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Medical Expenses and more tests

March 15th, 2013 at 01:43 am

I did pay my annual Chiro bill the other day and it was the same as last year $540.00 for 12 visits. The normal pensioner/ student price per visit is $50.00 so I'm saving $5.00 per visit now as I get a refund $19.40 from health fund whether I pay $50 or $45.00 per visit. Thatís a saving of $60 per year or 10% off which no bank interest can match anywhere. So save money by paying early.

I had my heart value check again this year had to pay for specialist visit, ECG and Echo test. Total came to $337.00 of which Medicare (GOV) refund came to $252.90 and out of pocket cost $84.50. As there was no change in heart value and the doctor thinks I could have been born with this defect or have had it for a very long time. So I will need to budget for these tests each year to see if there is any change. So same time next year appointments have been made. More tests in a few weeks for something my mother died from. It's a test that I don't like having. Plus I have to see my eye specialist this year too! So more money to the medical sector is in the pipeline.

It's lucky that I can afford to do these tests but then I will pay kept myself healthy as I possibly can. Some pensioners here can't afford do them and are playing the price in pain and stress and years of waiting for free tests and operations.

Strategy - Ask about any discounts and donít worry if you forgot to ask about it, worse they can say is NO if you go back and ask.

2 Responses to “Medical Expenses and more tests ”

  1. snafu Says:

    Have you ever wondered whether it's important to have some tests annually or whether it would be more cost effective to have them done every other year? If you've had a heart valve disease for a long time - what makes annual tests the ideal I wonder. If you have symptoms like palpitations, tiredness or fatigue it would be imperative to repeat tests more often.

    As a repeat cancer survivor I'm getting pretty miffed about routine tests that seem to affect researchers numbers but are merely unpleasant and stress causing events for me.

  2. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Some of these tests are bi-annual or every five years but they do all come in the same year.

    As for heart - I have symptoms like chest pain, tiredness and fatigue and I no longer can have Statin tablets as these make me so tired that I was sleeping 16 hours per day and doing very little of anything else other than cooking and cleaning. Just walking up the street would put me back to bed for another two hours. The amount excerise and activity I was doing was so low that I could be dead within a year. I now take a non statin tablet and all is well so I have my life back again.

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