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Last Two Days

January 10th, 2013 at 01:23 am

The trip to the dentist end up being a bit of a drama as I couldnít get my car to start, I had a flat battery, and had to get the car membership club to come and jump start it for me. I had rung the dentist to let them know that I wouldnít be able to keep my appointment that morning so they made it for the afternoon. After mechanic came I had to drive the car for a long drive without turning off the engine for over 40 minutes. So I took the car off for a good drive instead of going to the dentist. I had nowhere in mind to drive too, but just took off down one highway that went the back way heading for the Gold Coast and drove for 20 km along then took next return off and headed down another cross country road heading for area I thought would take me near my sonís suburb well it did but I found a sign saying City so I took that one. It end up on a new road heading for the road that I would got back onto if I went via my sonís place. They have been doing a lot of road works in this area over the past two years so I am not surprise at finding it.

I did around trip of 42 km in all and got home 60 minutes later. Then I had lunch and a bit of rest and went to the Dentist in afternoon another drive into same area but one road over from the one I took in the morning. I paid the balance on my dentist bill which came to out of pocket $540.00. I didnít spend on any else that day. At the end of the day after the engine cooled down, I put the battery charger on so I could recharge it overnight.

Today I went to the Chiro for my monthly appointment, and then just bought a Dan Brown book ĎSymbolsí it the picture one and some tissues as I was low on them. Also I went to find out about my house insurance but still they will not say how much it will be for next year as I have to wait until the end of the month. I know that itís gone up a lot that why I am worried about it. Somewhere between 30% and 500% which I canít afford if itís the later then I will only have days to find someone else as I may be unable to look owing to another commitment around this time. I keep you posted on this

3 Responses to “Last Two Days ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    That's quite a day of driving. Glad the battery is working better now. I hope the insurance premium is not too high and you find out what the amount is soon!

  2. Shiela Says:

    Glad the car is fix. Hope the insurance will not be too much. Ours only went up $17 this year, thank goodness.

  3. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    I have been told minimum of $540 on top of waht I am paying now which I can afford but any higher I will looking into it. I may do a pricing check anyway.

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