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Itís Flooding again!

February 6th, 2012 at 03:17 pm

Have you have been following News from this part of the world! A monsoon front has come through last week down centre of Queensland and NSW. A number of towns have been flooded and one St George has had to be evaluated only leaving about 400 people in the town mostly they are working on the levee banks in the town and security. After last year 90% flooding our state has mandatory evacuation orders in place. Some people didnít have time to get things before being put on planes or put into cars before the roads closed. The water is higher than last year which was the record peck then. The flood levee is 14.7 metres and water is at 14 metres last night and still coming down the river. It should peck today almost at flood levy height if it holes then most the house will ok.

This water has to get down into Murray River catchment and then out to sea in South Australia. So all the towns in between will be flooded in turn like Burke NSW. Some of this rain did fall in NSW so water is heading west to meet up with the Queensland water too!


Now we wait and see.

Brisbane is safe for now and Dams are at safe level at 86% but last year was 190% full when they let the dams open full. But we are having a flood inquire into last yearís dam release.

1 Responses to “Itís Flooding again!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Flooding is never fun. Sorry to hear that news.

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