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So much a like

July 23rd, 2006 at 01:21 am

As we needed to stay up so that DS & DIL could call in then they arrived home from trip up north for the weekend. (Visiting around 11pm at night.)

It’s Girl’s night on my computer and packing up a large owl, I gave her to take home. It’s funny that both of us have a collection of owls and never had any idea that the other collected them.

We are the same in liking old things so I know that some old family treasures may be heading her way in the future.

It’s funny that many a niece in our family takes after and look like their auntie than they own parents. Even when they a raised in another state or country. Many a times in the past when you put all cousins in the same room with they mothers and aunts, a stranger will always get it wrong when ask to pick mothers and daughters.

Portion Control for Solo Cooking

May 22nd, 2006 at 03:35 pm

Weight Control: Portion Control for Solo Cooking

My Motto:
Portion control of servings is the key to weight control and weight loss plus exercise. No second helpings, Thank you. Eat unflavored popcorn if hungry and to save money.

I have lost 9 kilos in the past year on portion control and with low-fat choices with losing 250-500g at a time. It’s the same way that I put on the weight so I am taking it off that way too! Want I was doing was eating the same 4 portions as if it was 2-3 portions.

How to get around this is by serving up the extra portions along with meals then put them straight into the refrigerator or freezer before you eat, is best way of not have extra around when cooking 4 servings in single person household.

Look at the serving size then divide by that or more. If the recipe says 500g meat put in 300g then add more vegetables or filler. You may get an extra serve as well!

If the can of buttered Mushrooms serve 4 then divide it up into 4 then freeze the extra servings. I would have bought the smaller can of mushroom then eat the lot! All 2 servings. Oh these little tricks that we learn.

My Mother once asked, “How do you get enough for lunch next day out of roasted chicken.” The reply was “I serve it up first or as if it’s another serving!”

We once put out 2kg of ham for eight people along with table full food. One person had the lot! He said “I like ham off the bone.” Guess who didn’t bring a plate along?

What happens to your savings plan when feeling low!

May 17th, 2006 at 03:28 am

I am feeling a little better today, so long walk is need here! Paying my phone bill will do the trick! WRONG, it just gave my “I am feeling low mood” free rein to spend a little money more than I did yesterday too! I saw in the flyer for local sight & sound store here that DVD were on sale for three DVD titles that is on my want to buy list, not on my need to buy list. Oh it’s was Mother Day last Sunday and didn’t get a present Boo-hoo! (I am getting it in June, when I my DS & DIL come home from their trip to Europe.) Two of the titles were still there, so what did I do Yes, bought both to view later, if I ever get off the computer. One was new movie version ‘Pride & Prejudice’ $39.95 - SP $16.95 and the other ‘Paradise Road’ Reg. $14.95 - SP $6.95.

Why did I buy ‘Paradise Road’ DVD. Here is a little tale of my childhood growing up in suburbia. My favourite radio serial as a child on Sunday night was the ‘White Coolies’ about Australian nurses that were prisoners of war in WWII. Out of all radio serials of that time and listening to Voice of America and BBC on short wave in Dad’s Garage is all that I can remember now! Today, children have their Game boys, X-boxes, Play Stations 3 etc. I had my radio and a short wave one at that! And for girl of ten that was rare then to sit for hours listening to short wave. Even if your distant cousin was a radio presenter on the local radio station and your younger sister listened to rock & roll on house radio and record player and worn out the carpet dancing to it too!

So much for musing of my childhood, back to my walk & shopping trip. After that I went to pay my phone bill and buy some Yogurt and apples for the week. Both were on special too!

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Apple 80c
LUNCH Crackers with Cheese and Tomato Orange Coffee 70c
DINNER Corn Cob 3 Chicken Kebabs & Salad $2.00

Today’s Full price Tally $100.32
Today’s Savings - $35.26
Bulk Food Replacement Fund - $14.25
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally - $1080.00

Bridget's Petticoat

May 1st, 2006 at 10:47 pm

When I was writing up a piece for the ‘Re-reading Tightwad Gazette’ in the forum. My mind started to wander to some frugal stories from past generations handed down over time. So I thought that I would now and then, past on a story or two.

There is a story in my mother’s family about my great grandmother Bridget petticoat. She was immigrant from Tipperary in Ireland around 1884 to Australia, and pasted away before I was born.

She would tell all & sundry (everyone) “My petticoat has lasted me, 65 years it came up out with me on the sailing ship, why do I need new one.” The family explained, yes it did last 65 years, but with seven charges of new linen and five charges of new lace in that time. But it still in her eyes, it was the same petticoat. She was lucky that two of her daughters & a grand daughter were dressmakers and also did very fine crochet, I am lucky to have some of they crochet tablecloths still today. That is what I call being Frugally Creative.

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