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Tyre fixed and car service done!

January 22nd, 2013 at 02:10 am

I had a puncher in the rear tyre a nail was causing a slow leak luckily I wasnít driving too far so no new tyre yet! The mechanic fixed it and rotated the rear tyres. Service for the car was good and I got discount $280.00 off the full cost so my outlay came to $254.00. It will need to have a minor service in 5 monthsí time to get use of the full deal of this car service package which I paid $189.00. Itís worth $1090 so I will do some jobs that need to be done over the cause of this year. I havenít had much done for the last 2 years and now the car has no warranty to worry about I will go back to a car service every 5000km or once every year after this year. I will need to start saving for all my rubber and perishable parts to replace in the next three years or so whether they worn or not! For a car that has not done 26,000 km in 8 years itís in good nick even if I say so myself. I bought it with 13,000km on the clock 6 years ago.

As for the weather here today itís a lot cooler as it showering on off but not much rain to ease the drought conditions for now!

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