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Working on my 2012 budget and goals

December 12th, 2011 at 02:37 am

I have started making my budget for 2012, as my budget is finished for this year as when I made it years ago, it was a few weeks before Christmas so I just keep following on. My expenses have risen over the past year and spending money on new computer didnít help either. I now think now my spending now is about $1500 more than my age pension so I am going backward a little but I can cut back in some areas to make this money up. The medical fund and antenna is coming out of 2012 fund so thatís around $3200 next week. The Money is already in the bank to pay these as I never spend money without having it in the bank first.

So my challenge for 2012 is to spend money on getting my house painted. My goal is to only spend what I get paid from age pension to live on and just use earmark money for the painting that I have been saving for the past few years. The painting canít be put off any longer it must be done next year.

No spending over weekend

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