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Looking at My Strategies in 2011

January 6th, 2011 at 12:14 pm

So far in my challenge to reduce spending in 2011, I have changed my http://tightwadkitty.savingadvice.com/2010/11/30/cutting-my-... and topped up my mobile plan for the year by $20.00, with the credit on it plus very limited use this amount will be almost all I will pay until December.

As for transport, as I limit the amount of driving that I do to planned trips with multi jobs, I can almost do without a car if I didnít need it to travel across suburbs that donít link up without a two hours bus trip one way then same trip back again or pay $60 each way in taxi fares to get there. We have a very large city so travel is on set routes but if you live or wish to travel outside these routes it can be a problem. Want can take 30 minutes around trip by car can take up to 4 hours and then you need catch multi buses to catch. So much about transport at least I do get cheaper fares with Senior discounts so that all helps.

My car with all it services, insurances and gas along with tolls does cost money that I could cut if things ever got out of hand. At the moment itís my one luxury that I will live with for now. I do use the buses if I am heading for areas that I need to pay for parking as it works out a lot cheaper to do so.

I donít pay for parking unless I have no choice (unless e.g. hospital car parks or airports.)
I donít use toll way unless I have no choice
I donít drive in water across roads (my car is too low)

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