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Quite weekend here

March 29th, 2013 at 03:27 am

Its Easter weekend and we have two days with most things closed shops included. Today was one of them not that I mind as I not planning to do anything much in the way of going out. I visited two of my neighbours and had a visit from a lady who is a near neighbour asking could she have some greenery from my garden for her floral arrangements for the family gathering on Saturday it Hangi they are New Zealand Maori. I didn’t mind as I am pruning my garden and some of what she was asking for is going soon!

I am not going to Adelaide in May now! With family problems down that way at the moment so it better to go at another time.

I got my tests done so far cost $535.00, it will cost more if I need to pay doctors gap charge, so I will now wait and see. $500 of that money was my excess was for hospital cover. I need to go back in 5 years’ time. All was well but for small hiatus hernia so I just need change the way I do things at times and the new teeth will help too!

So happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Carol Says:

    Happy Easter to you,too!

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