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Mother Day & Car Problems

May 11th, 2011 at 02:44 am

It was Mother Day last Sunday, I went to have dinner with my family at their local Hotel Bistro I didnít mind driving up to their place as I donít spent that much time with them. I got a beautiful leather coin wallet and cookbook on Diabetes that I said I would like to get some day. What I had to eat this time, Chicken Breast & Prawns in a Mustard Sauce with Mashed Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes and water to drink. I got a Senior Card discount off the meal too!

On driving out my car hit a bump and I wondered why! I could fine a cause so I drove up on the freeway to their place went to the Hotel in they car so only had to drive home again on the freeway at 80km all the way home. The car drove as normal so I thought only to have that bump again as I drove into the garage. I had a good look this time and found tat my front tyre was almost flat. As the car just came from a service just a few months before it had to be a nail.

Next morning I rang our car club which I am a member and they charged the tyre and said I will need to get it fixed ASAP. Tomorrow will do fine as I was planning a driving the car then.

After doing what I had planned to do by driving my friend to the bus so she could go on a bus trip with Italian speaking friends. I had two recommendation for a place near sonís place so I drove up there to get the tyre fix as I am looking for a cheaper place to get my car service in the near further.

The tyre cost $25 to fix which is a good price and that price was on they price for that job. As for the next car service which is a big one I will be going there too I think! I was quoted around $1500 at the car dealership which has a car service department as well! Without all that overhead I was quoted around $650 for the same job. Thatís an awful lot of money and I have just six month left on parts replacement warranty which I donít think I will use. As the timing belt is due to the age of the car has to be replaced this time. My style of driving requires me to have things fix on timing scale not on mileage.

Strategy - Try to drink water with your meals when you are dinning out and if you on a special diet try to stick to it as best you can.

Strategy - Donít believe all the sale talk, do your own leg work.

2 Responses to “Mother Day & Car Problems ”

  1. Moneysavinmama Says:

    I had the same problem with my tire last summer 3 times!! I was just full of bad luck for flat tires! Glad you got the tire fixed before it got worse, my tired ended up partly shredded.

  2. -Jerry- Says:

    You are wise to find a good and reliable garage for your auto work, it sounds like it will really lead to savings! There is nothing like the insurance of being able to trust your mechanic, that is for sure...

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