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Refund arrived

June 10th, 2012 at 12:58 am

As I have posted before I have bought a blood glucose meter, which was normally priced $59.99 but was on special for $39.99 at the time. This included a refund voucher that was applied for and I now received that refund for $40.00. So this item came out FREE but for the ongoing costs of test strips and lancets. The test strips are normally around $15.90 for 100 here but you can get them for $1.20 for 100 on a pension discounts scheme. As for the lancets there isnít any discount but you need to shop around for the cheapest price ranging from $32.95 to $17.95 at discount chemists. So I will need to do some leg work when I need to buy my next box of lancets.

I am still monitoring my blood glucose levels and still on diet controlled.

1 Responses to “Refund arrived ”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    Nice job finding a monitor on sale, will insurance assist in that out of pocket expense at all? I hope that you are able to maintain good levels through proper diet and that there will be no need to lead into other interventions. Good luck!

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