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Car Service VIP Card

December 12th, 2012 at 08:06 am

The other day I got a door to door salesperson drop by here. He was selling Car Service VIP Cards for local garage. As I am in need of a major car service in the New Year past, I thought I buy one as the price was cost of this service only, the deal is I donít pay for labour but I do pay for all parts.

As my car has very low mileage and is now 8 years old. My car hasnít had a major or minor service for almost two years now so itís long overdue for one. I may need most of jobs on offer as there are 2 minor services plus heaps other little jobs that can be done.

The card cost $189 with $1009 man hoursí worth of jobs to be done over next 18 months. I am allowed to have three jobs each time off the VIP card.

It should be interesting to track whether I get good service or not with this deal and how much extras parts will cost etc. I know I may need a new tyre for a start.

Last time I had one of these VIP cards years ago, I stayed with that garage until I sold that car six years ago and got this one.

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