in after that. Only a microwave will be bought straight away.

I will try coming on here bit more regular and update starting a fresh.

My Spending today $625.00

Lunch out with ex-work friends today.

July 25th, 2007 at 02:51 am

In the city today, paid my credit card off again in full and paid another bill too!

We went to the Sizzlerís again, just having the salad bar & drinks today $11.95 as they have put the price up again. Saving $2.80 with my senior card. Even though I went to five other places to buy things on my list not one had them anything I wanted so I just walked out again.

Lucky I did as when I left this morning, I was having trouble with hot water system, it over 13 year old so it a replacement job. The thermostat is gone I think, and the $200 to fix it for around 2 years is not worth it. As it only will cost about $600 Ė700 to replace it for next 10 years plus. Life span is around 10-15 years for an electric hot water system. It not economical for me, to buy solar hot water system at $4000 and only $1000 rebate with about same life span.

Why I know it needs to be replace is for the last few weeks it been just eating the kWh big time. I have been reading the meter every few days, have use 68 kWh since Saturday, and had NO hot water when I went to shower this morning and I used so little hot water in that time too! It took over 20 minutes to fill the tank until it overflowed, then I read it and check the meter box was on too! When I came home this afternoon I read it again I had use 13 kWh in 7 hours which means that thermostat is not turn off when hot and all I am getting is the laundry full of steam instead. I rang the energy company and found when the next power reading is and as I am 100kWh over now and still 4 weeks to ago before next reading. I spoke to a plumber, we will buy one and replace it on Saturday. In the meantime the power tariff that is on 24/7 used only 12 kWh in all this time since Saturday with 2 large refrigerators & chest freezer as well all the lights, TVís & computer etc. So another Major project expense this week, lucky I bank that $1000 rebate a few weeks ago.

Todayís Senior Card Savings - $2.80
Add to total $20 Challenge $87.50