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Long day making pasta and tiding workshop

March 14th, 2008 at 03:43 am

I had a very busy morning; first I spent 5 hours with my Italian DF-M, as she is elderly and wanted to make pasta today. So we were up at first light this morning making and rolling pasta for Easter. It was just the two of us do this today.

After having lunch I started working on an area in my workshop. I got to put some stuff away into they right place after I had finished the painting the other day. With that lot cleared it made way so that I could get to the area that I wished to clear out. I did half this area today which took about 2 hours so far. I needed to put some wood away that I would need to repair the outside of the house what was sitting the corner from my door project a year ago. If I ever get dry rot I will have matching boards to replace with and I do have the storage there.

2 Responses to “Long day making pasta and tiding workshop”

  1. DeniseNTexas Says:

    I haven't much experience making pasta though I did make some years ago and still make homemade egg noodles. I'd love to learn more about pasta making. Maybe that's something I'll work on this spring.

    Sounds like you had a long, busy, and productive day. Smile

  2. carol Says:

    last night i watched an old tape i have of Keith
    Floyd in Italy showing an elderly italian lady making pasta,she made it look so easy as she had been making it since she was a young women,i,v never tried to make it as it is so cheap to buy in the supermarket,i think it would be lovely to make some from start to finish and say you have made it yourself to your friends when they come for dinner.

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