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Annual Budget Report for 2013

January 25th, 2014 at 12:08 am

Annual Summary Daily Living Allowance parts of my budget for 2013

Here are my final totals for last year.

Eating out- $455---------- $497.84---------over target by $42.84
Groceries -$1625-----------$1390.22 ------under target by $234.78
Non-Food -$195------------ $85.01 ---------under target by $109.99
Clothes -$455---------------$65.00 --------under target by $390.00
Grooming -$260-------------$80.98--------under target by $179.02
Gas -$260------------------- $173.81------- -under target by $86.19
HH items -$520-------------- $504.44 ----- under target by $15.56
Fares -$195-------------------$146.76 ------- under target by $48.24
Entrainment -$195-----------$79.50-------- under target by $115.50
Garden-$195------------------$158.40-----------under target by $36.60
Gift & Donations -$455-------$262.68 ---------under target by $192.32
Medical & Diabetic-$910------$1999.54 -------over target by $1089.54
Misc. -$130--------------------$2.00 -----------under target by $128.00
Personal Allowance-$1170----$648.43 --------under target by $521.57

Daily Living Allowance allotted amount for 2013 was $7150 and I spent total $6094.61 under target by $1055.39 I will review some categories for 2014.

Even with being over in two categories, I still manage to come under my budget allotment for 2013.
I had dental work done with no rebate for one of them. Going to a Hotel for Christmas dinner was another expense I didn't count on.

This does give me the idea that I am subconsciously set myself amount to spend then holding back on some things if I think that I have to cut on my spending because I spent a lot more in one area that was needed like the medical with a lot of pocket expense or having major renovations done it would have to be a lean year with another lean year in 2014.

One thing this summery proves that averaging out over whole year is better than worry if you go over month as you can try to cut on other months.

Ok this Daily Living Allowance is the area that I will be working on to stretch and find any extra money I can. I also am looking at cutting back other on bills where I can. We will have a very large hike in medical and household insurances this coming year as I haven't received the bill, I don't know how much it will be as yet!

I know that my medical out of pocket costs will much higher for 2014 in there will be Dentist, 2 specialists visits with out of pocket. So I will just track out of pocket medical, medicine and vitamins, glasses and diabetic section in this section of Daily Living Allowance. Allowing around $1500 for these items in next year tallies.

No Spending Days 174 of 365 days

Strategy - Review your bills every six months that you are still saving money with your changes that you made since renewed or changed bill companies. Change your habits if you can’t change the company.

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