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Old and New Power Bills

October 21st, 2010 at 07:17 am

While I was cleaning out some papers today, I found some old power bills from my parentís time in this house. They pasted way in the early 1990ís so I do know they are their old bills as dates match that time.

My current power bills with 1kW Solar panels and solar hot water system are lower than that time by $60 and cost has risen somewhat. Same amount of power to run this house as then pre-solar.

I donít use as much power now as then with solar and as there are not as many people in the house now. Four adultís then and now only one adult.

Here are some samples
Winter - 1989 Ö 97 days Ö 2197KW cost $169.66
Summer - 1989-90 Ö 90 days Ö 1587KW cost $120.71

I havenít got any bills since when the solar Hot water was installed.
Pre solar hot water bills
Winter - 2010 Ö.. 90 days Ö 898kW Ö solar rebate 42kW - cost $109.50
Summer - 2009-10 Ö.93 days Ö 1027kWÖ solar rebate 127 kW - cost $68.98

Rate now are very different to then. They now charge for service to property and as rates for anytime usage and off peak HW usage as well a solar rebate. These go up each year too!
Rates now around 20c kW and off peak 11.66c kW + service daily 24.55c then less solar rebate 44c kW

In 1990 it was about 11.51c kW and off peak HW 6.11c kW and no service charge.
(I have added them together here above) Both lots of bills do have Senior% in them.

Then you have now a Community Ambulance Cover at rate 30c daily per power bill in our state.
Itís good in one way we donít need to pay for Ambulance if you need one. Just donít own multiple properties in this state that all, pensioners are exempt from this charge.

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  1. Homebody Says:

    My bills will be up this year with YD and granddaughter living with us, but a small price to pay for this time with them, since they live across the entire US to the other coast (I am on the California Coast).

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