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4th Monthly Financial Summery for 2015

June 11th, 2015 at 09:12 am

Here is my summery for April.

I have updated my Excel finally so here are the figures for last month; I have been quite busy here.

This for period of 28 days each as I work on 28 day cycles, my dates may be out to calendar months so here are the figures that will bring it up to date as its very near the end of next 28 day cycle.

Reviewing my monthly daily living allowance

Review for April budget.
These are the categories for this challenge.

Items === Approx. Budget===Spent

Eating out===$35=====$62.75
Groceries===$125=== =$103.45
Clothes ====$35
Grooming===$20 =====$23.96
HH items===$40======$15.75
Fares== ====$15
Entrainments== $15
Garden =====$15
Gifts & Donations ==$35====$52.00
Medical & Diabetes Expenses ===$70
Misc ======$10
Personal Allowance =$90 ===$51.11

Note only one amount is a No Spend

No Spending Days 13 of 28 days

Budgeted for this period $550 spent $335.42 under by $214.58 on general spending.

This saving went into medical bills over this period.

Personal allowance covers health drinks, lotto, books, stamps, craft and hobby supplies.

Eating out including meals out with family and friends, we all go Dutch.

My credit cards are still paid in full each month; it was $30.00 this period.

Grocery allotment $125 for each period it was under by $21.55 this period.

Strategy - Review your bills every six months so that you are still saving money with your changes that you made since renewed or changed bill companies. Change your habits if you can't change the company.

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