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Chiropractor and Podiatrist visit today

February 10th, 2011 at 02:34 am

Trip to the city today, to visit chiropractor and podiatrist as I need both to keep me in shape or is it just plain old age. I do get some money back on my health fund but not much so I have out pocket expensive with these visits. I look at that you have to spend money some where why not on my health. Over twelve months period, I have 12 chiropractic @ $49 and 2 podiatrist visits at full pension rate @ $53.50 and 4 subsidized visits costing $14 in out of pocket expenses. I do get $19.50 refund for each visit at all full price. In around about way cost is $909 between refunds and subsidize Medicare fund the out of pocket costing is $430.40 which I budget for in my bill budget allowance. On top of this I have found away to save an extra 10% off Chiroprator bill by paying the full bill yearly as I can't get 10% in bank interest anywhere.

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